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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (105)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on May 23, 2019 11:52

Dr. Stone Chapter 105 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Island’s Greatest Beauty

The chapter begins with Gen plotting to seduce the mysterious girl from last chapter to their side as she’s their only lead on the island to help find the platinum to create an unlimited supply of depetrification fluid. Gen sees this as an opportunity to show the full extent of his power as the mentalist, since it wouldn’t be easy to convert her, but they run into an unexpected obstacle in the form of her many admirers competing for her hand in marriage. Senkuu decides they’re better off watching how things unfold and waiting for now.

The mysterious girl, Amaryllis, is lost for words, admitting that she doesn’t know what to do in the face of their ardent admiration. The men try to put her at ease by complimenting her unparalleled beauty. Soyuz seems captivated by her as well, a fact Gen points out in the face of his obvious admiration. Amaryllis tells her admirers that she’s destined to join the master’s harem tomorrow and reminds them of what happens if they defy the master. We’re shown the underwater statues, which I guess means this master is the one responsible for petrifying the islanders and the crew of Senkuu’s ship.

As her admirers run away in defeat, Senkuu is vindicated in his choice to follow Amaryllis, as it’s now certain she’ll lead them to the big boss they need to defeat. Gen also points out that she might also lead them to the treasure they’re looking for since it seems they share a common enemy. Senkuu disregards the need for caution and just casually approaches Amaryllis asking about the Soyuz capsule, much to the surprise of his friends. Kohaku fully backs his approach, even volunteering to hold her at sword point if it meant they’d be able to depetrify their friends quicker. Amaryllis asks if they were sent by the master to get her although it was supposed to be tomorrow. Gen asks Soyuz if he knows who the master is, but Amaryllis mistakes Soyuz for the master and promptly confesses her undying love. When Soyuz faints away in shock she deduces that he’s not the master, despite being the only one of the strangers that looks like he might be from the village.

Kohaku points out Senkuu claiming he’s their chief to which Amaryllis repeats the same thing she did with Soyuz and confesses her undying love. She’s thwarted with her compliments since she doesn’t find Senkuu strong, and considers his eyes evil looking. She does see his intelligence which she points out in relief at finding a positive. As she tries to continue with her compliments Senkuu cuts her off demanding to know where the treasure is. Amaryllis is shocked that he can resist her “irresistible charms” when she’s so darned cute. Gen points out that until civilization is restored Senkuu is immune to those sorts of tactics. Gen then tries to claim that he’s really the master but Amaryllis doesn’t fall for it. Kohaku tells Gen if he’s that desperate for a hug she’ll give him one but he promptly rejects the offer saying he doesn’t want his bones broken.

Amaryllis tries to make small talk asking where they’re from when a shout comes from her village. They all race towards the sound only to find several men from the village with torches heading towards the palace to confront the master, most likely in hopes of saving Amaryllis from his clutches. Amaryllis points out that no matter how many of them there are they will be turned to stone in a flash. Kohaku thinks the only way to stop them is to cut them down but Gen stops her saying no one will help them if she attacks them. Senkuu suddenly pulls tear gas out of nowhere and unleashes it at the villagers. The remaining villagers thank Senkuu for stopping the riot and Amaryllis suddenly reveals she knows the secret to the petrifying beam. She goes on to admit that she had planned to sneak into the master’s harem in order to defeat “that jerk”. She turned herself into the island’s greatest beauty in order to save everyone. Now that she’s seen the effects of the tear gas she wants to go a different route and asks Senkuu to team up with her.


I rate this chapter 7.5/10. It looks like there’s a new team member for Senkuu and the others. I just don’t know what to think of her to be honest. She’s saying all the right things but I can’t help but feel there’s something wrong here. How does she know the secret of the petrifying beam? Also it seems the master is from their village since she thought Soyuz was the master because of his resemblance to the villagers whereas Senkuu and co. look like foreigners. I’m not going to trust her just yet. There’s something off about the whole thing. Senkuu and co. should avoid telling her what village they're from, just in case this is some kind of plot.

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