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Chapter Review: Black Clover (208)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jun 8, 2019 15:03

Black Clover - Chapter 208 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Sword

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover starts with 2 familiar figures that most of us had probably forgotten where even in the Shadow Palace,i'm talking about Revchi and Gueldre. The former Captain and Magic Knight of the Purple Orca Squad,who only entered the Shadow Palace to aquire ancient artifacts for themselves which they seemingly managed to find as the both of them are carrying a couple of bags with them. To their dismay they're unable to leave the Palace as the Mass from the Other World summoned by the Devil is surrounding them and if not for Gueldre's Magic they would have been dead already. Gueldre is wondering where the exit is as his Mana is running low and the moment he does they're done for. The scene switches to Yami and Charla who got saved from the Devil's Attack by Licht's Ultimate Magic,something that relieves Charla but awes Yami who wonders just how powerful Licht is. He thanks Charla for healing his Arm,he should be able to pull of at least one Dimension Slash now meaning that neither his Mana nor his Arm are anywhere near his peak despite time to recover and Charla's Healing Magic. Yami wants to rejoin the fight against the Devil but with no means to fly into the upper Chambers he is stuck for now,he silently laments this fact as his Darkness Magic works against the Devil and he'd need nothing but find an opening to strike and deliver a lethal blow against the Devil. He also concludes that the only other person that might be able to wound him is Asta.

The scene changes again this time to Asta and Co. vs The Devil,Lumiere is surprised by Asta being able to use Licht's Sword but is corrected by Secre that this is not the exact same sword as Licht's as this is a 5-Leaf Clover Grimoire that houses another Devil inside it that provides the Anti Magic for the Swords to use. Meanwhile Asta is struggling to maintain control of the Anti Mana overflowing from his body and blade,as a result his sword as if drawn by a magnetic force flies straight towards the Devil who tries to guard himself with his trident but to no avail as Asta slashes straight through the Weapon,while the Devil dodges his sudden assault. He's surprised by Asta being able to move as well as he does in this twisted and altered Space and his ability to shatter a Weapon from the other World,he shifts his attention back to Asta telling him that no matter who that Devil housing inside his Grimoire is he'll show him that any resistance is futile as he is out of his League against the Devil. As he announces that the Mass from the other World starts another attack against Asta,who is still struggling to control his power,some Snake heads form from the mass and attempt to attack Asta and he barely manages to dodge them until Lumiere rescues him by disintegrating some of the mass with his Light Magic but just as they made it out of harms way Asta's Sword reacts to Lumiere's Massive Mana and strikes him as a result. Which sends the First Magic Emperor flying into a wall.

Meanwhile Patri and Yuno struggle to defend against the Mass as well,the Elf acknowledges that his Light Magic is far inferior to Lumiere's despite them using 4-Leaf Clover Grimoire's and the same Element even. Backed into a corner Patri makes use of the Dark Mana inside him and uses his Demon Light Magic: Light Swords of Judgement! something that earns him praise from the Demon but ultimately futile as this Magic can't defeat him either. Asta seems to be getting the hang of his Anti Mana while Secre checks on Lumiere who seems to be perfectly fine just that he doesn't feel like he's able to use Magic for the moment. Secre wonders if she should use her Sealing Magic to unlock the Physical Limiters of Asta's body to make it easier to maintain control but at the same time it would put his life at risk,Lumiere tells her not to as things will be fine. As he finishes saying so,Yuno asks Asta just how long he's going to keep lagging behind while slashing through some of the Mass. It is revealed that Yuno used his Wind to gather some of the remnants from Lumiere and Licht's Magic from before to create a Sword capable of slaying the Devil. It's called Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Zephyr! , Yuno tells Asta that if he can't master his powers he will never be Magic Emperor. Asta smiles as he starts telling his rival that he just figured out the trick to controlling his Anti Mana,as a lot of Anti Magic gathers around the Demon Slayer he announces his newest Spell: Anti Magic Demon Slaying Sword: Black Divider!

The Chapter was alright but way too short for me,7/10, as nothing other than the fight occured in this one but it still gave me 2 things to wonder about which would be Yami's Darkness Magic and Secre attempting to release the "limiters" on Asta's body. Now Yami's Magic working will surely be explained soon enough,probably due to its Negative Nature being able to cancel out the Devil's own or something of the sort,but Secre saying she can "release" Asta from his limiters is something i was confused about since it is either(Which is how i took it) the Physical Limiters that Humans have that essentially limit our strength so our Muscles and bones don't break or get torn apart by the output. I'm not sure exactly how much they limit us from the peak strength we individually have but if this is not it then i could see it being "Limiters" on Astas Magic reserves. Meaning he would have actually Mana but can't use it as it was sealed by someone and Secre became aware of it due to her being able to use Sealing Magic as well,which would make me wonder: Who and why? But all to its due time i guess,i just want this fight with the Devil to end and for us to move on to another Arc as this one has already served any purposes,for me at least. Looking forward to next time as always!

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