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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Eyeshield 21 304

Eyeshield21 304th Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Oct 31, 2008 12:38 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 304

I can't help wondering what the hell Yamato was talking about at the end of this chapter, but I'll still put that aside and rejoice of the awesomeness of it all. It rocked! \o/

And I just love Gaou, I don't think anyone else would have actually done that :XD


Eyeshield 21 chapter 304

Page 01

Left : Gathering everything, now... Kick!!

Page 02-03-04-05

I love these chapters <3

Page 06

Musashi : It's no good, at this rate
Musashi : It won't be enough
Musashi : It barely won't make it
Musashi : Until the goalposts...!

Page 07

Monta : I gave up on baseball, but
Monta : Right now! I love American Football!
Monta : I want to stand at the top of catching
Monta : In American football...!

3bros : We'll play American Football.
3bros : By winning, we'll prove
3bros : that the three of us aren't trashes...!

Yukimitsu : Even though I wanted to play sports
Yukimitsu : I gave up and didn't do anything.
Yukimitsu : But only American football is
Yukimitsu : Different...!

Komusubi : A.... American Football
Komusubi : Master!

Taki : Ever since elementary school
Taki : I've always wanted to play American Football...

Hiruma : You'd better be ready, fucking fatty.
Hiruma : Since we'll create an American football club
Hiruma : We'll have to win no matter what...!

Page 08-09 (spread)

Chairman : In American Football
Chairman : Unless you become champions
Chairman : It's the same thing as if you lost in the first round.

Chairman : There is only one truth.
Chairman : “Winning”...!!

Page 10-11 (spread)

Announcer : The... The champions
Announcer : are...

Page 12-13 (spread)

Announcer : The Deimon
Announcer : Devilbaaaaats!!

Riko : it's the first victory the Kantou area wished so much for!!
Riko : Wait, all the spectators are rushing at once
Riko : It's becoming a big uproar!

Guy : Please don't come on the field!
Guy : Ah, wait, it's useless already...

Marco : They really
Marco : defeated them... I'd say.
Marco : Kansai's
Marco : invincible empire...!!

Page 14

Sena : It's over
Sena : now.

Sena : The first club I joined since I was born.

Sena : The first tournament that ended
Sena : after just one week.

Sena : I couldn't finish anything.
Sena : I couldn't even begin anything.
Sena : That school life suddenly changed...

Sena : At that time
Sena : I'm glad I could gather my courage
Sena : for the first time...

Sena : Even someone like me
Sena : could be the secretary?

Sena : Mamori nee-chan
Sena : I'd like to stay in
Sena : the American football club...!

Page 15

Sena : Everything
Sena : is over.

Sena : I won
Sena : the championship
Sena : with
Sena : everyone...

Page 16

Sena : I'm so glad
Sena : That I joined Deimon
Sena : that I met everyone
Sena : That I joined the American Football club...!!

Page 17

Yamato : ... I'm sorry, Sena-kun.
Yamato : Since I am the one who lost
Yamato : I should be frustrated to death
Yamato : And praising you as the winner.

Yamato : But right now...
Yamato : I can't help being excited.
Yamato : Since starting from next month
Yamato : I'll be fighting together with Sena-kun...!!

Sena : To...
Sena : Together...??

Sena : Recruiting players from all over the country
Sena : Teikoku Gakuen...
Sena : What do you

Sena : mean...

Page 18-19 (spread)

Yamato : You will never
Yamato : take me down...!!
Someone : Woooh, as expected from the emperor!
Someone : Even though his head now looks like an old noble's!!

Ootawara : Bahaha, let's toss everyone from Deimon in the air!
Sena : Everyone, does that mean Hiruma-san too??
Toganou : Wouldn't suit him at all.

Toganou : So high!

Banba : We must start with the ace, right?
Shin : Deimon's ace is you, Kobayakawa.
Sena : Hiiiiii!

Everyone : YA!!
Everyone : HA!!!
Left : Next issue... Toward an even higher dream stage...!!
304th Down : FINALE

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#1. by Assymilum ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Yay! Thanks, Xophien!
#2. by fizzil ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Thanks, Xophien! :)
so does that mean that next chapter is the final chapter?
#3. by Acalia ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
I think that FINALE is the title of this chapter :)

Thanks Xophien for trans <333!!
(*running to make some IT translation with all her love for ES21 <333333333!~~*)
#4. by hanamaru ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
oh man, it was damn a good chapter. i hope it's not over yet. thanx, xophie..
#5. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Real good one...can't say anything more than: Thanks danchou and one big "YA-HAAAA" to our champions from Deimon!!
#6. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Thank you Xophien ~~!!!
#7. by Egaki 21 ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
#8. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Sankyu Xophy-nii
#9. by ran0001 ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Thanks a lot for the trans!

Maybe what yamato meant that they'll be playing together is in some sort of national team, i mean if deimon lost that'd mean that the aces in teikoku would be enough but now that daemon won, the players proved themselves worthy to play at the same or a higher level than teikoku. Or maybe he meant something else, don't know.
#10. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
Thanks so much, Xophien! I really can't wait to read! Banzai ES21!
#11. by KotenKiri ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
thx for the translation. Can't wait for next week's.
#12. by Crayola ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
thanks for tl again
#13. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
thanks :D
#14. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#15. by tars ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2008
#16. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2008
#17. by swankivy ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2008
Much appreciated, everything you do. ;)
#18. by THE KING ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2008
#19. by macros ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2008
Thanks. Great as always.

Quote by Xophien;1092871:

Page 02-03-04-05

I love these chapters <3

I love it too. :p

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