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Ripping Off Ideas - Biggest Form of Flattery?

+ posted by njt in Anime News on Sep 12, 2009 09:53
Japanese 2ch has been scrutinizing China a lot lately. Two weeks ago, 2ch exposed a Chinese anime ripping off the anime 5 Centimeters Per Second.

Today, 2ch links us to recordchina.co.jp and talks about how it doesn't stop there. Before the new Chinese anime 恐竜宝貝 (Kyouryuu Houkai) has even aired, 2ch has already seen instances of it ripping off a few anime. Naruto and Digimon just to name a few. Observe:

Apparently, since September 1st of 2006, China has banned the broadcasting of international anime and because the quality of China's animation is so bad they had trouble getting viewers, they were left with no other choice than to "copy" ideas from other animes.

Can someone that lives in China explain to me why broadcasting Japanese anime would be a bad thing?

Images of them ripping off 5 Centimeters per second:

And for kicks, their version of Disneyland :p

and their version of NicoNico Douga

Yea-h China sure has been busy... ^^;

Sankaku complex has more info on this here

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#1. by Charkan ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
I read elsewhere that confirms that the Chinese government has banned Japanese anime because of foreign influence.

Should be a trail to create these copies because the people there demand that kind of fun.
#2. by TeAm#7FoReVer ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
OMG, the version of Sasuke is horrible as well as the other ones. They even put a little effort of making better the characters. The settings are a real copy-paste. How lack of creativity.
#3. by Millo ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
If it would only be copy and paste. They copy nearly everything, but their copies are always inferior. And most of the time they only change the name slightly.

One of their recent copies is the gaming console Vii^^
#4. by chison ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
i think what c.goverment trying on the fake disneXland ,is to hold in people and the money flow,so no body get "foreign influence".
there are too many restriction about lot of little thing i don't see they can use make their own quality yet

although i am interesting in the effect they get with other country
,still ,because goverment behind all this is not something a small human cound do
#5. by Teii ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
This isn't anything new: China has blantantly ripped off Crayola Shin-chan, Ghibli as well, and I'm pretty sure that's not all of it.

Though I did recall seeing Doraemon in China back in 2004. Guess even that wasn't good for the censors either, a robotic flying blue cat.
#6. by Searss ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
As a Chinese, i think most of what the chinese government do is bullshyt...ahh well they are just embarrasing themself.
#7. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
People should know that the more that is repressed, the more that people who know of it want it and could start a revolution for it. (I actually remember an entire article this week about the Beatles' influence in Russia where they were forbidden to be listen to for their popular period) We're in a world where things can transfer regardless so the Chinese should just open themselves so they can adapt and learn from others, including their neighbor archipelago across the sea.
#8. by chison ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
i don't think chinese repress strong enough for people to make a revolution,just annoying a load lot of people...
#9. by MXO ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Well.as a Chinese,I feel disgusting!!
WTH?! Goverment banned foreign animes,but to copy them,that is a ridiculous idea.Shame about that...And damn you CCTV
#10. by Amida ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Hmmm...2 years ago I was in China. Didn't watch any anime on TV since I didn't own one there, but there were a lot of manga magazines being sold. I wonder if that's banned now too...
#11. by Eternia ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
How shameful...
Please die chinese animator....
#12. by lulushuu ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
fault of imagination
#13. by Rikudou King ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Wow, That's... pathetic. I mean I can see how coming up with something complete original would be nearly impossible, But to just copy like that? Just sad.
#14. by waterbaby12us ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
God, I'm glad I don't live in China! I mean, what's the point of banning it, then compying from the same people?
#15. by Atani ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
The shots w/the girls made me laugh. The Chinese version made the skirts longer. Lame.
#16. by TitaniumChloride ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
China had been copying Japanese designs for decades. I still remember the disticntly familliar Doraemon like logo on my kiddie slippers...

Frankly, I have a sneaking suspicion that China's copycat habits extend beyond it's entertainment sector. It seems like most of the shops around South-East Asia that claim to sell Japanese products are actually China's reproductions.

Bloody China.
#17. by Nehszriah ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Funny thing is, you don't hear much about the Japaneses' borrowing of foreign ideas and cultural tidbits throughout the years as much as you hear about China ripping people off. Yeah China, you should probably lay off and allow actual anime to air in your country and all that jazz, but I think the rest of us as otaku/nerds kind of forget that Tezuka based his original drawings on Disney's Mickey Mouse and many parts of Japanese culture from Buddhism to traditional architecture came from the mainland. Yeah, it was tweaked to make it more Japanese... but it still was imported and ripped off for the government's benefit.
#18. by Sadaharu ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Haiz... When will this situation in China ever improve? It kind of makes me feel ashamed...
#19. by h6860221 ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
The Japanese copied the Chinese characters, why not say so?
#20. by h6860221 ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
These two animations, in China, has also been strong criticism.
#21. by Fallen. ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!! IT WREAKS OF IT!Even their disney land is fail, blow it up!
#22. by Snowolf ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
#23. by karasuownsyou ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
This is quite hard to believe that a whole nation would do this. It's pathetic and sad to see the likely-ness be pretty much exact with some changes.
#24. by juUnior ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
#26. by student_sol ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
I know nobody would believe me when I say this but many years ago

(probably before most of you were born) Japan too was notorious for copying...

But at least they produced a 'better' product with additional features

compared to what they were copying... the foreign companies would

develop something original, only to be driven mad by Japanese who

copied it but made it better.....

The Chinese will start producing their own work too someday.

(I'm referring to those copycat companies, of course there are

honest companies in China too)

But god knows when...
#27. by Raichu ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Haha this is so true,last month I've been to China and I've seen a few Chinese cartoon on the TV and the quality sucks ass,it's fully Flash made and ew.I don't even know why it's so popular,it got even merchandises that sells well...There's only two DECENT cartoon that I watch in China without being a copycat,and one of them is quite old(2000) and the other one is a joint with Japan...so....

They even sell stickers/keychains of popular anime characters with FANART(you got that kay?)/anime pictures(art that can be googled with),definitely illegal.since the price is really cheap and it doesn't look like they paid the Original creator.

It's not really surprising since they also ban any other websites like Youtube,Veoh,Niconico Douga and etc.(Cause I tried going on these websites when I was in China and the loading doesn't work or "Can't find page")

But the people of China are so prideful about themselves and their history,like...INSANE PRIDE.
#28. by ruggia ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
wow.... its almost like looking at a parody :D

well, its China. you can't really expect china to NOT copy anything.
#29. by theWorldAsISeeIt ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Being inspired by something and completely stealing an articulation of someone else are two different things.

Completing stealing another person's articulation is an intellectual crime and should be treated as such.
#30. by Doragon ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
LOL @ morons flipping off China. I hate to burst your bubbles, but as Nehszriah said, Japan also copied ideas from China throughout the years. Everyone shouldn't be saying anything about this, nor should I, though it's just too ironic to ignore. Well, at least a couple of people here actually remember their history lessons.
#31. by h6860221 ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2009
In China, the animation is a symbol of childish, animation is to give people under 5 years of age to see, and so it will not be taken seriously, you have ignorance, and to discuss other people do not attach importance to things.

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