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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (135)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on May 27, 2019 21:04

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 135 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Search

This week's chapter of Neverland starts out in Norman's office,but he isn't alone,he has summoned Don and Gilda to ask a favor of them: He wants them to find Musica and Song Juu. Their Friends,who helped them way back in the Forest and taught them how to hunt and survive in the wild on their own if rations run low. Norman wants to find the 2 of them before the Ratri-Clan or the Demonic Royal Soldiers do,to protect them. An idea that visibly surprised Don and Gilda, Norman goes on to explain that Emma's plan requires Musica's Blood and that in the worst case scenario in which Emma and Ray do not return home timely they will have to go through with it on their behalf. He also mentions that he can't bring himself to fully believe into her plan just yet but he knows that if they are found by anyone but their friends they will be killed and that's certain. Norman admits that he would usually avoid sources of instability within his ranks like Musica at all costs but if she is willing to talk and allow herself to be protected by them then he won't mind it.

When Don and Gilda wonder how they're supposed to find Musica and Song Juu after 2 years of being apart Norman shows them a Map with several marked locations,Norman explains that the marks show the locations they are most likely to wander around at as well as why he thinks these are the locations for them to show up at. Factoring in the locations that are Demon Villages and Cities as well as their Temples he narrowed their options down since they'd rather avoid Demon settlements as they are likely to be searched through by Royal Soldiers. Gilda notices that one of the marks shows the Forest they first met in,which Norman confirms because the Areas around Grace Field are all forbidden to Royal Forces so they can safely hide inside them. He also marked locations that should be unknown to the Queen as well like Caves,Underground tunnels,Villages of Exiled Demons etc. Don and Gilda ask how likely it is for them to end up finding them at these spots,which Norman thinks it's very likely. A fellow fugitive knows hiding spots better than anyone else.

Norman asks if he can count on Don and Gilda to find them so he can protect them,he also promises them an escort to ensure their safety along the way. A bit later we can see Don and Gilda converse about Norman's idea, and i'm not surprised by this reaction at all- , they are very suspicious of his idea and wonder if he just wants them to find Musica and Song so he can have them killed. Don wonders if he could've changed his mind but at the same time he admits that if he did not then he is using them as bait to lure Musica and Song out in order to kill them. Don tells Gilda that they have no choice but to go themselves,if they deny Norman's request then he'll put together a team to find them and has them kill their Friends so if they go themselves they can make sure to protect them. The 2 friends make their resolve,for Emma and Ray as well as their other friends sake and even Norman's they will go and find Musica and Song Juu to protect them both from any harm and pursuers.

It is revealed that the cheerful Hayato is one of their escorts,when some of the kids doubt his abilities the boy himself admits that he could never handle protection Missions by himself so he has a trust worthy and skilled Partner with him. We see a girl around Emma and Co's age sitting nearby with 3 Wolves next to her,which awes the Kids as they have never seen Dogs of their size before. Hayato introduces her as Aish,a girl very skilled with a gun and quite efficient at hunting and trailing...what a coincidence am i right? As Don and Gilda try to introduce themselves they are met by Aish shaking her head and closing her eyes,Hayato explains that she does not understand the human language because unlike Norman and his executives she is not from Lambda but was found by them inside one of the Demon Camps they raided in the past. She was raised by Demons and has been with the 3 Wolves from the beginning.

Don and Gilda immediately realize,just like me, that something's not right with Norman sending a skilled Hunter and Fighter that understands the Demon Language as well as their behavior like no other for just a search mission. They suspect that she is supposed to kill Musica and Song upon sight but they won't allow her to. As they bid their friends farewell they remind themselves of their resolve,this is for Emma,for Ray,for Norman and everybody else. They won't let anything happen to Musica and Song,because they are friends. The 2 friends begin their search for Musica and Song Juu alongside Hayato and Aish,silently thinking to themselves that Emma and Ray can rely on them to do well. And just as their thought finishes we get a switch of scene to Ray who seems to be in his late teens this time while Emma has been turned into an infant. Their Trial seems to have no end in sight,and only exhausts their minds and bodies more.

This Chapter was interesting, 8/10 ,and i like that Gilda and Don are getting a part just for them in the Story now as well. It's about time they get some spotlight,and i really like how they are clearly aware of what Norman is/could be up to but play along to follow their own plans to help Emma and Ray. Although Norman is supposed to be their friend he really went and used them as bait to find Musica and Song Juu to get rid of them,which is essentially saying that he does not actually trust into Emma's plan at all despite saying he is torn on it to Don and Gilda in their conversation. And that despite them mentioning that he could be meaning what he says and grant them cover at their hideout i do believe that he wants to find and kill them. Hence he sent Aish as a bodyguard with them. Who has an interesting and mysterious background. Although this may not be the typical reunion we still get to see and meet Musica and Song again,this'll be great i'm sure. Norman mentioned the Ratri's in the Chapter and i was immediately reminded of my Peter-Paranoia because i still can't buy that he hasn't made any moves yet. At least as far as we know. Meanwhile Ray has his hands full handling everything by himself,since Emma became an infant this time. This trial is very tough to clear,i'm definitely hyped for how this continues!

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