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Shaman King ~Kang Zeng Bang!~

+ posted by Sai_the_Shaman in Manga News on Feb 27, 2009 08:57

Image Courtesy of Mankin-Trad

It was announced quite awhile ago that Shaman King would finally get a true ending in its re-release in Shueisha's Kanzenban collection. Kanzenban means perfect collection. Usually, this means that the manga is reprinted in a larger format on much higher quality paper and has the colors included in the volumes. However, for Shaman King, which ended abruptly in 2004 unfinished, new chapters will be printed in its Kanzenban release. These volumes are known as Shaman King -Kang Zeng Bang- (Yes, that is the official can go complain to Shueisha for the corniness).

I am proud and excited to announce that the first new Shaman King chapters have been released after nearly 5 years. There chapters show the full fight between Marco and Luchist and are the new chapter 265 and 266.

You can and will begin to find these new chapters HERE

Mankin-Trad, run by andysislands, has released both a HQ Raw and Scanlation for 265 and shall have 266 released shortly. I, Sai the Shaman, will also be releasing public translations for any scanlators interested in taking it on as a project.

Furthermore, you can all expect new chapters again next month and the final conclusion to the series to be released in April 2009.

I hope and encourage all Shaman King fans to check out these new chapters!

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0 members and 4 guests have thanked Sai_the_Shaman for this news
#1. by gumin/zx (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
OMG !! O____O
#2. by Sdb (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
that's so great! I have been waiting for this to happen.!
#3. by hagane no mcg (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
Very Good.
The only thing i have a sort of complain is that here in Brazil the Manga was published...

#4. by Nekoi Echizen (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG!!! *_____________________* LUV YOU!
#5. by Mangust (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
I've been waiting for this for so long!
#6. by winnkey (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
loved the game (the one on the GBA) the anime was ok, so i might check this one out
#7. by Raichu (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
That's awesome!!Yay!
#8. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
Yes, awesome. I have all volumes and I didn't like how this great manga was ended. Read the chapter and compared it. Lots of changes if you ask me

#9. by Samurai Girl (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
#10. by nekorose (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
A-an ending? A real one? For Shaman King? It's a miracle!
#11. by chipryot (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
#12. by shrimpy (Translator)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Thank you very much, I was waiting for this.
#13. by silveril (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
#14. by Josear XIII (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
OMFG!!! FINALLY SENSES HAS GONE BACK TO THEIR BRAINS, ONE OF THE BEST SERIES EVER HAS COME BACK TO GET AN ENDING YES!!!!!!, damn i was expecting this since a long time ago dammit all finally and if mankin-trad would scans the the whole kanzenban releases it would be a jewel to collect
#15. by Rueneko (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Yay... Finally an ending. <33
#16. by Chocoholic (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
OH HELL YES IT'S BACK!!! =D I missed this manga so much... ^^ thank you so much for letting us know! =D

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