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Chapter Review: Black Clover (211)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 8, 2019 21:15

Black Clover Chapter 211 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Final Attack

This week’s chapter begins with Secre lamenting on her feelings towards Asta as she watches the ongoing fight. She reminisces about one of the times Asta proclaimed he would become Wizard King, admitting she didn’t think he could do it, that he could never be someone like the prince. Meanwhile, as the battle continues, Yuno seems to be getting more powerful but in contrast Asta seems to be getting weaker. Yuno wonders if Asta is at his limit and tries to motivate him by telling him if he can’t keep up then he would leave him behind. This has the desired effect as Asta charges towards the Devil in an attempt to keep up with Yuno.

The Devil is not impressed with Yuno attempting to use Elf and Spirit Magic against him and insults him by calling him a lowly human, telling him his wind can’t cut his heart. He insults Asta as well, calling him hopeless for allowing himself to be pulled along following the Wind Magic and not even following properly. He doesn’t think Yuno and Asta are anything to worry about. He's proved wrong in the next instant when it turns out Asta was actually hiding in the shadows of the severed magic and was approaching from one of his blind spots. It turns out this was their plan and they were attacking him from opposite directions, pulling each other in at top speed. They each land a severing blow to the Devil at the same time, with him frantically calling on his power telling them to “Stop” “Halt” “Bend” “Go back”, but no matter how much he compels them, they resist. However, all isn’t well as Asta suddenly powers down and it turns out he’s reached his limit much to Yuno’s shock and the Devil’s delight.

We switch to Yami and Charla who are surrounded by the Devil’s otherworldly power. Charla is impressed by Yami’s focus in warding off the power, but thinks it won’t be enough to reach the Devil at such a distance. Yami has a flashback of questioning Julius about his decision to make him a Captain since he’s a foreigner. Julius tells him he’ll be fine but Yami doesn’t agree, noting that not only will he make the biggest mess but the top guys won’t like it. He thinks it’s his unusual magic that’s impressed Julius, but Julius assures him that he’s watched him all this time and that he believes in Yami. With that on his mind Yami unleashes Mana Zone: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash-Equinox which pierces through all obstacles and into the Devil himself, who acknowledges that Dark Magic can interfere with the magic of the otherworld, much to the shock of everyone.

Secre uses the Devil’s subsequent meltdown to heal Asta using Sealing Recovery Magic: Heavenly Prison: Faint Omen. Doing that, she’s sealed away his physical damage and it’s now up to Asta to try to access his Anti Magic. The Devil is screaming at them to die and Yuno, who’s still facing him down, tells him to do it himself. Secre asks Asta if he’s going to be the Wizard King and he answers yes, swearing that right here right now he will surpass his limits. Asta then unleashes a giant black sword that looks like a huge shadow over his previous sword, and slashes through the Devil.


Chapter Rating: 9/10

I was really impressed with everyone here. Yuno and Asta’s teamwork especially is noteworthy. The glimpse we got of Julius and Yami’s past interaction when Yami was chosen to be a Captain was nice as well. It seems the fight is finally over, and all I can say is good riddance to the Devil. Now I’m interested in the aftermath of this war, especially with the Elves and their human hosts. It’s time to give back the bodies and move on, at least that would be my guess since it was all a big misunderstanding. Then there’s the question of the Lumiere. I think he’s technically alive given he was still alive when he was sealed, so I’m wondering how the author intends to handle him and Secre as well. There are still quite a few unanswered questions, so now that the main event is hopefully over, I believe we’re still a few chapters away from ending this arc completely.

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