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Mangahelpers Weekly Featured Manga

+ posted by Kaiten in Shout-Outs on Feb 22, 2012 22:07

By: Suetsugu Yuki
Genre: Coming of Age
Serialized In: Be Love
Publisher: Kodansha
Status: 15 Volumes, Ongoing

All her life, Chihaya's dream was to see her model sister become Japan's best... That is, until a quiet, unassuming transfer student named Arata tells her otherwise. A dream, he explains to her, is something she needs to work at herself.

Arata plays a competitive version of a traditional Japanese card game--known as Hyakunin Isshu--in a way Chihaya has never seen before. After taking Arata's place in a game, Chihaya discovers she has a passion for it. Now Chihaya wants to become number one in the world, the Queen of Karuta.

Winner of the 2009 Manga Taishou Award and 2011 Kodansha Award Winner in the Shoujo Category.

All Images Copyright © 2007 Suetsugu Yuki

By: Furuya Usamaru
Genre: Alternative
Serialized In: Garo, Comic Cue, Manga Erotics F
Publisher: East Press
Status: 1 Volume, Ongoing

A collection of Furuya Usamaru (Teiichi no Kuni, Genkaku Picasso, Music of Marie) one shots originally published in the alternative manga magazines Garo, Comic Cue, and Manga Erotics F.

Contains Nudity and Mature Themes

All Images Copyright © 2000 Furuya Usamaru

Feng Shen Ji
Art By: Tang Chi Fai
Written By: Zheng Jian He
Genre: Historical Action
Status: 38 Volumes, Complete

The Great Shang dynasty has been in power for many years but the Gods' find fault with the new emperor. Instead of submit to their will at the expense of his people, the Emperor resolves to throw off the Gods' yolk and free humanity. However, not only the Gods but a rival, the young Zhou who submits to the Gods' will for his own purposes will face him!

All Images Copyright © 2010 Tang Chi Fai and Zheng Jian He

Dainana Joshikai Houkou
By: Tsubana
Genre: Comedy
Serialized In: Comic Ryu
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Status: 4 Volumes, Ongoing

Takagi and Kanemura are two normal high school students in a near-future Japan where many things are different but taken in stride. Technology has evolved to the point where items like face-blurring necklaces, sleep-control devices, and Willy Wonkaish meal-flavored gum are treated as fads. New services also dot the landscape, such as businesses that can help you reclaim memories and places that can upload dead people to the internet to continue living their lives in virtual reality. The two girls also treat encounters with androids, strange monsters, and aliens as somewhat normal occurences. Dainana Joshikai Houkou is a fantastical slice of futuristic life that proves that while society can change, people seem to stay the same.

All Images Copyright © 2008 Tsubana

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Kaskuli_Kapak, Tiranofrome, SwR, speedtomy8, JinHea, phio_chan

#1. by phio_chan ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2012
Chihayafuru is a lovely series. I have been planning to check its manga but I can't do it yet so far. I followed the anime, though, and I heard that the anime follows the manga quite much, so that means that the manga is awesome too. Great art, and plot delivery that even a standard and seem-to-be-boring karuta (card) game could be so interesting. Definitely worth the try.
#2. by Josef ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2012
Damn, those Manhwa or on a whole other level of artistic sense, I only wish I can find the time to get more into those kind of series, Many hidden gems will await me.
#3. by JinHea ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2012
Thanks for featuring Chihayafuru! I love both the anime and the manga!

I'll work hard to catch up to the anime! (though that doesn't seem likely anytime soon since uni's starting... but I'll try my best!)
#4. by Kaiten ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2012
Thanks for translating! Chihaya is one of my favorite manga, having new chapters to look forward to has been amazing.
#5. by rajin ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2012
every series is interesting . want to read them all.

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