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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

One Piece 478

One Piece 478 "Luffy VS Luffy"

+ posted by big_p as translation on Nov 9, 2007 21:40 | Go to One Piece

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by kudou

Ch.478 "Luffy VS Luffy"

Odz: 3 people left!!!
Ussop: Gaaaah, he's coming!!!

Nami: It's impossible! It's inconceivable for us to defeat him! Against this monster with just the 3 of us...........!!
Ussop: I feel the same! We don't have a hand to hit him with!!
Moria: Kishishishishi...!!! Hurry and crush them! Odz!!
Zoro: Ussop!!
Ussop: Hmm!?
Zoro: I'll make an opening...!!
Ussop: ...nga? Of what!?

Ussop: Oooo!! I see!! Understood!!
Zoro: "Three Swords Style"...

Zoro: "Yaksha Crow"!!! (Yaksha = India's cannibalistic ogre, ghost, or demons that haunts the wilderness and devours travelers)
Odz: Hm!?

Odz: Whoa!!!

Nami: ........Wah!! He did it!! Did it work!?
Odz: My right arm again! Even though I've told them over and over....

Odz: that it won't work.
Zoro: .................!!!

Odz: You bastard!!!
Zoro: !!!
Zoro: Toragari!!! (Tiger Hunt)

Zoro: !!!
Nami: Zoro!!!

Ussop: Hey!! Look over here!!!

Odz: !!

Ussop: ..........!!
Odz: ............?
Odz: ...........? Something went in my mouth....

Ussop: ha..ha...ha...
Nami: .....What was it? Just now.....Ussop....!!
Ussop: ..........
Ussop: W.....we did it!!

Ussop: W...we made him eat salt!!!
Nami: Salt!? What about salt!?
Ussop: Oh, you don't know yet, do you?...... Salt is the zombie's weakness!!
Ussop: Look!! Odz is now finished!!! Luffy's shadow will come out!!!
Odz: Oh......

Odz: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ussop: Be purified! You monster zombie!!
Ussop: hm?
Ussop: !!?

Ussop: .........!!!?
Ussop: Why!? That's Moria's shadow.
Moria: Kishishishishi! I've guarded from the inside of the body! Idiot!

Ussop: Bhe!!
Nami: Ussop!!!
Moria: You've dropped something!!! Long nose.

Ussop: ...............!!!
Ussop: Ugh!
Ussop: Wah!! The salt!!! The last salt that Brook gathered!!!
Ussop: Damn!! .........!! Damn!!! That bastard making fun of me...............!!

Moria: Kishishishishi! Premature joy, you're such a naive person.....!! Did you really think I would not have set up a counter-measure for a weakness that I'm aware of!?
Ussop: ........!!
Ussop: Shit!!!

Odz: Stamp!!!

Ussop: !!?
Ussop: Uwaah!

Nami: Ah!!
Nami: Ussop!!!

Moria: Continue to stomp on him!!!
Nami: Stop it!!!
Nami: Stop it, please!!!
Moria: Kishishishishi!! Grind him into small pieces!!!

Moria: That woman there too!!
Nami: !?
Nami: !!!

Nami: Gyaaaa!!
Moria: Crush 'em, Crush 'em!! Crush anyone and everyone! Crush 'em!! Kishishishishi!! The guys that have fallen! They still have a little breath to them!! Don't even leave a trace of the human figure!!

???: Hey!! Big guy!!
Odz: !?
???: ...........
???: What exactly are you stomping on?

Odz: .............
Odz: ?
???: There's no one under your feet!
Nami: ...........
Ussop: ?
Oda: Who are you?

???: I'm Monkey!!! D!!! Luffy!!!
Nami: .....I'm saved
Ussop: I don't know who you are but I like to thank you for saving us from a dangerous.....

Nami: eh....!? L.....
Ussop: Luffy!?

Ussop: W...Where!? Speaking of similar, you do look kinda similar...but is it true? Is it you?
Luffy: Yeah, it's me!!
Ussop: Um....even the way you talk....!! (Luffy talks differently, more tougher)
Ussop: What happened!?
Moria: ....Did he also have a transforming ability!?
Moria: Or is it.....

Luffy: Has everyone else been defeated....?
Ussop: Yeah, everyone else except us has been defeated by that monster zombie!!
Moria: Ha! It doesn't matter! Crush 'em!!
Odz: Of course! Gomu gomu no....

Ussop: It's coming!!
Luffy: ............
Ussop: It's going to be dangerous! You do understand that that thing is the zombie that your shadow has entered into, right? Luffy!? On top of that, his body also stretches like rubber and uses your attacks!!
Odz: Rifle!!!
Nami+Ussop: Wah

Nami+Ussop: !!!
Odz: !!?

Odz: .................!!!
Odz: .................!!!

Luffy: There's only one Luffy, me!!!
Odz: !!!
Nami+Ussop: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Zombie: Something's flying over this way.
Zombie: What is that?
Zombie: It's probably something like a rain cloud eh?
Zombie: Maybe a big bird?
Zombie: Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!!?
Zombie: It's Odz!!

Zombie: Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Zombie: Waaaaaaaaaaah!!?
Zombie: What's going on here!?
Odz: Gah
Odz: Oh
Luffy: Nnnnnnn!!!
Odz: Ah
Luffy: Ooooohhhh..!!
Luffy: Ooooohhhhaaaaa

Luffy: Raaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Odz: Ggggaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Ussop: ..............
Nami: ..............!!!

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#1. by Patoz (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 9, 2007
#2. by ChaosCloud (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 9, 2007
#3. by imintheradio (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 10, 2007
finally,here he comes!!thanks
#4. by sakura_hime04 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Nov 10, 2007
#5. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 10, 2007

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