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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (129)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Apr 8, 2019 14:46

The Promised Neverland Chapter 129 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts right after Ray and Emma’s departure with Norman sitting, his head bowing down, being deep in his thoughts about the time from the orphanage. He then stands up and walks down to a basement where his own group is waiting for him, a hideous, gigantic and lifeless demon being sprawled in front of them.

Norman remarks that it has been a while since he had come to that place while the others mention that they come by often. They ask him about his conversation with Emma and Ray and he gives them the rundown. He said that they don’t want the demons to be exterminated, but states that his plan will still come into fruition. He also states that they claimed that the demon girl with cursed blood was still alive and he is thinking on what to do about the new information, including the fact that they met and befriended her. The group is in disbelief, especially Barbara as she recounted their talk with Emma earlier and realizes how much Emma doesn’t want to kill the demons. She then suddenly recalls all the cruel things that happened to her in the past which makes her spasm uncontrollably. The others come to her side, saying that it happened more often for the past few days. Cicero asks her about her medicine and even though she says that it’s in her room, Vincent had some with him and tells her to take all of it in the meantime. He also says that the medicine usage is increasing not because it’s frequent, but because the condition is worsening for everyone by the day. Barbara greatly expresses that this kind of occurrences are caused by the demons’ actions towards the humans and doubts anyone who says otherwise. She cries out in pain, leaving the whole group in total silence.

Eventually, Cicero mentions that the group had talked to Emma and Ray while Norman was out. He expresses that despite being stupidly optimistic, they are still kindhearted people. But he wonders if their leader is still on their side, if he’s still going to act like their boss and whether he is regretting everything they did so far. Norman answers back, saying that with all of his actions, he can’t go back to the way he was. Flashbacks hit back to February 2047 when Norman liberated Lambda and its tortured children. We see Norman coldly stating that the data gained from the place is not enough, considering most of it is about the human cattle. But he was determined to get all of the data he needed from the demons, which resulted in the present, where all the demons were experimented on, removed of their body parts and eventually killed. Norman, in his deep thoughts, affirms that this is his own path he takes. According to him, it was he who started all of it and needs to take care of it. For that, he alone has to take on all of the burden. He says that Emma and Ray are kind people, but in their world, being kind is never enough. He then states that the children would not have escaped the farm if he hasn’t decided to sacrifice himself and let himself get shipped out that fateful day. Regardless, he has no regrets about it. He decides to save every human cattle possible. For that to happen, he will gladly make himself a god or a devil.

The chapter was excellent in bringing the side of Norman’s story to light that, in the end, makes his psychotic decisions understandable. The flashback from the Lambda facility, as well as the panic attacks, were brief, but it was enough to convey their overall feelings about the demons and the pain they went through. I sympathize with both Norman and his crew for all the things that happened with them.

The last page, especially, shows that Norman was very determined and doesn’t care anymore on how everyone views him on either extreme sides. The deeds in the past were done and that path is the only one he’ll keep on going. The conflict between him and his two close friends will start soon and I look forward to all of it.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 9/10.

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