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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (112)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jul 7, 2019 21:31

Dr. Stone - Chapter 112 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: 3-D Champion

Last time in Dr. Stone we got to see the Harem Selection held by Ibara and Mozu,the Prime Minister and the strongest Warrior on the Island. Amaryllis,Kohaku and even Ginrolina managed to get chosen,while the process was rather creepy and uncomfortable to witness and read our heroines managed to get chosen into the Harem with Kohaku already scheming how she can get her hands onto the weapon carried by Kirisame. She suggests that they wait for her to sleep and then just take it from her,while Amaryllis agrees that they should rather hurry then waste their time due to one of them possibly being chosen to meet the Great Leader we see Ginrolina trying to change Kohaku's mind as this appears too spontaneous and reckless of her. Amaryllis proposes to scout out the area and present security first as most likely all of the Higher Ups will have strong security assigned to them,suddenly Kohaku receives a message from Senkuu through her earring which shocks Amaryllis as she can't explain how someone could convey a message like this. Senkuu tells her that this is where the Kingdom of Science goes on the offense on 2 fronts,with their Science Team and the Spy Team present at the Palace, the Spy Team's mission being to investigate the palace and try to figure out the schedules for the Top Warriors as well as the Minister. But also to try and get Kirisame to demonstrate her Petrification Weapon to them,best case scenario when she's by herself.

Kohaku responds that they'll do their best,but then remembers that Senkuu can't hear her voice but she's still glad to have his support in this mission with Ginrolina adding that it would have been impossible to infiltrate with their Cellphone on the back after all. Senkuu cuts back in and adds that when their mission succeeds the Science Team will join their "fight" and steal the Petrification Weapon in midair through their Drone,which as usually,shocks Kohaku and Co. Senkuu goes to explain what they'll need to create the "3-D Champion": A controller,4 propeller and a motor. The materials he'll need will be plastic,feathers,an electro magnet,bamboo,iron and some wires. As Gen wonders if their self made drone will be alright in regards of flight stability due to lack of an IC- Ship for altitude control he is casually reassured that it'll all go well as Senkuu has an idea what to do about it,in the same moment we see Soyuz pull out a latch from their Science Lab. Senkuu asks his team for assistance as this process would take him all day by himself,he tells them that by wrapping a copper wire around a piece of iron and sending electricity through it they can create an electro magnet. He puts the Latch through the same process and asks his companions what they'll think will happen if both magnets are put against another now,the answer is simple: The continous electro magnetic force will get the piece of iron to spin continously until the electricity flow is halted. That's what makes it a Motor!

Funny if it were that simple right? As Gen fears what comes next Senkuu explains that the next step is why the process would take so long: while the system and foundation for the motor is created it isn't nearly powerful enough to power 4 propellers and the drone's other functions,so they will have to coil up copper wire over and over until they're out of any basically. The mentalist responds that while this is super straightforward and simple to do it is too tiring as well,back to the Inner Palace,we can see Kohaku and the others arrive at the Great Leaders Stronghold. It is revealed that the Inner Palace consists of several tree houses connected to another through bridges with the Great Leader's house being in the highest treetop,we can see Ibara report to him but we do not hear any of their conversation nor do we see the Leader's face as he sits behind a curtain. Suddenly we see a Statue getting smashed next to Ginrolina, one of the Palace Guards called Oarashi did it. Oarashi is a mountain of a man,surpassing even Magma's stature and muscle mass,he explains that the statue he just crushed was a fool of a man trying to rescue his daugther. He promises that anyone daring to go against him and the Leader will meet the same fa..fa...Fat? He struggles with the words "Fate" and "Fat",and ends up using the latter resulting in a soldier correcting him. Meanwhile Kohaku spots her chance to start the investigation of the Palace as she looks up to the Leader's House.

Suddenly she gets serious,she asks Amaryllis to but her 15 seconds so she can go scout out the Inner Palace which she accepts in the same kind of tone something that scares Ginrolina. She approaches Oarashi,complimenting his muscles in her usual shy-manner and it is as effective as always as the Warrior loses focus and control hearing her compliments but that's not all the other Soldiers have fallen to her "spell" too. In the meantime we can see Kohaku start her climb towards the Leader's house but she stops halfway as she seemingly spotted a weakness,she thinks to herself that this is all possible due to her extraordinary eyesight as well as the knowledge she gained from Senkuu and the Kingdom of Science. Suddenly Kirisame arrives asking what all the ruckus is about and just as she does Kohaku arrives back at Amaryllis and Ginrolina's side, Kohaku claims that she found the "Key of Science". That which will determine their victory,the problem now is how she is going to inform Senkuu and Co. of this weakness as she can't inform him per the earring. Naturally,Senkuu may just have found a means to communicate for her as he attempts to test the Motor with a mini car. If this goes well then the Drone will have no issues flying around in the Inner Palace...

Great Chapter of Dr. Stone this week, 7.5/10. The developing process of the Motor felt a bit rushed to me,and i'm not too sure about this Drone invention either as these things just feel a tad impossible to create in their circumstances for me sometimes but at this point i probably shouldn't complain anymore after the other things they've build so far. Anything is possible is the Motto here. I'm curious what Kohaku has found that she calls the "Key of Science" that will assure them victory here,it must be pretty obvious if she managed to find and analyse it within barely 15 seconds. Really damn curious right now...more pages...need more pages...The security they have in the Inner Palace seems to be bad news though,not just powerful but cruel as well. That big brute just shattered a statue of a man,good thing that the Statues can be fixed and saved by Senkuu and Co. I wonder if that big shadow really was the Great Leader or not just his Throne,for some reason i think he is a rather small guy of Senkuu's age just throwing commands around. Unless he has some sort of machinery or secret room in the Palace i can't help but wonder when and how he created this Weapon,but we'll see soon enough. All i know is that i'm hyped for it! Till next time!

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