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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (103)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 27, 2019 21:56

Dr. Stone - Chapter 103 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Light of Hope and Despair

What is our course Captain Ryusui? "Straight ahead towards Treasure Island of course!" How is the Weather, Scientist Senkuu? "Stormy waves,Rain,very windy but with 10 Billion percent certainty the perfect cover for our approach to the Treasure Island!". And with that said we'll kick off this week's Chapter Review of Dr. Stone!,last week our Science Crew made their way towards the Treasure Island under the cover of a sudden Storm at sea. Thanks to everybodies combined efforts and skills things went off smoothly,this week they'll go on land and i invite you all to join me as i break down this Chapter that had me gasp for Air like a fish out of the Water. The Hype was too strong,curious what i'm talking about? Then tag along as i break down this Chapter until no more questions remain.

As the Treasure Island becomes clearer and clearer to see,Chrome feels confident that their Crew is ahead of the inhabitants of the Island in terms of Science and Technology something which Kohaku questions because there is no way of telling that just yet but at the very least Senkuu can reassure them that whoever lives on Treasure Island does not possess Radar or Sonar like they do because was that the case they had tracked them down already. He continues that thanks to Ukyo's skills and expertise they have nothing to worry about,meanwhile we see Ukyo noticing something on his station...Perhaps a sign of Life? The Perseus slowly approaches the Islands shoreline and is ready to anchor. Ryusui praises the Crew for their efforts and wants to reward them each with 10.000 Drago,which raises the morale of the entire crew. Meanwhile Magma and Yo are trying to enter the Island ahead of everybody else,intending to take the treasures and kill the Natives of the Island but they are quite efficiently "stopped" by Nikki.

Senkuu announces that the first to enter the Island are the "Reconaissance Team",it's clear that this Team will not be large in number as it is to infiltrate the unknown grounds and if possible find the Treasure Chest with the Platinum inside without asking the Natives for it's whereabouts. To our surprise Suika is on the ship as well, the team has 4 Members who are as follows: Senkuu,because only he can tell which of the Minerals the Platinum is. Kohaku, for security and her perfect eyesight. Gen,for possible negotiations with the natives. And last but not least,Soyuz,the one and only native of Treasure Island that is with them. The Team sets out immediatly and climbs up the reef,Kohaku would've liked Ukyo to tag along as his hearing paired with her eyesight would've given them an edge on searching out the natives. But Ukyo is busy keeping an eye on movements he noticed on the seafloor.

Ryusui reveals that Suika has been on the Ship the whole time and scolds her reckless behaviour,and reminds her that they made up the Crew List for a reason. She starts crying but is quickly consoled by,and this surprised me a lot,Francois! She tells Suika that everything Ryusui has been doing and saying was for her own sake and safety,he can't risk the life of a child. Taiju raises her spirits by telling her that she can help him and the rest keep the Ship clean and ready for when the others return,meanwhile Ukyo stares at the sonar in a cold sweat. He calls out to the upper deck and asks for someone to check out the ocean floor,Ginrou volunteers for this as he has no motivation to clean the ship and just jumps into the water. He is 10 Billion percent sure that this is way better than cleaning,but he soon breaks out in shock as he finds countless petrified Statues underwater with frightened looks on their faces.

He notifies Ukyo and the others of this,the former is shocked to learn this but is told by Yo that this is pretty normal at this point but Ukyo immediatly tells him that this cannot be and he goes on to explain why. When the Petrification happened 3.700 years ago the Island was uninhabited,if that is the truth then when where the Statues that Ginrou saw turned into their present states? Suddenly Ryusui feels a stare in his neck and it comes from the cliff behind him,a mysterious person approaches the edge and as he does the Perseus Captain turns around asking only 1 Question: "Who the hell are you?".
Meanwhile over at Senkuu's side Kohaku noticed a bright light at the Ships location prompting Gen to call the Crew but to his surprise there is nobody answering their call. He blames it on them having poor reception out there. They split up,Senkuu and Kohaku keep looking for clues while he and Soyuz check the status of the Crew out from a higher point.

Said and done,as both reach a fairly higher hill Soyuz looks through the telescope and backs away in fear and shock which leads to Gen checking things out himself. The first thing he sees is a...petrified Ryusui,but not just that,the entire Crew has been petrified with scared and angry looks on their faces causing Gen to scream out in fear and panic. A bit away from the Ship we see Suika sitting in a tree,wondering what just happened,it is shown that she is actually crying because in the last moments before the Petrification happened Ryusui grabbed her and kicked her off the Ship to protect and save her. Meanwhile Senkuu and Kohaku stumble upon a clue,a discarded shell,which is proof for the natives to be nearby. As Kohaku wonders how they'll find them now she is met by an excited Senkuu who tells her that he'll force a revelation out of the "Crime scene". The Chapter ends with a microscope being shown,hinting that Senkuu is going to analyse the shell for clues next.

This Chapter was loaded with Hype and a perfect setup for what is about to go down here on Treasure Island, i give it a 9/10 , even though it is likely that our culprit is the Why?-man we have no certainty that it really is him but if it is him then we can tell that his research and technology that allows him to petrify People has come a long way because this time it did not affect the entire Planet but only a select area. The Perseus and it's Crew. I'm trying to connect the dots to what happened 3,700 years ago actually but i can't make sense of why he would petrify the entire Earth including himself(I mean,how else would someone with knowledge of the technology be alive at this point)?. Unless he absolutely had a goal that he could only fulfill in the future i can't make sense of his motivations. What is also suspicious and leaning towards this being someone else is that the light originally emitted from the other side of the Planet and that is where they originally wanted to go so the real culprit being on Treasure Island would be a big mile behind him. I think this guy here is an underling with some sort of Weaponry that emits these Petrification Rays at will,fueled by some weird fluid. His purpose on Treasure Island is to keep any possible treasure hunters away from the Platinum so there can be no Revival of Mankind someday i think,the goal seems to only work if a majority of the planets population is turned to stone. Last but not least,i'd like to praise Ryusui for his kind actions towards Suika this Chapter. He may be the greediest man alive but he is fair and generous as shown when he gave everyone a raise for a good job,he also showed that he can be selfless as shown when he saved Suika instead of himself or Francois before being petrified. Which proves that Francois was right,everything he does is for the Crew's sake and safety at this point. I love it.

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