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New Prince of Tennis Fan League II S4 - Round 4 Coverage

+ posted by Kaoz in Site News on Apr 8, 2017 15:17

Inoue (I): Welcome, tennis enthusiasts, Mamoru Inoue from Monthly Pro Tennis here to cover round 4 of the Winter Cup. Joining me today are two greats of Japan's junior high tennis world---

???: Hyoutei! Hyoutei! Hyoutei!

Atobe (A): That's enough, it's showtime!

Tezuka (T): Thank you for inviting us today.

A: The pleasure's all yours.

T: Are you satisfied now, Atobe?

A: Yeah.

I: ...Let's start the coverage then. Your team had a rough start into the season, narrowly losing the first three matches.

T: We have a lot of different player types from different countries on the team, so it has taken some time for everyone to really get united. But thanks to their determination and our captain's hard work, I'm sure we will be able to mount a comeback in the second half of the season.

I: You have certainly made a step in the right direction with your win over the W.E.I.R.D.O.S. this round. While they were in last place, do you think you have gained momentum for the remaining rounds?

A: Why don't you see for yourself when we take down Kaz's team next round, eh Tezuka.

T: Let's not get careless. We will take them on with everything we have.

I: Speaking of keeping momentum, Coach Think's team defeated Hawk's Team Synchro in four sets after the win over the W.E.I.R.D.O.S. in round 3. Both coaches decided to battle it out with their star players in doubles 1 and Spain's Medanore triumphed over German pro Michael Detlef.

A: Detlef and Ochi managed to break early on, but Medanore kept grinding away at their stamina and turned it into an endurance battle.

T: Detlef losing in stamina was a surprise. But that just makes it clear why Medanore is said to rival even Volk. He's an opponent we cannot underestimate when we face him in the sixth round.

A: Hmpf. If it's doubles we can take him down. I'll see through his weak spots with my Insight.

I: Let's not forget that---

A: But we can't forget that they also managed to beat the Mutsu brothers Yuma and Yuho in doubles 2.

T: Yeah. It seems Coach Think has really conveyed his philosophy to the players and they are standing behind him 100% now.

I: Sorry to interrupt you two, but we have to go to a quick commerical. We will be right back!

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Kaz Company is the official sponsor of the Winter Cup.

I: And we are back with our Winter Cup round 4 coverage. I am still joined by the Sharks' Keigo Atobe and Kunimitsu Tezuka. Kunimitsu, why don't you give us your take on the third match of the round where Kaz faced Phil.

T: Very well. Kaz switched tactics this round and relied on his power players in doubles to finish the matches quickly. And even though they lost singles 3 and singles 2, they could rely on their captain Amadeus to seal the deal in the decider.

A: Phil was clearly surprised by that. If he had taken a more offensive stance early on, the results would've been different.

T: What's truly fearsome, however, is that Kaz ended up not playing his newly signed pro Becker this round. Once he decides to bring out all of his strongest players, it will be hard for the other teams to match his strength.

A: Don't be fooled, Tezuka!

T: Hm?

A: Now that he's advanced to the next round, Kaz gains much more from the threat of having both Becker and Amadeus on his team. He'll want to keep their combination as an ace up his sleeve for the rematches.

T: That remains to be seen. We should prepare for the GoI to come at us with everything they have in the next match.

I: Finally, Sea's Pirates went up against Hard's GPE. The winner of this match would be able to take a major step towards qualifying for the next round.

A: Even with Byoudouin playing, Sea had to give both doubles to Hard. Unlike Hawk and Phil he was able to turn the tides in the singles matches though.

I: To think that Japan's captain would face the world's no. 1 high schooler in doubles! What do you think was the deciding factor here?

A: It seemed like they were evenly matched in individual strength, but Volk got more support from his partner.

I: I see, I wonder if the results would change if they played again in the knockout stage then.

A: By the way, Tezuka, that super rookie of yours went ahead and lost the singles 2 match against some ex-rep. What do you have to say about that?

T: What matters more than the result is what he gained from the match itself. Grow stronger and prevail next time, Echizen! Now run 100 laps to show your resolve!

I: And with that we've reached the end of the program. Thanks to Keigo Atobe and Kunimitsu Tezuka for your insights today. For more Winter Cup news, follow me on twitter @Samurai_inoue. This has been Mamoru Inoue, good night and see you again next week for the coverage of round 5!

?: Puri.

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