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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest (6)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Aug 28, 2018 05:18

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - Chapter 6 Review by Nemispelled


The Female Prisoner & the Water Serpent

  • Natsu, Lucy, and Happy witness a female prisoner being held as a sacrifice inside a cage, and they comment about her unfamiliar guild mark
  • The female wizard, who was pretending to be unconscious, tells the trio to stand back since the "Water God Dragon" has arrived
  • She breaks away from her restraints and cuts the cage in half, before proceeding to attack the Water Serpent
  • The two combatants unleash powerful spells, causing significant damage to the surrounding environment, which was noticed by other members of Team Natsu
  • It is also noted that the female prisoner likely allowed herself be captured in order to lure the Water Serpent
  • Using the spell "Dragon Slayer Secret Technique: Blade Dragon Sword Dance", the female wizard emerges victorious from the battle as she slices the Water Serpent into pieces
  • Subsequently, she eats the body of the Water Serpent and claims that it is not the Water Dragon God, mentioning that she feels sick and has been duped

Introduction to the 4th and 5th Generation Dragon Slayers

  • Looking for entertainment, she switches her attention to Natsu, Lucy, and Happy
  • Natsu urgently requests Lucy to change him back to his human form, and quickly blocks an attack from the female wizard
  • Both remain unharmed from the clash
  • The female wizard explains that -
    • 1st generation dragon slayers are those who obtained their powers directly from a dragon
    • 2nd generation dragon slayers are those who have had a dragon lacrima implanted inside of their bodies
    • 3rd generation dragon slayers are the hybrids of the 1st and 2nd generation (acquired their powers from a dragon + possess a dragon lacrima)
    • 4th generation dragon slayers are those who were created by magic power alone, from nothing, to serve as magic weapons
    • And 5th generation dragon slayers are those who eat dragons and take their power, also known as "The Dragon Eaters"

  • She further explains that she is attempting to hunt down the Holy Pentadrakes to eat them and gain tremendous power
  • Last, she reveals that her name is Kyria, the Blade Dragon and that she is from the mage guild, Diabolos, which is made up of only Dragon Eaters

Chapter's Conclusion

From the beginning to the end, this chapter definitely had my full attention. I commend it for being able to keep the suspense through the entire chapter, which is a rare feat for any piece of work.

Unlike the previous chapters, which were mostly "set-ups" for the 100 Years Quest (although, they were good in their own way), this was the first one that showcased new elements from the sequel and contained a lot of exciting plot twists and revelations.

As far as the rating of the chapter, the plot seems to be advancing towards the search of the real Water Dragon God, who is expected to be far stronger than the Water Serpent seen in this chapter. The battle portion of the chapter also earned full points for the cool-looking designs of the dragon slaying secret technique used by Kyria, along with the Water Serpent's breath attack - and this also gives the characterization, suspense, and logical aspects categories a full score.

Not to mention, the dialogue was fairly entertaining and the surprising factors in this chapter was quite enjoyable (most notably, the new guild of Dragon Eaters and the plot twist with the identity of the Water Dragon God).

I'm looking forward to seeing whether the "Water God Human" we saw a few chapters ago is truly the Water Dragon God or not. 10/10, well done.

~ Nemispelled

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