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Animanga in the News: 5/10/11

+ posted by saladesu in Anime/Manga News on May 10, 2011 16:43
Here you will find a run down of today's anime and manga news! If anything sent waves through the anime and manga world today, you'll find it in this post! By the way, I'm saladesu, one of the translators and global moderators of MH, and I'll be posting a post like this every day (as much as possible, anyway). Look forward to them ;)

Poll: Which Manga is Why You Buy Shonen Jump

One Piece, Kochikame, Naruto, Bleach, Gintama, Bakuman. top list.

From March 23 to March 26, the Japanese portal site Goo asked its users the following question: "Which manga is the reason you buy Weekly Shonen Jump?" (comparative score in brackets)
  1. One Piece (100)
  2. Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo (72.0)
  3. Naruto (52.0)
  4. Bleach (40.0)
  5. Gintama (32.0)
  6. Bakuman. (32.0)
  7. Toriko (26.0)
  8. Hunter X Hunter (26.0)
  9. Reborn! (22.0)
  10. Nurarihyon no Mago (22.0)
  11. Sket Dance (18.0)
  12. Kuroko no Basuke (16.0)
  13. Beelzebub (14.0)
  14. Enigma (14.0)
  15. Inumarudashi— (8.0)
  16. Medaka Box (6.0)
  17. Hokenshitsu no Shinigami (6.0)
  18. Sengoku Armors (6.0)
  19. Oumagadoki Zoo (4.0)
  20. Dois Sol (2.0)

original source

FMA Movie-goers to Receive Volume 11.5

Various other freebies including school calendars, signboards and memorial stamps.

The Fullmetal Alchemist movie "Milos no Sei naru Hoshi" opens on the 2nd of July. All movie-goers will receive a copy of "Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 11.5 ~Before the Journey~" on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In "~Before the Journey~", Arakawa Hiromu included various new side-stories. Tickets for "Milos no Sei naru Hoshi" area already on-sale all over Japan. In addition to "~Before the Journey~", a limited number of an original school calendar including 13 illustrations from Arakawa will also be given out. Plus, those who bring along a copy of the 27th volume of "Fullmetal Alchemist" when they order their movie tickets in advance will also receive a special signboard from Arakawa, and get a special "Hagaren Memorial Stamp" designed by Arakawa on the "Memorial Stamp Page" that was included in the volume.

original source


Tezuka Manga Donated to Quake Victims

Takarazuka City, where Tezuka spent his youth, donated Tezuka's manga to children in Iwate and Fukushima.

On the 10th of May, Tezuka Productions (Tokyo), which manages the copyrights for mangaka Tezuka Osamu's works, donated 870 volumes from 30 manga by Tezuka, including "Phoenix" and "Black Jack", to Takarazuka City in Hyogo Prefecture to be distributed to the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake.

Takarazuka City was where Tezuka spent his youth, and there is even a memorial hall in Tezuka's name within the city. 920 volumes were sent out in late April, and from them 870 volumes that were more suitable for children were selected. These 870 volumes were divided into half and each half went to Oofunato City in Iwate and Sukagwa City in Fukushima.

Takarazuka City wishes for these manga to be put in the libraries of the recipient city's elementary schools. The person-in-charge said, "We experienced the Great Hanshin Earthquake ourselves, so we can imagine the uneasiness the children must be going through. We want them to be able to enjoy themselves through reading Tezuka's manga."

original source


40th Japan Mangaka Association Prize Winners Announced

Kusaki Riki's "Helpman!" and Uno Kamakiri's "Rakugaki" win.

The winners of the 40th Japan Mangaka Association Prize have been announced. The grand prize went to Kusaka Riki (52) with "Helpman!" (Kodansha) and Uno Kamakiri (65) with "Rakugaki". They each receive ¥500,000 as prize money. In addition, the Special Prize went to the manga industry in Aichi that handles the "Manga Koushien" and others, while the Head of House of Councillors Prize went to Saibara Rieko (46) with "Mainichi Kaa-san" (Mainichi Shinbun), and the Minister of Education Prize went to Hagio Moto (61) for all his works.

original source


If you would like to help in finding and translating news of this nature, please contact saladesu via PM ^^ Feel free to PM me any interesting bits of anime or manga news you find floating around the internet, too.

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#1. by DaDarkDude ()
Posted on May 10, 2011
Very nice!
#2. by Asahina ()
Posted on May 10, 2011
One Piece...? You gotta be kidding me.
The people of Japan are weird!!!
#3. by wulfy ()
Posted on May 11, 2011
from da usual rankings i thought khr will be somewhere in da two digits O .o
but i was wrong XD (by a little.. since it got 9th place)

my second favorite (in shounen jump) is in rank 19th......

and i thought hunterxhunter is looooong gone O .o
it's back again?
or is ppl buying it just to see if it's back O .o
im confuzed XD
#4. by Googlez_kun (MH's Best Artist)
Posted on May 11, 2011
I guess some people only puy WSJ when HxH is in it
#5. by madara555 ()
Posted on May 12, 2011
Yeah I am just buying when hunter x hunter is in
#6. by miotara ()
Posted on May 14, 2011
Hey, speaking of hunter x hunter, have you noticed that a character of every manga on the list is present (if I'm not mistaken) on that shonen jump cover from the image above, save for HxH?

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