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Issue : Let's be SQUARE!

+ posted by Nami in Site News on Nov 7, 2007 15:42

Something different in our Monthly Featured Manga! If you've been following the sudden releases of many "Chapter 1" series in the RTS threads during the 1st week of November, you'd have noticed they all come from the launch of a new JUMP magazine, called JUMP SQUARE (or JUMP SQ, for short).

If you haven't heard of JUMP SQ before, start by visiting our official JUMP SQ thread which has documented all the hype and advertising for the magazine since it was first announced. Basically, JUMP SQ is a monthly magazine aimed at the shounen genre, but its strength is a huge variety that's sure to appeal to many different people.

Here's a run-down of the features of the first issue!

Embalming –The Another Tale of Frankenstein- by Watsuki Nobuhiro
This series follows from two successful one-shot stories printed in the special magazine, JUMP the Revolution, in 2005 and 2006. It brings the tale of Frankenstein's monster to manga! Watsuki Nobuhiro is the author of long-time favourite series like Rurouni Kenshin and Busou Renkin. Come discuss this new series further in the Embalming thread!

HELLO BABY by Morita Masanori (story) and Obata Takeshi (art)
This is a one-shot collaboration work by two long-time friends and mangaka. The story is about Kinya, who is on the run from the Japanese mafia, after a failed murder attempt on the yakuza boss. Together with him are his brother, Takuzou and his girlfriend, Aya. But, things are not as simple when they have some… extra baggage along. Morita Masanori is a long-time JUMP mangaka whose previous works include ROOKIES and Beshari Kurashi. Obata Takeshi's artwork will be recognisable to all fans of Hikaru no Go and Death Note.

Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) by Asada Hiroyuki
This series has been running since October 2006 in Monthly Shounen JUMP, and two volumes of tankoubon have been released already. It now continues in the pages of JUMP SQ starting with Chapter 11. Tegami Bachi (or Letter Bees) are couriers that deliver important letters and packages throughout the land of eternal dusk, Amber Ground. Some may know of Asada Hiroyuki's work in his highly popular romance series, I'll. Join in the Tegami Bachi thread here!

Besides those mentioned above, there are many other series in JUMP SQ, such as gag (comedy) manga, manga based on video games, action, adventure and horror! There's even a shoujo-style love comedy hidden in there by the famous Kamio Youko of Hana Yori Dango and Cat Street. Don't forget to check out the RTS threads for series tagged with the [SQ] suffix. More info will be added later!

Enjoy discovering JUMP SQ!

Expansion! Good news for those who love sports. The Captain Tsubasa section had expanded! Remember to join in the intensive drills at the All Japan's Changing Room with fellow fans of this great soccer series. Have fun!

NEW SECTION! Ever heard of Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a series by Amano Akira and has been running in Shonen Jump for a while. This story is about how Sawada Tsunayoshi (aka Tsuna), a junior high school student, is visited by Reborn and told he's the next boss of the Vongola Family--one of the big mafia families in Italy. Reborn is the Vongola Family's #1 Hitman (despite the fact that he's not even one year old) and he's here to train Tsuna for the boss-ship. So, what is going to happen? Join in the training and fights that Tsuna goes through.

With a revival of interest in this series again by members of MH, Reborn has gotten it's own board here at the General Shonen Section! Remember to join in the fights discussion at the Vongola Ajito with the rest of the gang there too.

That's all for now folks. Stay tune for the Art Contest Winners!

* Jump Square article contributed by Kirimi.
*All images courtesy of www.s-manga.net and are copyrights of Watsuki Nobuhiro, Obata Takeshi, Morita Masayori, Asada Hiroyuki, and Shueisha, Inc.

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#1. by woof ()
Posted on Nov 7, 2007
awesome :)
#2. by Absolutio ()
Posted on Nov 7, 2007
That's great.. I've just started getting into this manga, and now there's a special board for it. Awesome! xD
#3. by Slashout ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2007
Thanks for the annoucement on Reborn :D. I hope more people will try this manga, wich is AWESOME ! The first arc is just peaceful daily stuff. But things get soooo good starting arc 2. That it's now one of my favorite manga.
#4. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2007
#5. by bunshindattebayo ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2007
Thx for the Reborn announcement.
#6. by  ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2007
Will Hello Baby be a normal manga series (not just a oneshot) in the future? I mean, I know the series in Jump first release a One-Shot and some time later they start publishing the series, so I'm interested in Hello Baby. Since I don't have any translations, I don't know what exactly the story tells and I can't know if the final makes obvious a future series or something, so don't blame at me if that's the case :P Thanks ;)
#7. by DemonDays ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2007
Cheers. Ive been wondering what all these new manga kicking about were like. Not that I have time to pick up a new series...but still.
#8. by Reflection_Jin ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2007
Oh....! Surprise! Kateko Reborn.... Umm. I herad of it. But I've never been read it yet. Well, I heard that Jump SQ putted a work of Yoko Kamio(an author of Hana yori otoko). It is a intereting event. I think it is never been happend that shoujo mangaka put an work in a shonen manga megazine.
#9. by RiotGrrrl ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2007
"Hello Baby" sounds and looks really interesting. I hope someone decides to release it. :p
#10. by Hollow Kurono ()
Posted on Nov 10, 2007
"Hello Baby" sounds preety good and its by the "Death Note" creaters,def gonna take a shot at it.
#11. by bigtymer32 ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2007
some of those series sound pretty cool i'm check them out
#12. by Zwivix ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2007
Oh thats cool, I'll also check it out seems like its gonna be good.

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