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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (99)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Mar 24, 2019 14:41

Dr. Stone - Chapter 99 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Kingdom of Science's Photo Journal

This Weeks Chapter feels more like a Photostory,Why you ask? Because our Reporter Minami has made it her duty to follow and record every step they take on their road of completing their Ship for the Voyage to find the Origins of the Petrification Ray,she'll be using the Camera created by Senkuu for that. We are shown a picture of Ryusui and Kaseki first,the former comments on his choices for design and means to load and unload their cargo as well as his plans to add a Shipdeck Casino which annoys Gen as he was about to praise his skill and talent. Next Up we have Pictures of Suika drawing while using a Pantograph,mimiking her drawing. It is to test wether they'll be able to produce a bigger version of it in order to draw a Logo onto their sails i think. Said and done,a 48x Pantograph Magnifier has been produced more than a hundred times the size of the one Suika was using. It weighs about 50kg,and Taiju is the one using it.

As Kohaku and Co. celebrate that they already cleared half of the necessary steps to create their Ship,they start wondering what they need next to which Senkuu tells them that they need Time more than anything else,that is first and foremost because of the Engine for the Ship that still has to be created as well as the ship hull. It may take Months,Ukyo mentions that once Winter comes their pace will slow down and Ryusui welcomes it as they will only need Patience and will be able to enjoy Winter by getting the Villagers into Winter Sports. A picture with Ryusui while snowboarding is shown and it is revealed that their Snowboards and Skis were made with Carbon,naturally,an "easy" process for our Mastermind Senkuu. Another Picture shows us Chrome and Ruri,the latter handing him a piece of Chocolate. You guessed it,they are celebrating Valentines Day though Gen has masked these "Events" under the banner of "raising everybody's Morale" as seen when Ryusui carries Chocolate on a Plate for everybody even the Kids.

Chrome wonders why Minami took so many pictures of them just playing around when there was progress being made on the Ship,she answers that their daily lives matter as well which Kinro agrees by saying they haven't been working too much on the Ship the last time anyway. Francois tells them that playing around is a part of work as well,Minami mentions that she found it important as this may be their last time to- and she stops resulting in everybody looking on confused. She apologizes and promises to take lots of Pictures,she invites everybody to write some captions to them which Senkuu thinks is a good idea while Gen mentions that it's reminiscent of a Girl's Photo Booth he once visited. As Yuzuriha spots a cute handwriting she wonders if it was Mirai that wrote it but is surprised to hear that it was actually Nikki,and just as Yo is about to laugh he is dealt with by her immediatly.

Senkuu has written a caption as well,on a picture of him and Kaseki creating and using 3 of the greatest furnaces of the past,however he went and wrote down a complete scientifically touched method of how to create them onto the Picture stunning Gen as that was not what he had imagined. The furnaces are necessary for them to transform their "Tier 1 Metals" into "Super High Quality Steel",which is necessary for the Ship's engine otherwise it'll blow up on them first thing they know. Another set of pictures is presented showing Senkuu creating and improving a Lathe,he mentions that at this point if they lack patience they won't advance,it's important to take things slowly but steady. Another Couple of shots,this time of Yo,Kinro and Ginro looking for bugs as well as Kohaku,Ruri,Yuzuriha and Chrome at the Beach are shown. The latter four are trying the first Swimwear of their Creation out,enjoying Summer. The bath suits are made out of silk and feel very soothing as Ruri says,naturally,Ginro would like to touch it to confirm this statement earning him shock from Kinro.

We see Kohaku swimming in the background,so fast that the camera could not capture her which prompts Gen to say that she might become the prime example of Spirit Photography in their Civilization. The work on their Ship continued and so did Minami's Journal. Senkuu says that an entire year has passed and they finally completed their Ship,Ryusui and Co. wonder about the silence of the Why-man while celebrating their new achievement for their Kingdom. Minami looks on wistfully,saying that this is where they part ways,she asks to take another picture of the Group before their adventure begins. As Senkuu asks how many more she wants to take he is met by a tearful response from Minami,saying that this is the last time that they are together and they'll never see each other again. Gen looks on while thinking to himself that Minami is the only one that actually knew everybody by face and name so it's natural that she wanted to have pictures as solidified Memories to look at whenever she wants.

Senkuu tells her that he has no idea what she is talking about but with 10 Billion Percent certainty will they find out the Origins of the Petrification and with the same amount of certainty will they meet again and safely return from their Voyage,bringing a smile on Minami's face. She insists that they take this one picture together regardless,Francois has anticipated a scenario like this and had Kaseki build a Camera Timer Device so Minami would not be left out of the picture. All of them gather for the picture and as Minami tells them to smile we are shown all of the Villagers as well as Senkuu's Team in front of their newly completed Ship. It is September 10th,the year is 5741, the construction of the motorized sailboat "Perseus" was completed. The Name is a reference to the Hero of Greek Mythology,the Son of Zeus and Danaë.

This Chapter was really nice,i liked the emotional touch it had with Minami and the Groups chemistry getting better and better over their completed trials and hardships in the Kingdom of Science. I had been waiting for awhile on the ship to be constructed,but with the creation of Sonar and Radar as well as the Why-man appearing that sort of went down under. Then we had Ryusui's Character Profile in the Last Chapter that made me feel like things were getting intentionally drawn out,which just doesn't have to be when you know where the story is supposed to be going and have made that somewhat clear to your readers as well. Oh well,i got what i wished for and i'm happy about it since i'm really looking forward to this Voyage and of course the Why-man's role in all this. He hasn't made a move in the year it took them to build the Ship so he is definitely aware and perhaps afraid of them. I'd rate this Chapter an 8.5 out of 10. I look forward to next time for sure.

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