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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (121)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Feb 6, 2019 20:00

The Promised Neverland Chapter 121 Review by Emperor Spriggan

So, last week's chapter had Norman explaining about the nature of demons to Emma and the other kids, and explaining his plan to eradicate the world of demons. This plan is geared towards making a home in the demon world, instead of having to go and live in the human world.

The latest chapter has Norman remembering what Emma's goal was. Her goal, ironically, is in line with what he suggested last chapter. To ensure no other kid is ever enslaved by the demons again as food. Norman agrees to this plan, and Emma seems skeptical about it. Honestly, I have to admit as much as I love Norman, he is giving out eerie vibes. His plan seems to hinge on genocide of the demons.At first, that looks well and dandy if you consider most of the demons we have met are evil. Also, anyone remember the first arc of Bleach? The explanation given as to why Quincies destroying Hollows was dangerous, something similar could happen here. Maybe demons are needed to support the ecosystem or something along those lines? Let's see.

Behind her, the rest of the kids cheer happily at Norman's suggestion. They seem inspired by the thought of defeating the demons, starting to believe that they can do it. There is the question of how they would be received on the human world, so perhaps living in the demon world would be for the best. Emma is asked what then happens to the plan of finding the Seven Walls. Ray says that if there's a plan to defeat the demons, that is the safer option.

The Goldy Pond kids are also elated at the prospect Norman has offered them. Gilda is happy, something Emma notices. She seems to be glad. Mostly because now, Emma doesn't need to put herself in danger all the time. This is a nice throwback to the one time Gilda was worried about Emma when the kids had encountered Sung Ju and Musica. Doesn't excuse all the shafting that's been done to her of late, but what can you do anyway.

Norman refocuses his attention onto Emma, stating that they will build a future that leaves no children behind. This time, having been egged on by the reactions of the other kids, she agrees to Norman's idea. As she does this, she embraces some of the kids with her, and Ray seems pensive about something. Interestingly enough, he did say the plan to eradicate the demons was a good shout, but he never once expressed glee or joy with it. Maybe he noticed something odd about it?

Once everyone seems to be on the same page, Norman suggests that the kids need to focus on resting for now. He proceeds to take the kids out of his room, and the rest of the kids in the shelter all acknowledge his presence. Judging from their reactions, it seems like Norman rarely lets the other kids see him. Something that Norman later confirms to Don. They finally get to where the beds are, and it's a bit similar to the bunker where they stayed before with Yuugo and Lucas. All the kids love their new bedding, considering they had been camping outside beforehand. The new shelter has everything to make their lives comfortable. Bathtubs, toilets and even a kitchen.

Some of the younger kids approach Norman, wary. He asks them what was wrong, and they ask him how they are supposed to address him now with his new found status. He reassures them that no matter what happened, he would always be Norman. Even if he grew bigger than Grace Field House. Maybe foreshadowing of something here? The kids all dog pile him and he collapses to the ground.

Later on, the kids have dinner altogether. The Grace Field and Goldy Pond kids are unsure how much they should eat, but Norman reassures them they can eat as much as they want. Now, something I'm wondering here. Where on earth did Norman get all that food? Unless there is a farm inside the shelter, I don't buy it at all.

They all have dinner, and go to sleep shortly after. Emma stays up a little longer to talk with Norman, after which she challenges him to a game of chess. Shortly after, she states that she will challenge Ray next. And just like that, the golden trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron all go to bed after spending the whole night playing wizard's chess.

Personal opinion: This was a decent chapter, as far as transition was concerned. The last chapter had an information dump, so it was only fitting that this one included everyone's reactions to the plan. Which was executed pretty fine. The chapter also did a fine job of making Norman seem untrustworthy, There is NO way he is being completely candid with what he told the kids. It's either he doesn't intend on killing the demons because he struck a deal with them, or he is going to end up sacrificing some of the kids while they are staying there.

Chapter rating: 7.5/10.

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