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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (114)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 22, 2019 17:52

Dr. Stone - Chapter 114 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: As Science silently bores through Stone

A mild rustling is to be heard from within the tree branches and it turns out that it is Kohaku climbing down the Great Tree in order to investigate the Space Capsule Soyuz hidden at the foot of the Tree,she wants to investigate the treasure chest and if possible give some of the materials to Senkuu and Co. as soon as possible. As she approaches the Soyuz she imagines how much the Kingdom of Science will benefit from it's contents,all their friends will be revived and they'll be able to launch their counter attack against the Great Leader and his Warriors. However,as she tries to open the Capsule she is shocked to see that the metallic outer shell just crumbled away upon touch,proving that even with Modern Day Know How the Shell was not able to stand the test of time. Kohaku's concern shifts onto the minerals because if the Capsule is in this shape then what about it's contents? She breaks more parts of the shell open and is surprised to see that the contents have been protected by another shell made up of a concrete ball out of cement. She seemingly conveyed these news to Senkuu's Team as he and Gen question why and what purpose this other shell would serve,the Scientist lets us know that this was the most cheapest and best way to ensure the minerals would be protected for many years to come. Kohaku remembers that the record from Byakuya and his crew was preserved in the same manner and that she was able to force it open with brute strength at the time but since this is an undercover mission she'd rather avoid it here.

If she was to break the shell open here and now in the middle of the night the noise would alarm the Guards around Oarashi and sooner or later the Elite Warriors as well,she can't take this risk,Kohaku laments that she can't do as she pleases now that the Soyuz is right in front of her with which she could save the entire Kingdom of Science and Humanity as a whole. Back at the Cave our Science Team thinks about a way to get to the contents without causing too much or any noise at all,with Soyuz and Suika doubting that there is an option like that we see Senkuu thinking that all they'd need would be a "Silent Bomb" which is ridiculed by Gen as he questions if such a device even exists. To everyone's surprise Silent Bombs do exist according to Senkuu as he strikes one of Suika's poses,Gen is in utter disbelief as he can't imagine anyone would invent something like that and just call it a Silent Bomb. The Scientist sets him straight once more as he educates us that Silent Bombs do exist but their actual name would be "Static Crushers",it was used in residential areas to break open concrete without disrupting the Citizens with scary noises or the like. He mixes 2 test tubes with Green Liquid and White powder in them together to create Plaster!, he continues to send 3 Science Mouse's to Kohaku carrying the necessary materials to break open the Shell without any noise. In order to provide cover for her once more we see Amaryllis perform a "Miracle Dance" for the Warriors inside the Palace. Naturally,she succeeds and even Ginro helps.

Meanwhile Kohaku received her "tools" to open the shell,she has been provided with several test tubes containing the Green Liquid and White powder to create Plaster. But Senkuu also had a hand drill delivered to her for her to drill deep but small holes all over the shell, he's making use of the Lioness Kohaku's strength here which she takes offense with but she can't lose it here since he can't hear her anyway and the soldiers would notice. Oarashi starts to suspect something as he seems to notice faint scrapping noises from the Great Leader's Tree branches,Amaryllis notices this as well but to everybody's surprise Ginro saves the day as he took a spear to hit the floor with it to create a counter noise confusing the Soldiers. As Oarashi tries to take the Spear back our "savior" claims that he can do a Spear Dance and needs it for that,Amaryllis is worried because unless he can do a Spear Dance it's all over here and now and we are once more surprised because Ginro can actually pull of something alike of a Spear Dance wowing the Soldiers. He makes sure to hit the floor with each move so Kohaku can drill as she pleases but he also makes it look very skilled which impresses even Amaryllis who wonders how he learned that,now it get's funny,Ginro puts on a dead serious face and claims that everytime he neglected his guard duties he was practising Cool Spear Moves even though he'd never use them in battle.

Down at the Soyuz we see Senkuu telling Kohaku to insert all test tubes with the Green Liquid into the holes she drilled and use the White Powder,revealed to be Calcium Sulfate on some of the Shells lying around and then put them on top of the test tubes. As he tries to explain what is about to happen he cuts off saying she won't need the explanation right now,which Kohaku confirms because she wouldn't understand it anyway. She continues by smashing the shells onto the test tubes resulting in them cracking and the substances mixing,with the plaster formed and having nowhere to go inside that tiny hole it will try and expand more and more ultimately surpassing a power of 300kg forcing the shell to crack and burst open from the inside. Kohaku inserted the tubes around noon,so she returned around evening again to check and was surprised to see that the surface of the shell had actual and expanding cracks in it. Silent Bomb aquired! As the moon shines onto the Soyuz and the cracks keep widening we see a brief flashback to the recording left behind by Byakuya Ishigami, the minerals inside the Soyuz are the Crew's gift and legacy to Humanity. Their Gold,Diamonds and Platinum will be there,ready for the taking because it will be Senkuu to free the World of it's petrification.

Senkuu thinks about his fathers words and announces that while it may take a long road for them to achieve everything envisioned by his Father he will definitely do it some day. The same way as it takes the Plaster to burst through the shell,Science successfully and silently bore through Stone...

Personal Thought's
Interesting Chapter of Dr. Stone this week, 8/10, i admit when i first heard they are going to create a "Silent Bomb" to break open the shell i pictured some sort of complex device manufactured by Senkuu but i was glad to see it was "just" 2 chemical substances mixed together to break the shell from within it's mass which seems reasonable enough with their Science Lab close by and the tools and materials they brought along for me. The Dance Distraction was funny and worked well in their favor,but now i'm curious about the contents of the Treasure Chest because due to the shell crumbling after Kohaku touching it it appears like the Leader either hasn't found it yet himself or he doesn't know about it in the first place. Either way i'm still wondering if Kohaku has not been under surveillance of either Kirisame or Mozu,since neither has a reason to trust her and the latter explicitly stating that he won't forgive her if she messes around with the Leader,the Harem and the Palace. Seems logical that he would watch her or have someone check on her,but we'll see if that's the case once the shell crumbles entirely and the materials come forth from within. If anyone appears behind Kohaku all of a sudden then it should be when she feels closest to "Mission accomplished!". In my opinion at least,till next time everybody!

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