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Chapter Review: Black Clover (206)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on May 25, 2019 23:29

Black Clover - Chapter 206 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Reunion that crosses Space and Time

This week's Chapter of Black Clover starts with Yami and Charla/Charlotte who barely prevented to be disintegrated by the Devil's Magic from the other World by protecting themselves within an orb made of Yami's Darkness Magic that has the downside of him losing Mana by the minute it seems, because Yami claims that he could not keep it up for too long if it wasn't for Charla who is able to use Healing Magic which not only restores his wounded arm but also recovers his Mana to an extent. Charla however complains that there isn't enough space for them both inside the orb,as they are both literally sitting atop each other. A reaction that reminds Yami of Charlotte,but he's also worried about what happened to Licht.

The scene switches over to the Entrance of the Shadow Palace,where the Devil had planned to escape from but was stopped due to the Magic Knights combined efforts. Asta,Yuno and Patri had just arrived at Licht's side but not just them,Lumiere and Secre also entered the Shadow Palace to face off with their old Nemesis once more to bring the dance they started to an end. The Keyplayers have arrived,the Final Battle can begin at last!
Asta and Yuno seem to recognize Lumiere from their time at Hage Village where he would "watch" over their home due to his body being placed fairly near their Orphanage. Asta enters full Fanboy-Mode as he sees one of his idols,totally forgetting that it should not be natural for the First Magic Emperor to move around in the first place in their time. Asta also recognizes Secre's presence but he can't make out who she reminds him of, Secre tells Lumiere that they should head over to Licht and break the seal placed onto him by the Forbidden Magic.

As they approach Licht we learn that the Forbidden Magic did indeed reincarnate his Soul and Body but did not allow him to "awaken" properly,which explains his absent state of mind and presence,she continues to break the seal placed onto him with her very advanced Sealing Magic that has been growing stronger ever since she met Lumiere. There is no Seal in the World that she cannot break. As Licht awakens the bright Light surrounding him enters his Blade and he greets his old Friend,thanking him for everything he did for them,as he watches on the Devil cannot help but ridicule Lumiere and Licht for their suffering at his hands in the past and that they won't be around for too long anyway. Meanwhile Licht,Lumiere and Secre land on a floating Rock along with Asta's group where the Elven Chief greets his comrade Patri and thanks him for everything he's done too no matter what everybody thinks of him. He knows the prize his friend had to pay just to come this far very well. Bringing Patri to break out in tears of sadness and happiness at once.

Licht and Lumiere declare that it is time to fight,to stop another tragedy from happening,to end the circle of hatred and pain from 500 years ago to today. A challenge the Devil merrily accepts because once he's devoured their emotions there will be noone left to stop him,as he finishes his statement the mass from the other World attacks once more. However his attack and bravado are cut short as Lumiere uses his Light Magic: Mana Zone,The Firelight of Avior - Gloria! to disperse the Magic only for Licht to use his Sword Magic: Brandish of Creation - Combo Attack! to cut and destroy it until nothing's left of it. The Devil is shocked at this counterattack as no Magic should be safe from being absorbed by his Magic but he explains this phenomenon due to Lumiere and Licht's involvement and interaction/s with the Magic Stones created by the Elf Tribe that are said to massively amplify the Magic of anyone coming into contact with them.

As he finishes his thought he is already being flanked by Lumiere from his left with a Big Light Sword thrown at him,although he manages to dodge the attack initially he is being attacked by Licht from behind forcing him to back away right into the trajectory of Lumiere's Light Sword which results in him getting send flying. Asta and Yuno are impressed by the amount of Force and Speed behind the Legendary Pair of Leaders attacks,the Devil won't be able to counter with his Word Magic like this,this is confirmed as Lumiere impales him with a Light Sword through his Torso at incredible speeds. Their surprise is replaced with shock as the Devil creates a Trident of other world matter to sever Lumiere's arm,Licht realizes that this Trident has the same ability as the huge scale attack from earlier while Secre wonders who can even take this beast down at this point. The Devil announces that while an attack like that is impressive it serves no purpose with him having a Body and a Grimoire.

He attempts to strike Lumiere again but is stopped by Asta who got sent flying towards him with Yuno's Wind Magic,countering his Trident with his Anti Magic. Licht and Secre wonder if the Anti Magic might be able to stop the Devil once and for all.

The Chapter was nice but it was mostly the fight: The Devil vs Magic Knights + Lumiere,Licht,Patri and Secre so other than their displays of Magic and the dialogue there isn't much to be commented on by me. What i do want to comment on however is Asta's sudden intervention,because i did rather have Lumiere and Licht deal with the Devil instead of him actually. It feels like he'll get the better of them now because his Magic is so broken and can counter everything Magic related,he failed before together with Yuno and Patri so i'd have preferred him to stay back now but that was wishful thinking i guess. So at the very least i hope it'll be a group effort of them to defeat the Devil. If he is meant to be defeated here that is. I'd rate this Chapter a 7.5/10

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