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Naruto 328

Naruto Ch328

+ posted by brucelee as translation on Oct 20, 2006 09:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 328

page 1
while voicing their displeasure, the two leave
No.238: Team 10

Kakuzu "Let's move Hidan"
Hidan "Bastard leader! Want me to curse you next time? Huh?”
Asuma *cough*
???? “what’s going on? Why did they suddenly retreat?
Shikamaru, choji, ino "!" "sensei" "Asuma sensei"
Shikamaru "ino! choji! We're gonna take Asuma back now!"
Hidan "like I said, don't be going nowhere ‘til I get back! "
Hidan "That guy’s a goner as it is”

volume 35 out on the 11/2!
page 2
Hidan “see ya shit heads."
Shikamaru "choji! ino! get moving!
Chouji “ok”
Ino “I’ll use my medic skills to heal him”
Asuma “…it’s too late…

page 3

Asuma " I’m all done.... I can tell...ugh...you guys...should be able to see that too..."
Shikamaru: “shut up, just shut up!”
Chouji “ino?”
Ino (four of his vital points have been….)
SFX –swoosh swoosh
page 4
Ino (…there’s no hope…)
Asuma "What the third ...did...I think I finally get it...”
Asuma “I've always been too slow ....but at last...*cough*”
page 5

Asuma “ino...chouji...shikamaru...There something....I want to tell you..."
Chouji "sensei, save your energy!"
Shikamaru "chouji!"
Shikamaru “ino, you too”

page 6

Shikamaru "These are Asuma sensei's last words... pay attention!"
Asuma "ino...”
ino “yes sir!”
Asuama ”you are a strong willed... reliable, good girl....chouji and Shikamaru are clumsy so...I'm counting on you to take care of them...”
ino " ...yes sir...."
Asuma "and don't get beaten by Sakura...in Jutsu or in love..."
ino "no sir!..."
page 7
Asuma: "chouji...you're a gentle kid who thinks the world of his friends...that's why you'll be stronger than anyone...have more confidence in yourself...
Chouji "...I guess..."
Asuma "and...you should probably diet a bit too.."
Chouji: "might be too much to ask but I'll try..."
Asuma "ha...”
Asuma “And you, Shikamaru..."

page 8
Asuma "...You have a great brain...Your ninja sense...is also first rate...you have the potential to become hokage...”
Asuma “but ...you'd probably hate that...pain in the ass right?"
Asuma "...shogi....”
Asuma “I never beat you, not even once...
Asuma “oh yeah…"the king" remember?...
Asuma (FLASHBACK) Therefore, do you see who is the king?
Asuma “I'll tell you who it is...”
Asuma “…come here..."
page 9

Shikamaru "! Asuma...you...that means..."
Asuma".....I'm counting on you..Shikamaru...”
Asuma “but..it's ok now...the cigarettes...they’re in....my bag...”
Asuma “one last drag...”
page 10

Asuma *exhales*
I,S,C, "cough cough cough"
Asuma "Ah! my bad, my bad! I'm Sarutobi Asuma the leader for team 10 starting today. I'm gonna be real hard on you guys so prepare yourself!
Asuma “Don't cry yet, I didn't even start!"
Shikamaru: "the Cigarettes! They make my eyes water!!"

page 11

Asuma "choji-kun...all you can eat doesn’t mean you have to eat it all!”
Shikamaru "he’s gone through 300 ryo's worth"
Asuma “carry on like this and you’ll end up a fata…..ugh”
Choji “ Stick a fork in me, I’m done!”

Ino "Who are they for?"
Asuma "Erm...no one in particular..."
Ino "Say hi to Kurenai sensei for me"
Asuma "ho..! how did you...?!"

page 12
Asuma "The rules are in this book. If you read it and you'll get a general feel for the game. We’ll play after that."
Shikamaru" Jesus, what a pain...but 10 minutes should be enough for me.
Asuma "I...I resign..."
Shikamaru "seriously, you don't have to go easy on me... "
Asuma "You were the only one to become a chunin this time.”
Asuma “as your jonin captain I'm very proud.”
Asuma “Just leaves you two, ino choji, go for it!"

page 13

Asuma "Great job, ino, choji, now all of you are now chunin”
Asuma “and so I'll no longer be your captain.”
Asuma “From now on you will take charge of your own teams.”
Asuma “This (earing/peircing) is a present from me to celebrate your promotion to chunin.”
Asuma “Never forget that we were once, team 10!"

page 14

Chouji "sensei!!"

page 15

Chouji “uuu uuu”
Aoba(?) “He died like a true shinobi”
page 16
Shikamaru "cough cough Ugh!
Shikamaru “ugh uuuu uuuu”
Shikamaru “yup, I hate this cigarettes”

page 17
Shikamaru: “the smoke it…it makes my eyes water..."

Farwell. The rain comes flooding down, the smoke gently conceals.

Next time “akutsuki’s target…”

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#1. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2006
thanks for this- bruce!!!!

minor spelling issue: page 13: ear-ring/earrings/ear rings, piercing
preview for next chapter: akutsuki-- instead of akatsuki :P
#2. by brucelee ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2006
thanks...I feel loved due to your 1 reply...
#3. by Muk ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2006
more love for KWGod :D
#4. by  ()
Posted on Jun 21, 2008
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