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Vegeta's Brother in Dragonball Short

+ posted by c_k in Anime News on Oct 1, 2008 05:25
Zepy from Canned Dogs reports that the new Dragonball 35 minute anime short, completely written by Akira Toriyama which will be shown at the Jump Super Anime Tour, will have Vegeta’s younger brother and will take place two years after Majin Buu was defeated.

Could this be what his brother looks like? I found this picture on Toonzone, but people were doubting its authenticity.

Source(s): Muhyojo via Canned Dogs | Toonzone

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Tarble (could be Table but meh :p) http://centakume.info/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/2008-09-15_00003.jpg this site seems to think Tarble :p


First pic:
Vegeta's younger brother, Tarble will appear!

Second pic:

Tarble why are you here?!


#2. by Se3D03 ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Cool, can't wait to see it.

I miss Dragonball!!!
#3. by Waeyen ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Vegeta's Brother?
What a Story.

But anyway can`t wait for it ^^

P.s. But we musst wait to the DVD Realeas -.-

P.s.s. I scanned a Page from WSj #41

#4. by Hollow Kurono ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Heeeeell yeah,Vegeta has a brother!!Unbelievable!!Cant wait for this!!

And why is Vegeta wearin those old clothes of his?
#5. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Wow ! Vegata Brother !!!
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Oh, that's really kewl! :D

Akira Toriyama is so FTW!

Btw, you've written his name wrong, c_k ...
#7. by bandana_kun ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
soo awesome ><

i cant find the right words ^-^
#8. by The Adamant Dragon ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
eh. Glad Akira decided to give more attention to Vegeta's story.

I wish DBZ never stopped, definitly One of The best anime ever.
#9. by Crayola ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
ahhh DBZ, why does Tarble look like mini Teen GOhan
#10. by bittman ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Hopefully this will remind people about their roots...

...and how far we've come. On that note, I expect this to be terrible and nostalgia at best.
#11. by THE KING ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Wow, this is sure gonna be something.
Even if at a time I did kind of got fed up with dbz, but this will surely be refreshing.
#12. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Wow, i can see everyone's much beloved (read worshipped blindly without recourse for how bland it is) series is obviously going to be much improved by this one off animation, and in no way is a terrible idea i don't see being executed well.

as for the suspect nature of the second image, the only unusual element is that the vegeta art looks like it's come from somewhere else. or just looks the same as so much other art, but soemthings up with it. especially the shading. nto sure why
#13. by YamazakiSusumu ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Looks like his name is "Taaburu." I'm trying to figure out if that's supposed to sound like a vegetable... It could be 'taproot' since burdock, radish, and carrot are all in the taproot family (ahem... Bardock, Raditz, Kakarot).
#14. by Jenovah ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Logically this doesn't work...but then again when was DBZ ever logical.

No matter I'm excited anyways.
#15. by nat ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Let me guess, his name is Uchiha Sasuke?!
It is strange how they are stretching the show, it fell with BD:GT, why revive it?
#16. by Blabble ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
What the shit? I didn't know Vegeta had a brother... But how the hell did he survive the planet's destruction? Although I'm excited to see this 35 minute short, I would rather rather see more of Raditz and Nappa instead.

#17. by Zarion ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Akira Toriyama had no part in DBGT.
Anyways I look forward to see Vegeta's lil bro.
Wonder if he will turn into a super saiyan as well
#18. by YamazakiSusumu ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
The two round guys that look like Dodoria and seem to be Taaburu's friends or bodyguards are named Abo/Avo and Kado/Cado. Avocado! XDDD
#19. by Zarion ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
does anyone know when it will air? I now it's going to be at the jump super anime tour but when?
#20. by Hollow Kurono ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
Yeah,yeah,I would like to know the same :)

Man Im so happy hes back,I mean Akira,Im happys hes still alive.

Loox like Tarble is preety I dont know kind,I mean look at his friend,he loox like a freakin Pokemon and Tarble seems a bit soft,well not weak,I mean not as cocky and grumpy as Vegeta.

Still my question is,if it takes 2 years after Majin Buu,why is Vegeta wearin is old clothers,I will understand it,if theres gonna be a reason,but you know watchin from here it could not convince me thats its real.

I so am gonna love this.
#21. by Shinic744 ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
woot!!!! really cool but, how can that be?! Vegeta has a younger brother and how did he escape freezers attack to the homeplanet?! btw was he born at that time?! that's more than strange but can't wait for it anyway ^^
#22. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
I don't know where else the Jump Super Anime Tour will go (besides the fact that it will go to 10 major cities), but the name of the anime short is called:

Ossu! Kaette Kita Son Gokuu to Nakama-tachi!!
Hey! Son Goku and Friends Return!!

The first showing of the short was on September 21, 2008 at the "Grand Cube Osaka" in Osaka, Japan.

If you want to be COMPLETELY SPOILED, then you can read a complete summary at Kanzentai. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Incidentally, the name of Vegeta's brother might be called "Table" afterall, from "vegetable" since two of the bad guys' name are "abo" and "kado" which is a pun on "avocado."
#23. by Kinmagan Gil ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
I dunno about this one. I'm sure Toriyama is done with this series.
#24. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Oct 1, 2008
If you're interested in the live action Dragon Ball movie, an unofficial movie trailer with NO SOUND was shown at the Brand Licensing Europe 2008, and someone used their camera phone to capture it. You can see it: here. Remember, the trailer has no sound, and will be officially released on October 17.
#25. by Riqu10elmE ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2008
I cant believe it!!!
I just cant!
This is because the Live Action film?

#26. by ~Shiki-Sama~ ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2008
hahaha.. shoot my head please.. vegeta's lil bro?? hahaha... this is cracking me up to bits!! AKWHKAWHKWHKAW..

but i'm expecting sumthing from this lil guy... hope he won't dissapoint!
#27. by Suzaku ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2008
"I dunno about this one. I'm sure Toriyama is done with this series."
Toriyama completed the manga a while back, but he's still not completely done with the series. He had a small amount of involvement with GT, and also made Neko Majin Z which starred a few DB characters.

More recently, he's been working as the creative supervisor and character designer for Dragon Ball Online, which is being set up as a sequel to the original Dragon Ball manga series, ignoring GT. This movie is a short special also following the Dragon Ball manga (not anime, hence not GT) written by Toriyama, which is why it's titled "Dragon Ball" and uses the manga logo instead of the "Dragon Ball Z" anime logo.
#28. by Meccamputechture ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2008
Oh man, Vegeta's bro looks like a proper wimp! Looking forward to more Dragonball. :D
#29. by Xenolord ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
no way that can be his brother thier home planet was destroyed (along with his father and mother) when goku was a baby so vegeta's brother whould have to be older or the same age as goku

i think the pic is just fanart

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