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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (127)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Mar 22, 2019 18:58

The Promised Neverland Chapter 127 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This chapter starts with a flashback from 700 years ago involving a few demons. A few demons are lamenting the loss of meat as they wonder where their next meal will come from. They haven't eaten a human properly in 2 years, and as such they are in danger of devolving back into mindless cretins. At that point, Musica approaches them. Behind her she is accompanied by a few other demons who have attire similar to hers.

Switching back to the present, Norman explains that Musica is a demon who has never eaten a single human in her life. Despite that, she is still able to retain her humanoid shape and as such this makes her a totally unique creature. The first records of her existence date 700 years ago. In the past, she would walk around saving demons experiencing extreme hunger and starvation using her blood. A single mouthful of her blood was enough to make the demons similar to her. Both Emma and Ray are shocked by this revelation.

Norman adds on that demons who fed on Musica's blood possessed the ability to also turn other demons to the same nature. I have to admit, this is a pretty noteworthy explanation. Though seeing Musica approach those demons to save them does remind me a lot of Eto in Tokyo Ghoul. With how she formed Aogiri and being the only natural one eyed ghoul, not to mention an enigma as far as the overall plot goes. Until she admits that she is not the person with cursed blood and it's actually Arima Sung Juu, haha. That would be something.

Unfortunately, the demon nobility caught wind of Musica's abilities and her crusade to save the outcast demons. Such an existence could end up shaking the authority of the nobles and that meant there could only be one solution. Aogiri was killed and Musica managed to escape. They also killed all the ghouls that were converted by Eto's power, which sadly meant that Kanou's lab could no longer carry out it's activities. Hinami asks why and Norman explains that Eto's blood did scare the nobles.

Ayato theorizes that Sung Juu is probably a survivor who drank Musica's blood, something I'm not sure I agree on. Primarily because they don't know Sung Juu's true intentions. Not to mention how long he has stayed without eating human meat. Maybe it's different among the demons? We saw at the beginning of the chapter how those demons had not eaten human meat in 2 years and were still retaining their human form. Sung Juu might have a longer endurance frame. But him feeding on Musica's blood wouldn't be so wrong I suppose.

Emma asks Norman why the Nobles killed Musica and her friends. Honestly, this was a pretty stupid question to ask. Anyone could tell the reason why, and I explained it in an earlier passage. So I won't dive into that again. But I generally dislike how the author forgets that Emma is supposed to be as smart as Norman and Ray. She should be able to understand things in the same capacity they do as well. The author might be using her as a self insert so that the fans understand, but still....No.

After Ray explains the whole situation to Emma, Norman jumps in and tells her that she should not be so surprised by these things anymore. Everyone was looking after their interests, and that's just how the world worked. Because she was kind, that didn't mean everyone else was kind too.

He continues and adds on that this meant Musica and Sung Ju had to be eliminated. This is because Musica's blood could make feral demons aware of Norman's rebellion. Something that meant the number of enemies would only increase ten fold and it would basically render Norman's whole plan useless.

Of course, Emma is opposed to the whole plan, insisting that the duo are their friends. Norman takes her hand and explains to her that they are demons, and there is no way they will sit by as Norman eradicates their race. Emma talks again, and honestly, with everything she says past this point it just gets more and more irritating. Like damn it Hinami, you watched demons kill your parents and friends. Fix up and get with the times. Showing mercy will only get you killed in such a cruel world.

She states that she doesn't want the demons to be killed. All they had to do is find the nobles and regents, and share their blood among the other demons. Something that would kill their appetite for humans. Again, another fallacious suggestion. First of all, we already know Sung Ju longs to eat humans despite having been fed Musica's blood. That means the plan has room for error. Second, why would the nobles even agree to such a plan? Or the demons in question. Gathering all those demons in one place would mean carrying out a census, and doing that is impossible in the first place. Something that Norman explains as he states that their first instinct when they see Emma and her group would be to eat them.

Emma then states that they should escape to the human world where they would redo the promise. Norman shoots her down again, stating that they don't know how the human world would accept them. For all they know they might probably be met with hostility there. He finalizes by explaining to Emma that the demons stand in the way of her family's happiness, which means they need to be eradicated.

Emma is still being unreasonable and really needs to wisen up. I get her notion of saving the demons, but if she has no concrete way how to do it then why even bother bringing it up the table?

Norman not complying with her wishes and insisting on his way is pleasing to see. Young him would have definitely tried to compromise with Emma, but as he is now he isn't having any of that. Which is a major plus for his character.

Musica proving why she's going to end up the GOAT of the series. Eto level build up with her, hopefully she doesn't get offed in a stupid way like she was in Tokyo Ghoul.

What Ray has to say on the whole matter will be the most interesting factor in the upcoming chapters.


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