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Chapter Review: Black Clover (199)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 3, 2019 21:50

Black Clover Chapter 199 Review by Emperor Spriggan
So here it is, the final chapter before the 200 hallmark of the series, and yep, as you'd expect it was brilliant. Shame I can't use emojis to express how good it was. Also featured the best character in the series so there was that.

The chapter picks up from where we left off with Asta and Yuno both battling an enraged Patri. They are both struggling considerably against him, and he unleashes a magic attack at them. Both Magic Knights combine to stop it. This is a testament to how strong Licht really is, considering Asta and Yuno ae both in their power up forms and need to combine forces to stop one of his attacks.

They succeed in it, but Asta's black form runs out of Mana as a result. For Patri it's a different case, his magic keeps on increasing dramatically and swelling. Fueled by his hatred, he launches another huge wave of magic at Asta and Yuno. They are powerless to stop the attack, but at that point Nozel shows up to save them.

He tells Patri that there is no way he can beat him. There's a short explanation about how magic affinities are important in battle. Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi possesses both offensive (Senkei), and defensive abilities (Scatter), so his Bankai is able to adapt regardless of the opponent. Unless the opponent is Tsukishima. You don't want to anger Tsukishima, of course.

Patri fires a multi directional magic attack at him, which he easily defends against using his Mercury Magic. Nozel thinks about how he has the worst affinity to Fuego's magic, but he still has no intention of losing to him. Does that imply his flame magic can melt Nozel's magic? Much moreso with Salamander at his side? Interesting.

Nozel's time to fire back. He uses a shower of Mercury to attack Patri, something that impresses Asta. Patri dodges all the attacks, but it turns out the attacks were just a distraction. Byakuya's uses his reiatsu to control all the mercury in the room, before casting Gokei:Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. The dome conjured will trap Patri alongside his magic, which means he will be under constant siege from it.

Aimlessly, Patri tries attacking Byakuya one more time, but the Sixth Squad Captain effortlessly blocks the attacks. The prison shuts out completely, and Byakuya turns to Ishida and Ichigo, telling them that he will be the one who becomes Captain Commander.

Personal opinion:
Nozel was absolutely astonishing, excellent, exquisite and entertaining this chapter. Look at him go, he effortlessly man handled someone who almost killed Yami, and that too in a much stronger form. Nozel>>>>>>Yami, and it's not even close. At this point the only Captain stronger than Nozel is Fuego, he's head and shoulders above all the others. Though, I do wonder what will happen next chapter. Maybe Yami is fighting the Devil?

Chapter rating:9.9/10. .1 is because perfect things don't exist no matter how badly we want to fanboy them. Insert feelsbadman here

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