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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (527)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Mar 22, 2017 07:30

Fairy Tail - Chapter 527 Review by Nemispelled


Zeref and Larcade Family Conflict
  • The chapter starts with Zeref approaching a beaten, but conscious Larcade
  • Larcade complains of being hurt (referring to either the physical pain, the emotional damage, or a combination of both)
  • Zeref is pissed that Larcade keeps referring to him as "dad" and angrily yells that he does not have any children or a family
  • Zeref explains that Larcade is simply a demon from the Books of Zeref and proves this by erasing his existence
  • Natsu watches these events unfold and ridicules Zeref for destroying a comrade
  • Natsu responds by punching Zeref with a flaming fist, which sends Zeref several feet across the room

Conclusion of August vs. Gildartz and Cana

  • After having used Haja Kensei-Zetten, Gildartz replies to Cana by saying his artificial arm is no longer functioning (likely from the blunt impact of the punch)
  • The rubble suddenly stirs and August emerges from the pile of rocks
  • August explains that he was born with an extraordinary amount of magic power, but states that he decided to neglect it, which caused him to have the same physical barriers that every other living being faces
  • August also mentions that his life was saved by Zeref at one point and that he has the capability to destroy the country at the cost of his own life
  • The leader of the Spriggan 12 unleashes his spell, Ars-Magia, which seems to be capable of evaporating the blood of living beings and melting Earthland
  • Everybody caught in the radius of the spell is suddenly deprived of oxygen and struggles to maintain consciousness
  • August sees Mavis and immediately stops Ars-Magia's effects, disappearing in the process due to the exhaustion of his magical power
  • Kid August appears behind Mavis in a ghost form to call his mother one last time before vanishing

Mavis' Plan and Zeref vs. Natsu

  • Gray and Lucy catch up to Mavis, who tells them that she has the Tome of END
  • Mavis explains that she has a plan to save Natsu, which involves the book and the strength of his friends, but warns them to keep the guild members away from the guild hall for the time being
  • At the guild hall, Zeref complains of having no family left, but Natsu reminds Zeref that he still has a brother alive
  • Natsu calls the feeling "Passion" while Zeref agrees, calling Natsu by his demon alias "END"

Chapter's Scoring: 9.5 / 10

Chapter's Conclusion

It was an extremely well-written chapter for the most part and only lost points for me due to Mavis' vague and confusing plan.

The plan of using the Tome of END along with Gray and Lucy's help was good by itself, but Mavis' explanation for using "the strength of their friends" to sever the bond between Natsu and END was odd.

In my opinion, that remark implies the use of major Power of Friendship, which would result in a major disaster, so hopefully, Mavis is able to clarify her plan next chapter. I also disliked the fact that Mavis refrained from briefing Gray and Lucy with the specifics of her plan, and instead, gave a rushed and vague reply.

In addition, I consider the result of the battle between August and Gildartz/Cana to be a satisfying conclusion and a well-defined ending. Personally, I found their fight to be extremely enjoyable to read and reasonable throughout its duration.

Everything had made perfect sense from the beginning until the end.

August explicitly stated before that the only person who could defeat the majesty's son was his mother. The hint was given long before the battle started and August's fate was sealed from that point forth.

It couldn't have been more clear from the author (Mashima) and the foreshadowing made the conclusion of the fight blatantly obvious that it came as absolutely no surprise (at least for myself).

As readers, there should be no reason to complain given the fact that Mashima had already stressed that statement several chapters in advance. This was a solid example of an asspull being avoided since we were given every hint leading up to August's downfall.

In my honest opinion, there was no way for us not to expect the outcome.

I remain indifferent in regards to Zeref's family drama with Larcade and Natsu. I won't mind to see Zeref and Natsu duke it out though. I'll personally be voting for Natsu to win at any rate.

It's also pleasing to see that Larcade has been disposed for good since he was well past his time by this chapter.

Overall, I'm most interested to see Mavis' plan, and hopefully, it won't disappoint me. Depending on what happens next chapter, I may or may not review, but as of right now, it does have the title, "Dragon Demon" going for it.

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