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Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (110)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Feb 4, 2017 12:23

Tokyo Ghoul:re 110 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Chapter Title: “Set P”

One thing I’m beginning to realize is that Amon is certainly a big highlight in this arc. This chapter is jam packed with interesting topics and thrilling moments. Some of this week’s highlights include:

  • Amon’s flashback to his time in Kanou’s Lab
  • Scarecrow rescuing Amon from Kanou and Aogiri
  • Urie’s possible Kakuja
  • Saiko’s Flashback
  • Saiko’s resolve to save Urie

The chapter opens with Amon having a flashback to the time after the Anteiku Raid where he was being experimented upon by Kanou. His arc is slowly healing into a Kagune-like appendage, and he witnesses Takizawa being force fed Human Flesh in a chamber next to him. After refusing to eat the flesh himself, Amon is then also subjected to painful force feeding. In a severely depressed state, he is being escorted back to his cell by Aogiri goons when they are set upon by a mysterious Kagune. This Kagune is now confirmed to belong to the A Rated Ghoul Scarecrow. Amon acknowledges Scarecrow saying “It’s You…”. Scarecrow’s speech is very broken, with his dialect missing many letters and sometimes being utterly incomprehensible. Thus the connection between Amon and Scarecrow from Rue Island is revealed. Scarecrow was the one who released Amon from Kanou’s clutches in the first place.

Every time I read a scene of someone being experimented on by Kanou it makes me feel sick to the stomach. Takizawa and Amon both sacrificed so much, and Amon is still doing so. Honestly if I were to choose my own final villain I would choose Kanou over Furuta every time. Even that being said, perhaps Furuta will just end up taking the fall for someone greater in the future. Then we have Scarecrow. If I'm not mistaken, we just saw his Kagune in action (Sort of). Though really all we saw were the Aogiri minions being taken out by some blast of pressure. Maybe it was too fast for anyone to have seen. The Scarecrow being Hide theory has always not made much sense other than simple convenience to me. However I can't deny that I felt a slither of hope for this theory judging by the way Amon acknowledged him. At the very least, it's someone who came into the Anteiku Raid and then wasn't seen again. There aren't many named characters who fit that description.

The flashback ends and Amon breaks free from the container, his Kagune manifesting and roaring at Kaneki and Ayato.

The scene switches to Urie’s side where Saiko and the rest of the Qs find an unconscious and mortally wounded Higemaru. Saiko takes Xiao and continues on with her onto the roof where they find a Ghoulifed Urie. Urie seems to be somehow be developing a Kakuja armour, and he is barely recognizable. Donato slips away into the night, and Urie attacks Saiko. A flashback to Urie explaining that someone needs to surpass Arima so that they can stop Haise going berserk causes Saiko to remember that Urie said that even if one of them went berserk and Broke their frame, they were to be considered S Rated Ghouls and exterminated. However, Saiko states that she doesn’t want anyone to die anymore and vows to save Urie.

It's interesting to see how Urie viewed the QS. He spent all of this time striving to be the Ideal Investigator, live up to his father's name and stand above Sasaki (Yes I know he said surpass Arima but we all know what he really meant didn't we?). Only this path has only led him to ruin... But I am certain that this isn't the end for him, since Saiko want's to instead save him rather than eliminate him. His Out of control Kagune (It can't be a Kakuja.... I hope) is really scary looking and it sort of makes me think of the Tailed Beast Takeover from Naruto in the way he's hunched over like that. While i'm on the topic, Saiko is the confirmed MVP of the Qs Squad. Her values seem to be the most pure and while her development hasn't been as obvious as Urie's, it's still been happening. Also she's such a cutie but I digress.

I can only assume that next chapter we will see Saiko trying not to get killed by Urie and Amon trying (?) to kill Kaneki's Team. I'm still curious to know exactly why the CCG has this kind of project running, but the intern had said that they were investigating or monitoring a case, so I guess Furuta wants to replicate Kanou's Surgery somehow?

I give this chapter a 9/10 for a thoroughly enjoyable experience and all round informative/thrilling ride.

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#1. by GB (The OMO King)
Posted on Feb 5, 2017
solid review

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