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Readers Want More Slam Dunk

+ posted by Loserbait in Manga News on Sep 16, 2009 17:19

From the 18th of August to the 21st of August, Oricon's Monitor Research division conducted an online survey where respondents were asked which concluded manga series they would like to see continued. The results have only recently been published. 1000 people participated in the survey, and it was evenly distributed; there were 125 each of males and females in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s.

The results are as follows:
  1. Slam Dunk
  2. Hana Yori Dango
  3. Dragonball
  4. Death Note
  5. Hikaru no Go
  6. Touch
  7. Itazura na Kiss
  8. Love Com
  9. Candy Candy
  10. Rurouni Kenshin
Some of the comments in regards to Slam Dunk were:
"I would be anxious to read a sequel to (what would be called) 'the conclusion of Part One'." - Male, 20s, Aichi prefecture.
"I want to read 'Another Story'." - Female, 40s, Kanagawa prefecture.

And those who wanted Hana Yori Dango:
"I would love to see what follows from the love-dovey story between Tsukushi and Doumyouji." - Female, teens, Saitama prefecture.
"It would be great to see the development of a family." - Male, 40s, Aichi prefecture.

And what were their thoughts on Dragonball?
"The new episodes give me an excitement that cannot be matched!" - Male, 40s, Shizuoka prefecture.


We'd love to hear what our readers think of the results!

Loserbait edit: Speaking of Rurouni Kenshin, VIZ Media recently announced that they will release the final volume of Kenshin (Volume 9) with extra goodies! From the website, expect "the bonus short story 'Yahiko no Sakabato-' and an additional, all-color short story which is being published in English for the very first time!"

The English adaption of Kenshin's final book will be released in stores on March 16, 2010.

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#1. by ibn. ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Slam Dunk would have been my choice too. I wouldn't mind Angel Densetsu or Double Arts continuing either.
#2. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Granted my perceptions of the whole Dragonball franchise is largely from the three anime series, but how many more new stronger universal menaces (that nobody could sense already despite them being that powerful) could they roll out for the group to fight until it quickly got repetitive? I'd also be curious to know how well it would be received, if I remember reading correctly that Dragonball GT tried to revisit the adventure/quest storyline of the original series though met with lukewarm results. Then they shifted to more of a Z-based fighting story and equally me with lukewarm results. I suppose they could always follow the kids.

Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favorites, though I wonder if they should leave well enough alone and not risk watering down the main series. Perhaps instead a Shinsen Gumi spin-off, Kenshin's hitokiri battosai days, or following Yahiko's later adventures.
#3. by r3born ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Slam Dunk can continue forever and I wouldn't mind at all.
#4. by ruggia ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Slam Dunk is definitely something that would be great for a sequel, but my favorite choice would be Rurouni Kenshin. it has so many potential to move into more storyline like showing Kenshin's past or even going into a sequel, showing Yahiko's life. i would love to see Kenshin get revived.

Hikaru no Go would be good too.

Dragonball and Death Note is just..... NO. Dragonball, as we all know, has enough sequels already, and Death Note, without L and Kira's rivalry, it is not that great.
#5. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
I persoanlly don't care much about the first two, Dragonball is an indisputable masterpice but it ended fine enough.

My number one is definitely Hikaru no Go! It just screams for a continuation, its like it has been left in the middle. Would be so great to have more of that...
Besides that, Death Note can basically continue indefinite, all chars are exchangeable, the constant is the note. And yes, I would also like to read more of that.

The only other Manga, not on the list, I have in mind right now is Black Cat.
#6. by joshua019 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Slam dunk wud be my choice the next wud be hiraku no go then Mx0
#7. by Amit ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
I personally would have voted for Mx0 or Pretty Face.
#8. by erik-the-red ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
I also would have chosen Slam Dunk. I felt it had a bit of an abrupt ending, as some of the characters introduced in the last arc didn't get their backstories revealed.

I definitely feel that neither Dragonball nor Rurouni Kenshin warrants continuation. In my opinion, both should've ended much earlier than they did.
#9. by g1alpha ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Mx0... that and black cat
#10. by hmmmokaythen ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Hikaru no Go definitely deserves to be continued. Also, Mx0 was cut short in a truely ridiculous fashion.

Oh, and Death Note, while good should be left as it is. Dragonball and Kenshin are also played out.
#11. by sarydactl ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
I also would like to see Hikaru no Go get...maybe, satisfactorily finished? A short story would cover it! But the ending...even as a writer who likes dramatic twists... ; v; "
#12. by lucipher701 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
The only two on the list that i've read are dragonball and death note, both of which ended just fine. Continuations of these just wouldn't feel right.

One series that comes to mind for a continuation however is yu yu hakusho, it would be nice to see how urameshi comes along in a future demon tournament, aswell as the love story between him and yukimura.
#13. by din_84 ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
i wonder they will respond to this survey. it will be great if slam dunk and hikaru no go continue. they haven't conquer their mission yet.
#14. by lulushuu ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
I'm reading touch and hikaru no go, very exciting and fun
#15. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Yahiko!!! He's stronger than Kenshin! And with his uber sword-catching techniques, no one can stop him!

It'd be very hard to continue Kenshin. Watatsuki Nobuhiro's already working on Embalming, and how much love is Embalming getting? Huh!? For shame, fans!
#16. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
I would have also liked to see Mx0 find a place on the list as well, though I wonder in an instance like that where a series did a very quick wrap up how the mangaka would start back up? It would be interesting to see something like a "remember those last 10 chapters, ignore those, this is how I would have done it."
#17. by Sarvorva ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
hahahaha slam dunk is the best...
#18. by Valkrezy ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
For me #1Slam Dunk #2 Hikaru no Go. HYD, DN and Dragonball is already concluded. Slam Dunk ending has been haunting me for 15yrs of my life, and by the way I am only 21... I really can't let go of the series, because I really want to know the future of the characters. Hikaru No Go is another one that haunt me, because of the anime too. In the anime they didn't release the remaining few volume that left me kinda bitter about anime production. I would really want more of Hikaru no Go too. But Slam Dunk is a must :( really left a deep memory to most of the ones that have read it.
#19. by waterbaby12us ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Nice list! Slam Dunk is definitely one series I would love to see continued! It's one of the best manga ever, the characterisation and the game were all really nicely done. It would definitely be interesting to see all the characters again....
#20. by Keiko13 ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Yeah, Slam Dunk ended quite dull D: Not to my expextations....Then Hikaru no Go. HYD could get a extra volume, but no more dramas (please!). DB and Kenshin ended fine, DN reached a conclusion (not to my liking thoug T-T).
#21. by Luruchigo ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
My number 1 is definetely Dragonball. It would be so awesome if Akira had continued the Story after Z.
#22. by marlerran ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2009
1 vote here for slamdunk!

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