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Translations: One Piece 833 by cnet128 , Bleach 683 by cnet128 , Gintama 597 (2)

Update: Tracking comments + Subscription tracker & Manager!

+ posted by njt in Site News on Nov 28, 2008 13:14

It's been a couple of days, so time for another amazing update! Today's updates are the following!

Tracking comments - See who last posted on your recent work.
Subscription tracker - A page that lists the raws/scans of manga that you're subscribed to.
Subscription management - Easily see and manage what you've subscribed to.

If you've opened your admin panel for either Translations or Scanlations today then you might have noticed something new, the comment tracker. See the past 50 comments you've received on one page and never miss a comment again!

While some might like an inbox full of PMs (hey, everyone likes to feel loved, right?) some have seen enough of the various PMs I tend to send out^^;(yes, automatically :p) So in order to make things a bit easier to manage we've created this page you can check instead. It lists all the raws and scanlations for the manga you're subscribed to. So subscribe to more manga if you want to make that list bigger!

Finally, located on that page you'll see a link that says "Manage subscriptions". Here you can see at first glance *exactly* what you've subscribed to. No longer want the subscription? Just delete and be done with it ;.;.

Anyway, that's all for today~
We'll be adding RSS to the subscriptions page, the ability to disable PMs for subscriptions and a translation subscriptions page as well in our future updates so make sure to check the front page for more news!

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#1. by jolanar ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
thanks for this one. i'm finding it is quite nifty.
#2. by Cipo ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
Wow! It's very useful *Q*
#3. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
Wow ! It interest ~
#4. by Goji ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
Sweet improvements, subscription tracker is very useful.
#5. by zefur ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
I Think the only two things i would want added is a check box way to add mangas to my favourites/subscriptions cos i read alooooot of manga sum of them iv forgotten about too much to find singularly

And a way to filter out other language scanlations an translations
#6. by Nimloth ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
And a way to filter out other language scanlations an translations.
They're here, right bar!
#7. by giovanni8787 ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2008
it would be nice to have rss back =)
#8. by njt ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2008
Rss is back :D. Enjoy~
#9. by gernot ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2008
I like subscription options! However, I can't quite figure out how to select more than one language. I guess we can already select Japanese (by selecting raws) and choose one language for translations, but is there a way to select two languages (for example, I'm interested in translations into English and German)? I tried to add a subscription with English and then with German, but that cleared the previous choice of "English". It doesn't seem to be possible to select multiple languages with shift or ctrl either.

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