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Chapter Review: Black Clover (184)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Dec 6, 2018 05:53

Black Clover Chapter 184 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Dream World

Last time we saw Dorothy, the possessed Captain of the Coral Peacock,take away some of the Black Bulls as well as Sally. Among the Black Bulls taken away count Luck,Magna,Vanessa and Charmy...a Mix that promises Action,Comedy and amazing teamwork. Can they find a way out of Dorothy's Dream World?Will Magna and Luck turn this Fight into a competition? And exactly how much can Vanessa eat? All this and more in this Week's Black Clover Chapter Review,we'll be breaking down this Chapter until we've got all our answers so let's get right to it shall we?

The Chapter starts with the Black Bulls and Sally wondering about the Dimension they got thrown in by Dorothy,as Luck shows surprise about the most surreal things being shown in this Dream Dimension the possessed Dorothy responds by claiming that everything is possible in this Dream World of hers even the most unthinkable things. This is confirmed as the Bed they were standing on transforms into Magical Tendrills,as the trapped Bulls and Sally express shock at Dorothy's Magical Capabilities the Captain creates a huge Creature similar to a Tapir and as she does she claims that there isn't any hope of Winning against her in this Dimension.

The creature starts an attack by attempting to eat the captured Magic Knights and their ally and for a moment it looks like it succeeded,Dorothy ready to bid her farewells gets surprised as her Opponents appear right in front of her completely unharmed. This is revealed to be Vanessa's doing as she had Rouge activated when the attack hit them,Sally completely in awe of Dorothy's Dream Magic as well as Vanessa's Thread Magic is warned by the latter to stick close with the Bulls as Rouge may protect her from attacks as well but not as efficiently as she would with fellow Black Bulls. As Charmy has Vanessa eat to recover her lost Mana we can see Dorothy calmly analyze the Situation,she notes that this fight won't be easy as the Mana of the Bulls won't run out thanks to Charmy and thanks to Rouge they won't even get hit by any attack of hers.

Magna and Luck take the initiative and start an Attack of their own against the Captain,they release a barrage of Lightning and Fire Orbs against her but to no avail as Dorothy creates 2 Dolls in front of her that counter the Barrage of Fire and Lightning Magic with Earth and Water Magic. Their Elemental Weaknesses. Shocked by the Captain's Counterattack Magna and Luck start questioning if there is any way to defeat her,Vanessa sets them straight as another attack gets released by Dorothy. This time she forms hands made of Rock,Ice and Fire to attack her Opponents,this is again countered by Rouge,realizing this Dorothy starts a continuous attack to exhaust Vanessa's Mana quicker than she can recover it. She creates an entire Ocean filled with Bladed Fish.

The Black Bulls start evading the attacks as good as they can,seemingly finished with her own observations,Sally tells Luck to release a Lightning Attack on the Mass of Water created by Dorothy. Luck uses his Lightning Magic - Thunderclap Collapsing Orbs! against the Mass of Water,resulting in the Water being static charged. Seeing this Sally orders Magna to release a Fire Attack on the Static Water,Magna uses his Fire Magic - Ultimate Explosive Great Magic Fire Ball! and as his attack hits the Water an explosion occurs to the shock of everyone. Saved from the Impact by Rouge once more the Bulls express shock at Sally's Plan,the latter explains that the weakness of the Dream Magic is that while anything can be created it doesn't mean the created Objects are freed from the Laws of Reality furthermore it seems like Dorothy cannot control any of the Magic that her created Objects can use and she cannot manipulate any of the Black Bulls Magics either.

As Dorothy emerges from the Smoke created by the Blast shielded by a Barrier the Bulls wonder how they can manage to defeat her as they need to get out as fast as they can. Dorothy tells them that it is already too late,as she does Charmy starts feeling tired and not just her but Vanessa as well as the other Magic Knights start feeling tired which is revealed to be a Side Effect of Dorothy's Dream World that causes anybody that falls asleep to die.
As the Bulls try to stay awake Sally mimics glasses on her eyes and asks Dorothy if she knows what those are,giving the Answer herself she yells out that she is wearing Glasses. As she finishes a pair of Glasses appear above her head,seemingly confirming a previous suspicion of hers Sally reveals that there is a trick to escape the Dream World by simply telling Dorothy about an exit,she may not want her Enemies to leave but the mere thought creates multiple Doors for them.

As everybody expresses shock at this Weakness found by Sally the Black Bulls get ready to leave the Dream World to finally defeat Dorothy.

Personal Thoughts:
I pretty much expected Dorothy's Magic to have a Weakness like that,Magic based on the power of Dreams and Imagination are definitely impressive but only at first glance they're also one of the most easy to beat Magics in my opinion. The Bulls working together with Sally was nice,this fight looked like an Uphill Battle for them from the beginning but thanks to Sally they might just manage to beat Dorothy outside of the Dream World by working together. Her Magic may be powerful but once she leaves her Space it's nothing to fear which is actually similar to One Piece's Trafalgar Law and his Devil Fruit Ability that requires him to create a "Room" before he can use any abilities.
I expect the Bulls to leave the Dream World in the next Chapter and possibly deliver a counterattack against Dorothy,i could also see Yami support them then actually. I stopped hoping for Yuno since it seems that we'll see him only when the Clash to decide it all starts,well either then or when he fights his pursuer off. I could also see a switch of scene to Asta and Co. though. Looking forward to it for sure.

I'd rate this Chapter a 7 out of 10.

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