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Fansubs and Industry Panel @ Otakon 2008

+ posted by Reactive in Anime News on Aug 21, 2008 08:50
From ANN:

At Otakon 2008, a new sort of industry panel took place. Attempting to bridge the gap between the American anime industry and the fansubbers that are increasingly overtaking them as the means fans use to get their anime, the panel hosted several prominent fansubbers (under their IRC pseudonyms) from groups LivEEviL (YaoiBoy), Shinsen Subs (GetFresh) and Dattebayo (Hisshouburaiken and Interactii), along with Funimation’s Lance Heiskell, Media Blaster’s John Sirabella and MB production guru Sean Molyneaux. The panel was hosted by Ken Hoinsky from the new translation company MX Media.

Click the image to see the video

As you may have noticed, weekly translator HisshouBuraiKen makes a big appearance in this video, flesh'n'bones, so if only to put a face to the weekly translator check it out!

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#1. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2008
Do I really sound like that? Gah.
#2. by kadoman (Itachi's Hat Maker)
Posted on Aug 21, 2008
Thanks for sharing that video, very interesting - and enlightening - Hisshou, I didn't know that's how you pronounced your name.^^
#3. by Goji ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2008
Wow, can't believe I actually watched the entire video! It's interesting to hear both sides about the fansub-problem, which I didn't even know was such a 'big' problem to begin with. But I still refuse to believe that fansubs influence dvd sales that much... I think you're doing a great job Hisshou! Dattebayo fansubs wouldn't be the same without your superior translations. ^_^
#4. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2008
Very interesting video, it was great to get input from both sides.
Fansubbers and official companies should work together, somehow, some way. I guess the big problem is that when a handful agrees to help, there's always going to be those others who think that business, no matter how great it's trying to be, is inherently evil.
(Personally, I'd like to see groups merge with companies, sub shows for that company up until official releases, and then remove the files after said releases... Though that would probably be impossible, since the Japanese companies would have to get onboard)
Good job Hisshou, that must have been fun and nerve wracking at the same time
#5. by Bastille ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2008
Squirrel, one small issue with that. Removing the files after they've been released is kind of impossible since while they may not exist on the site anymore, they would still exist everywhere on the internet.
#6. by manu ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2008
Awesome Travis Touchdown Hisshou. glad to hear some members in Dattebayo are getting work, hope somebody has been paying for your translations.
#7. by bigtymer32 ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2008
wow it was good to hear both sides on the issues.they can't blame fan subb just like tv and music can't blame anyone else all they can do is blame is the big boom of the internet.
#8. by fxu ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2008
*bookmarks link*

I'll be watching it tomorrow :]
#9. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2008
Yeah, that's the problem lol. Didn't Disney once make files which auto deleted after a certain amount of time? XD
#10. by freaky2 ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2008
I first started watching just to see Hisshou (who is kind of a demi-god to me because of his translations of FMA) but I watched it whole because it's a topic worth a good debate, and it's good to know more points of view. Anyway, you keep up the good work, it will be sorted out eventually... when "the industry" starts charging for products that are actually better than the fansubbed ones... xD
#11. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2008
Very informative. thanks for this.
Will they be doing this again next year?
#12. by Leecher ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2008
Great discussion panel, very interesting, but what is with the glove HBK?
#13. by beta ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2008
thanks for sharing, i watched the whole video even when i have test next thing tomorrow.

the Americanize thing is so true, nobody likes it. They even doing it in manga industry. One more thing is that not all ppl have the luxury to buy every DVD for every anime they watch, some of us only buy DVD for anime that we truly love just for the pleasure of owning the real legal stuff and for some of us who live outside america we even have to deal with currency exchange.
#14. by geassman ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2008
#15. by zidane ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2008
Nice Show, it was really interesting to watch it...
#16. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2008
Yeah - like I said, I don't mind some things being changed slightly when they're untranslatable. This especially applies with puns or rhymes (see: Eight Tails). However, there's no need to change stuff like food, names, geography, etc. I also think there should be different rules for dubs vs subs in that aspect as well - dubs should have less japanese (mainly because all of them sound really bad when they say japanese words.)

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