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Chapter Review: Black Clover (203)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 25, 2019 21:35

Black Clover - Chapter 203 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Now is the Time to break the Seal!

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover sends us back into the Shadow Palace again as Yami and Charla attempt to guard themselves from the otherworldly Magic used by the Devil but to no avail as the Magic absorbs and eats anything thrown at it,like Charla's Thorn Magic. As Charla is about to be eaten up as well Yami saves her with his Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Black Reverse Blade Sweep! to get her out of range in time,unfortunately he didn't manage to defend himself in time and his arm got stuck inside the mysterious being. Yami manages to free his arm and to his shock during the brief moment it was stuck some of his Mana and Life Energy have been absorbed by the monstrosity and not only that it also looks like parts of his arm were chewed on and he is now barely able to move it making it impossible for him to swing his Katana properly.

The Devil confirms this by stating that this Magic from the Otherworld thirsts for Life Energy and that despite him having only opened the "lid" a little bit there is more of the mysterious matter streaming out than anticipated by him,as it starts spreading into the other Chambers by entering the hallways connecting the Spaces. He claims that this Spell will not stop until every Elf and Human has been devoured,meanwhile Asta,Yuno,Nozel and Patri get attacked by this matter as well but are quick to counter it dropping down from above with Patri's Light Magic: Light Sword of Judgement! and Yuno's Wind Magic: Tornado Fang!. Patri shouts that they are attacked by Devil Mana. But their defense is in vain as well as both attacks are being absorbed by the Devil Mana,a drop of the matter hit Patri making him realize that this isn't something they can fight off easily.

As Mimosa and Rhya are about to be swallowed up as well Asta jumps in,pushing both of them to the side with all his strength,he's instantly swallowed whole by the Devil Mana but breaks out just as quickly thanks to his Anti-Magic Broadsword!. To Patri's shock not only is Asta unharmed but his Magic is also a perfect counter against the Devil Mana,Yuno and Patri mention how unbelievable yet fortunate it is that someone like Asta is with them right now. Mimosa calls upon her Map and pinpoints that the Devil Mana is spreading from the Top to the Bottom meaning that everybody below them remains in danger,Nozel makes it his duty to aid the ones below them together with Mimosa because they need more Manpower in order to win and rescue all of their possessed Friends. He orders Asta and Yuno to head together with Patri towards the Top of the Shadow Palace in order to stop the Devil.

We return to Finral,Nero and the freshly awakened First Magic Emperor. Nero says that now with the Emperor awakening the seal on her,yes Nero is actually a girl,is broken as well as she reveals her true Form. She is happy for the "Prince" to have awakened after all this time,the Magic Emperor apologizes for being so late and tells Nero not to blame herself as without her he wouldn't even be here right now. Finral completely shocked by this turn of events can barely find the words to speak but catches himself quickly as he gazes upon Nero's true form and tries to flirt with her, but is turned down by her very cold gaze immediatly. Nero has the appearance of a young woman in her 20s of average height,presumably red or brown hair and wears a short black dress with feathers on it. The Magic Emperor steps forward,noticing that there is Mana out of this World in the Shadow Palace and concludes that "He" has aquired a body.

As Finral attempts to question how they both can know each other and how exactly the Magic Emperor was a statue,he is quickly filled in by the First Emperor himself. Who tells him that when he was on the verge of Death many years ago he asked Nero to use her Seal Magic on him which resulted in him becoming a Statue and her turning into a bird for the past 500 years. He explains all that while summoning what appears to be a Lance made out of Light with a 3 Leaf Clover as the Blade,Finral mentions that the Emperors Mana is really tranquil but immensely powerful and much stronger than any of the Elves was that he met before even. Just as he finishes explaining Nero grabs Finral's hand and right as he wonders why she did so the 3 of them fly off towards the Royal Palace at an incredible speed. In a Flash of Light.

As they close in on the Palace Nero uses her Sealing Magic: Reverse Dispel! which causes the entrance to the Shadow Palace to open once more,before they enter she lets go off Finral's hand. As he falls down the Legendary Magic Knight thanks him and tells him to stay strong as his friends will return to him soon as he enters the Shadow Palace.

This Chapter was a good Setup for the incoming Clash, The Devil vs First Magic Emperor, i rate it an 8 out of 10. The Devil's time is about to end with the Legendary First Magic Emperor challenging him once more,who also curiously enough uses Light Magic it seems. And an even stronger Version to boot,even Patri needed some time to reach Licht and Co. from outside the Kingdom but he did it in one second. And going by Finral's statement he is even more powerful than any of the Elves he's met so far so perhaps he is equal or even above the Devil in Magic Power. I'm curious to what we'll learn about his Past or any possible connections to our present day Hero's because this whole Yuno being an Elf Hybrid and Asta being possibly related to him Talk has been giving me hopes for a connection. Perhaps Asta's Magic has been sealed for some purpose and Nero can reverse it too,which would lead to Asta gaining his true Grimoire and Power. If he has to return the Anti Magic Grimoire that is,but there is a lot more input to come for us and i can't wait! Looking forward to it for sure!

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