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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (538)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Jun 3, 2017 06:46

Fairy Tail - Chapter 538 Review by natsulucy

Well i will say this chapter was good.I really liked it.

Chapter Cover
As a continuation of memory covers we now got Tenrou Chapter cover.Kind of nostalgic as this was the first time we saw onscreen Zeref and Acnologia.

The chapter begins with a scene of empty Guild Hall where the locket of Zeref remains.This is a very poignant scene as this locket contains the image of Natsu and Zeref.I think by the end it will be no other than Natsu who will wear this locket.

Next page we saw Lucy finishing her rewriting of The Book of END.Suddenly the Book glows and black letters returning to it.Happy exclaims this very words.

Lucy says that she has rewritten The Book with every memory she and others have of Natsu.Happy says that he isn't a Demon or anything.Lucy then collapses and Gray caughts hold of her.Expecting such an event occuring he uses Des Magic to erase the Demonic marks from Lucy's body.Lucy becomes okay after this.Kind of nice this is after all Gray originally wanted to use this magic to kill Natsu but later used it too help others.

Then the Book starts disappearing.Gray exclaims that Zeref has been defeated.But Happy says that when this Book disappears then Natsu will dissappear to.Lucy hugs Happy and starts to cry.

Natsu appears
The Book completely disappears then.At this point of time Natsu appears there.Lucy starts to shed tears of joy and everyone is happy.Happy rushes to Natsu's face and hugs him.There is a comic moment where Natsu teases Happy about his tears rolling from ears and eyes.

Natsu informs Lucy,Happy and Gray that Mavis passed away.But they should not be unhappy as this is probably what Mavis wanted.So they should return to the Guild Hall smiling.

Jellal Episode
We now go to where Jellal is.Jellal regains his consciousness where he expresses his surprise that he is alive.Jenny informs him that Ichiya and Anna sacrificed their lives for Jellal so he should live for their sake.

Jellal ponders over this.I loved this part too.I am pretty sure after Jellal will give up his suicidal tendencies.

Natsu disappears?
We now go back to where Natsu and others are.Happy says that Natsu's arm is injured.He replies that Wendy will heal it.Gray says that he can see the Guild form there to which Natsu says even though he saw it a bit ago it feels nostalgic.Lucy says it's finally over now and says she wants to go back to her room and read the books neede for writing her story.Gray says he needs to apologise to Juvia.Lucy says she wants to find the Aquarius Key and go on a journey.Lucy asks Happy what they want do after the war.Happy asks Natsu whether they should announce it now while blushing.I think by this blushing Natsu wants to propose to Lucy.But they notice that Natsu has disappeared.Lucy completely breaks down in tears.Happy and Gray also starts crying.

In the last panel we see Wendy noticing a crack in the sky.

Well for now i think Natsu temporarily disappeared due to life link.Maybe something else we will see.

My Analysis of the Chapter
The chapter was pretty good.I give it 8/10.

My Next chapter prediction
As the next chapter is called ,"World Collapse" and the crack in the sky we saw this chapter i think tgere are two possibilities:-

i)Acnologia returns from the Ravines of Time.

ii)The Ravines of Time causes huge imbalance in the world and as a side effect Acnologia may return from it.Looking forward to the next Chapter.

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Brandish, natsulucy

#1. by Arekushi Style ()
Posted on Jun 9, 2017
Yeah that is what i am thinking for the next chapter. There is a prediction, that Carla's vision from I think Chapter 275 I forgot exactly which chapter, she saw Lucy crying and it seemed as if she was singing but she was just screaming and crying someone's name, and there was builidings collapsing and I am wondering if the vision is coming true.

A great review you did! :)

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