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Chapter Review: Black Clover (212)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 13, 2019 13:38

Black Clover - Chapter 212 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Destiny's End

A clean mighty slash straight through the tattered Devil's heart,Asta's attack has hit it's mark with the support of Yuno and Captain Yami. And with that this week's chapter of Black Clover begins: an all deciding attack!, as Asta's Black Form is dispelled the Devil laments and wonders how someone like him could ever lose to the likes of Humans and Elves. As his body starts to disintegrate he seems to enter a parallell Dimension as he is met by the Devil residing within Asta's grimoire,who greets him as his Elder,said Elder however is more concerned about this other Devils identity. The Anti Magic Devil responds that the Elder has no need to know that as he is about to perish no matter how strong he may have been he just lost to Asta and the Magic Knights which makes him a loser and he should just die. As he finishes saying so the Devil's body fades away entirely,with Lumiere,Licht,Patri and Secre looking on in disbelief and lost in memories of what occured 500 years ago due to the Devil. Both Patri and Secre were having flashbacks in this moment,from their first meeting to the battle between Lumiere and Licht. Secre looks up to Asta with a wistful expression on her face,thanking him for defeating the Devil and ending his tyrrany once and for all,meanwhile Asta who is completely worn out is caught by Yuno. Meanwhile Yami and Charla sense the Devil's fading Magic and conclude that the attack must've hit it's mark with the Devil defeated now.

Charla praises Yami for his skill and accuracy with the Captain cheekily responding that his name is Yami Sukehiro and it's his pleasure meeting another Sulky Queen of Thorns besides Charlotte,Charla introduces herself as well but instead of calling Yami by his name she calls him "Wild man". Suddenly the Mass from the Other World that was left behind by the Devil starts moving again and seems to be trying to tear the Shadow Palace apart,back at Asta and Co.'s location we see Lumiere lamenting that due to his lack of Mana and Strength he cannot get the Magic Knights out of the place with his Magic with Yuno wondering what they're supposed to do now. The other Magic Knights are making for the Top Floor while they're still protected by the Light Magic,but said Magic is getting weaker and weaker meaning they have to hurry or they'll die,meanwhile Yami notices a presence near him hidden by Magic wondering who it is. Back to the Top Floor we see Lumiere's body breaking apart more and more as some of the Magic Stones placed into his sockets are losing their power resulting in the Protecting Lights disappearance with everybody else still trying to make their way into the Top Floor but the Mass closing in on them,Asta cries out to his comrades. Suddenly a Black Hole appears above them created by Valtos Spatial Magic transporting all the Magic Knights into the Top Floor,which is his first step in atoning for his Sins as a Member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Rades calls out to Asta,who has just reunited with Noelle and the others,that he does whatever he wants and feels like with Asta responding that they really didn't do anything here. Which is hilarious because it's the truth,but i guess Valtos deserves credit for saving their skin. Meanwhile Patri looking on at the scene transpiring thinks to himself that it isn't over yet as there is still something he has to do,an image of William Vengeance appears in his head hinting that he might be thinking of returning his body and have him reassume his post as Magic Knight Captain. Suddenly a Slash and Thorns are tearing through the ground below them revealing Yami,Charla,Gueldre and Revchi. Yami reveals that the presence he sensed was the camouflaged Gueldre and Revchi but that even his Magic can't conceal his Ki from him,it was a lucky coincidence since their Magics were conveniently useful to break through the other World Mass. Looking on,Lumiere shows relief as with all these kinds of different Magics and people his Kingdom really is in good hands and as he says so we see Secre look on in her usual gloomy manner while the Magic Knights bicker amongst themselves again. Asta announces that most importantly,before arguing or doing anything else,they should try and get out of the Shadow Palace now before the Mass swallows them for good. The Chapter ends with the Magic Knights and remaining Elves making for the Gate...

Personal Thoughts

This Chapter was really nice, 9/10 , the Devil has been defeated and we got to see Asta's Devil interact with him too. Now i'm not too sure why his Identity should remain a secret to a fellow Devil especially since he was about to die but this is probably because the Anti Magic Devil will have further relevance and meaning in the story later on so i'm good with it. And the question as to what will happen to/with Lumiere has been answered as well i guess,since he is about to literally fall apart right about now. Perhaps Secre will remain as an Advisor and friend to Asta and the other Black Bulls? Since she wasn't sealed away but just transformed i thought,but maybe for some reason her "time" will have run out as well. It would be a fitting end i'd say,with the Devil gone their old Enemy is destroyed and the Elves as well as Lumiere and Secre can rest and find their peace together. Their Era comes to an end basically,now i'm looking forward to the next Chapter/s because i guess the conclusion of the arc is still a few Chapters ahead of us but the farewell from the Elves, Lumiere and the election of the next Magic Emperor should be interesting. Really curious who it'll be, most likely one between Fuegoleon,Nozel and Yami. Hoping for Fuegoleon although any of the 3 would deserve it.

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