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Issue: Settling In

+ posted by WinterLion in Site News on Mar 25, 2007 20:42
Settling into vBulletin!!

New Art Contest Winners!!

Amateur Winner
Advanced Winner
Colored Winner
B&W Winner

Click for more!

New Art Contest Winners! This week's Amateur Coloring Contest winner is dedal_x for a coloring of To-LOVE-ru! Our Advanced Coloring Contest winner is Sarada for a coloring of a page from Bleach featuring the 9th Arrancar! This month's fanart winners are, Eikichi for a colored drawing of Sasuke and v2-6 for a black and white drawing of Yamato! Congratulations guys!

New Amateur Coloring Contest and Advanced Coloring Contest and April Fanart Contest have all started! Don't forget to check them out!

Moving to vBulletin!! First and foremost a big THANK YOU to our staff for all their hard work during and after the move settling into the new and improved MH. But especially a special thanks to Terra for putting so much on the line to help us move. As well as the wonderful work of our global mod staff who worked tirelessly doing all the tedious but necessary things so that we could reopen! Don't forget to thank all of them for their hard work in the MH vBulletin Version thread!

Settling in!! There's been quite a few changes made with this move, the most notable of which is that many forums have been merged with others to save space and make the overall forum look cleaner and easier to navigate. Find about about the changes in the Some New Features of vB and New Locations for Old Boards thread!

We're still settling in here and the site isn't 100% so if you notice any problems, please let us know in the Problems with the site? thread.

With vB, the display name feature is now gone, so if you'd like to change your username, you can request that in the New Username Request thread and one of our admins/techs will get around to it as soon as we can, but please read the rules before making your request.

More news and announcements will follow as we keep working to make this move complete and make this the best site on the web. :D So thank you all for your patience and support!!

Have you shown your appreciation today? Click the thanks button or write your appreciation below!

#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2007
Congrats to all winners! <3
#2. by DanaArena ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2007
Weee, congrats Sarada!!! Congrats all!!^^
#3. by kisit ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2007
All four pieces are wonderfully done! Congrats to the winners! xD
#4. by holmes221 ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2007
It's great..I am very glad that MH is back to stable mode again ^_^ Great work guys. keep it up
#5. by v2-6 ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2007
Thank you so much everyone who voted for my tenzou fanart... :) i'm glad you guys liked it... :D what a wonderful bday gift.. XD Thanks again everyone!! :)
#6. by Goji ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2007
Very well done everyone! They look fabulous! :Gaipose
#7. by No OnE ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
Yes, looking very nice! Keep up the great work ^^ (zomg what's this pink MSPaint skin?!?!?! LOLF XD)
#8. by  ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
this new theme is outa control, i havn't been this dizzy since i tripped out on acid
#9. by danke ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
lolz.. it's funny
#10. by fkeidjn ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
The more I look at the new theme, the more I get pissed off. Someone hack the site or what???
#11. by Zetta ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
haxed to the maxed.... I feel like a bork!bork!bork!bork! everytime I have the site opened and some bork!bork!bork!bork!ish person walks by to see a pretty pink screen on my comp. Damn bork!bork!bork!bork!ish theme. It makes my eyes bleed.
#12. by Gorzka ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
HAHA Nice Joke on banana!banana!banana!banana!banana!s banana!banana!banana!banana!'s Day. But you could at least play some music in the background smth like Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom XD That would be more funnier XD edit. Oh I See the name of the day shall not be spoken out loud XD Read it backwards yaD s'looF ilrpA
#13. by erikrhys ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2007
dude way too much pink....its burning my eyes O-O

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