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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (102)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 23, 2019 21:35

Dr. Stone Chapter 102 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Perseus, Ship of Science

This chapter picks up with the surprise revelation that there are survivors outside of the Ishigami Village. While Ukyo and Gen lament Senkuu’s bad luck, since a deserted island would have served their purpose better, Chrome is still skeptical since all of humanity was supposedly turned to stone. The group deduces that they must be descendants of Senkuu’s father and his crew. The wish of the great founder embedded in the 100 tales bid the people of the Treasure Island to make it to Japan someday, so it’s quite possible that some brave members of the village set out to sea like our heroes are currently doing, and as Chrome says, they were the ones that founded the current Ishigami village. The ones that remained behind on the Island continued to prosper and reproduce and are the current inhabitants of it.

While hoping the villagers will be friendly, if not Magma assures them that they’d wipe them out much to Taijuu’s exasperation, Chrome raises an important point. What if the Why-Man is a part of that village? Gen finds this a valid question because of the scarcity of humans at the moment. Ukyo however counters that they would have to be in possession of advanced technology to send out the radio waves, and Ryusui agrees. If they had such advanced technology no way would they be content to stay on their island, they would want to explore the world.

Soyuz admits that he always wanted to know about his real people and even attempted to set out to sea a few times in order to find them, only to be pushed back by storms. Senkuu assures him that it's normal and curiosity is what drives science. Soyuz tells them he rowed, sometimes for days, with no sight of the island, but the ship will surely reach it now. He’s overcome by emotion since he will finally get to sort his origins, with the support of his fellow Kingdom of Science citizens.

After realizing they were going fast enough to get to the island within hours, everyone praises the Perseus for an amazing ship with Yuzuriha wondering how it all works. Despite Kohaku’s warning to be careful not to excite the boys, they all descend on Yuzuriha, ready to boast about the ship and its features. Assuring them she’s used to it since she once sat through a 5 hour lecture on rockets, she proceeds to get a tour of the ship. She’s shown the Engine Room, the Communications Room, Emergency Exits, the lab etc. Ginrou, Yo and some other members of the Power Team are suffering seasickness despite their boasts of being from a Water Tribe. Senkuu manages to get them some medicine from a poisonous plant, Datura Metel or Devil’s Trumpet, and urges them to lie down or get to work.

Soyuz and Ukyo are staring at the lab and Soyuz mentions not even a storm could slow the ship down, probably still reminiscing about all his failed trips. Ginrou boasts that the water tribe fears no Storm, despite being seasick not so long ago. Ryusui cautions them the the weather is like a person wronged and can change at the drop of a hat. This turns out to be a premonition because suddenly the weather does change and they find themselves in the middle of a raging storm. Everyone panics, but Ryusui drinks tea, assuring them that as long as he’s their captain everything will be fine and urges them to stay calm. Senkuu rushes on deck and they think he’s panicking but he’s not. He wants to use the storm to spy on the Island since they don’t know if the inhabitants are friendly. Everyone assumes their posts, mainly the GPS, Telescopes and Radar are ready.

The Island suddenly comes into view, bringing Soyuz to tears because he’s never forgotten the look of his homeland. Senkuu mentally tells his father that they’ve finally made it to his island and whatever awaits them is reason enough to get excited. The chapter ends as they approach the Island.

This was a nice chapter. 7/10 since nothing too spectacular happened. I think the real fun will start next chapter as they infiltrate the Island. It’ll be nice to see if they remember Soyuz since he left them as a baby. Perhaps the mark on his head will be a sign for them. Also it seems this is the place Byakuya and his crew landed and not Ishigami village as originally thought. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming reveals because I doubt it’s going to be a simple in and out job for our heroes. There’s also the small possibility that the Why-Man is there, because if that’s the original Island Byakuya was on and he had scientists with him, perhaps they had some sort of technology Senkuu isn’t aware of. We will see soon.

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