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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (518)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Jan 21, 2017 07:38

Fairy Tail - Chapter 518 Review by SirSamuel016

Irene vs Erza continues
The chapter starts off with Irene and Erza staring down at each other after the events that transpired last chapter which led to Wendy being left unable to continue fighting. Erza declares to Wendy that she will settle the fight soon, which leads to Irene becoming increasingly agitated and attacking Erza with magical blasts which Erza does her best to avoid, all while Irene vents her anger over everything that has transpired over the years and how Erza knows nothing about her misery. As this continues, Erza then says she cannot lose, and tells of how she went through her own misery that while it isn't as horrid as Irene's is still painful in it's own right, and she also tells of how she's overcome hardships and become the person she is thanks to those experiences she went through with her friends.

Irene's rage and the Master Enchant
Hating Erza's presence and what she's done, Irene goes further into a state of pure rage, screaming at Erza telling her to die which results in magic emanating out of Irene's body as the anger takes over and Irene begins to revert back to her dragon form, much to the shock of Erza. As scales and a tail begin to appear on Irene's body and the dragonification continues, Irene attacks Erza with one right claw which sends Erza tumbling back only to be confronted by Irene who is now in her full dragon form. Irene proceeds to hit Erza once and thanks to her tremendous power sends Erza tumbling along the ground like a ragdoll with ease. The result of that one attack was devastating for Erza: broken bones all throughout her body, and hence she was rendered unable to move normally while being in incredible pain. Irene then declares that Erza indeed cannot move and that she will finish that quickly as being the Sage Dragon means she can amplify her enchantments from high enchant to master enchant.

Deus Sema and the Queen of Fairies
Erza, crippled after what Irene has done to her, tries to move by supporting herself with her right hand while Irene screams that there will be nothing left of Erza when she's done. There is then a flash in the sky, and racing towards the planet is a big meteorite, heading that way thanks to Irene's variant of the Heavenly Body Magic spell "Sema", named "Deus Sema" as it has been enchanted with Irene's mastery of her magic. Greater than Jellal's magic, it has the ability to kill not just Erza but everyone on the battlefield and Erza can't stand for that. Facing her end, Erza musters up the strength to don an armoured glove and with it propel herself into the sky towards the meteor to intercept it so she can save her friends. Flabbergasted by what Erza is doing, Irene can't help but question whether Erza is stupid, and says there is no way a human can destroy the meteorite. Erza continues to fly towards the meteor, and says that if Irene is the Queen of Dragons then what her friends called her, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, isn't so bad. Erza declares she will protect everyone, no matter the cost to her body as protecting them all is what a Queen would do. Continuing to be stunned, Irene asks what her daughter is doing as she continues to hurtle towards the incoming meteor, screaming "Master, Lend me your Power!" As she tries to save her friends.

My Thoughts and My Rating
Honestly, I loved this chapter. Irene turning into a dragon was fantastic and I loved that she pulled out something like Sema to show off how powerful she was, in terms of her character as a threat I found it to be pretty damn redeeming for her. Erza sticking true to her bonds and who she was amidst the hatred Irene threw at her was nice, and while we've heard it all before this time I found myself really appreciating hearing it now. One of the most impactful parts of the chapter for me had to be how Erza, with her broken body, still made the attempt to try and save everyone from the despair that was approaching them. It stuck true to Erza's character and at the end possibly set up a potential redeeming moment for Irene, hinting that she might do something to stop the attack, whether it be self-sacrifice or cancelling the magic after beginning to be moved by her daughter's actions. Overall, this chapter delivered on some hype for Irene and has given us the prospect of some rather emotional stuff to come. Great, Great stuff. 9/10.

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#1. by GB (The OMO King)
Posted on Jan 23, 2017
Sucky review tbh. Chapter was barely 3/10

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