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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (112)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Nov 19, 2018 19:49

Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 112 Review by Elusia


The chapter begins in the middle of a dreadful situation as Andrew maniacally screams at his top of his lungs and the kids’ expressions in distressed and afraid. Suddenly, two bullets come out of nowhere and shot straight through his hand and shoulder. Oliver shot the disjointed man, and grasping this opportunity, Emma and the other kids rush in to rescue the injured children. Andrew was shocked, noticing the new wounds on him and seeing the kid from a distance. Oliver, who was experienced in cloaking his presence, mentally prepares again for the shot, but the man had other plans.

The kids managed to rescue one heavily injured child, Alicia, but Andrew was not backing down. With another scream, he dashed as he plans to trample Dominic to death. Ray hastily raises his weapon aiming at him, and with a fragment memory of Yuugo appearing, he is about to shoot. But the unthinkable happened that neither the kids nor Andrew expected. A giant, wild demon with sharp fangs appeared behind Andrew, and after Emma successfully saves Dominic, the demon chomped most of Andrew’s body. Shocked by the horrifying view, the kids flee the scene while the demon eats the remains of a psychotic man.

Examining the recent occurrences in the temporary shelter, the victims of Andrew’s killing spree were counted, including Yuugo and Lucas, of which Oliver accounted their heroic deeds and all were in complete silence. Gillian took in every memory she had with them and realizing they are no longer in the world, she broke down and started crying. The kids joined her, weeping for their close friends.

Concurrently, outside of the shelter, Ray inspected the area, spotted the owl and shoots it with his bow and arrow. Upon first look, the kids see it as an ordinary animal, but Ray shows them that the Owl is actually a camera. In the events that happened, from Andrew being aware of the place they had escaped to, the owl was suspicious since it was always following them close by. The conclusion was clear: The place is no longer safe and they need to go and find a new hideout. The children’s minds are weary from the recent events, but Emma finds a way to cheer them up: before the attack, Lucas received a phone call. Some believe it to be from Minerva, while others believe that it came from an active supporter. The kids grew some doubt on the matter, but Emma assures them that they still need to fight and will do it as long as there is hope.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious broadcasting area, a man hopes for the message having been received at the shelter. Another man, calling the caller James ensures him of it and tells him to start.


This chapter was good from beginning to end for me. From the inevitable outcome of Andrew’s situation up until the cliffhanger which makes the readers want to anticipate the next one.

A lot of people were banking on Andrew’s death to be by the hand of the kids, but having him killed by a demon is very abrupt and makes sense in context. This is a rather satisfying, yet horrifying, conclusion to his demise, but I would understand if people have a different opinion about it and that is completely fine.

The moment when the kids mourned for Yuugo and Lucas’ deaths were touching and heartbreaking to see. This, too, was inevitable, and I am hoping that these kids will still remember them as good role models in life, and develop more as great characters.

The man at the end is obviously the man they were looking for throughout the entire journey, Minerva himself, having a similar body structure and sending a message that was reminiscent to the online game. But how he is still alive and well is up to the readers to figure out. For me, he was like Lucas, prior to the previous events, he was hiding in the shadows before lunging in. Until then, I’m hoping that the next chapters will be just as good.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 8/10.

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