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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 127

Tearful Judgement

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 17, 2009 20:42 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 127

Fairy Tail
Chapter 127: "Tearful Judgement"
[Insert text right: Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer: NATSU]
[Insert text left: Currently accepting fanclub membership applications!!]
[Label: Just kidding (lol)]
Membership Info
Annual Fee: 5000J / Membership certificate issued
Bulletins issued four times per year
Exclusive to members: Barbecue rally, campfire

[Insert text: With the Fairy Tail internal struggle over and done with, the town is back to celebrating the Harvest Festival like nothing even happened... // The scars earned in the process have only strengthened everyone's bonds with one another; now a glorious sky enfolds them all...]

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (1): The staff are into seiyuu recently. Incidentally, my own personal favourite seiyuu is Koyama Rikiya-san (Jack Bauer).]
Townsfolk: I hear the Fantasia parade has been postponed until tomorrow. // Why's that, then? // Well, the Guild members did seem to be making an awful ruckus yesterday... // Rumour has it their Master's in bad shape. // Whoa, whoa, you're not telling me the old guy's going to retire...?! // Who's going to be the next Master, then?! // Hey, I don't know that much... but logically, wouldn't it have to be Luxus? // That hooligan, Master...? // Really gets you thinking, doesn't it... // I mean, we've known that guy since he was just a kid! / I guess that shows how old we are, huh? / Hahahah!

Erza: It looks like thanks to Polyushka-san, his life is no longer in immediate danger. // Don't worry, the Master's going to be just fine.

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (2): Out of the movies in the book "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", I've seen a total of 170. Only about a fifth, huh...]
Lucy: Thank goodness! I was really worried for a while there...!
Gray: Heh, the old man's not gonna go out that easy.
Erza: Still, his years are certainly showing... if he's put under too much stress, his condition could worsen again. / I'd like everyone to keep that in mind.
Elfman: Are we really going to do the Fantasia parade with the Guild in this state?!
Mirajane: Well, the Master wants it to go ahead, so... / You could say it's in situations like this that we need it more than ever.
Lluvia: Lluvia is looking forward to seeing the Fantasia parade as well!
Kana: You're going to be taking part, not watching.
Lluvia: Whaa?! // But Lluvia only just joined the Guild, so...
Happy: With so many people injured, apparently they're getting anyone and everyone who can still move about to take part.
Plue: Puuuun!
Lucy: What?! You mean me, too?!

Gray: Well, take a look at them. Can't exactly take part like that, can they?
Lucy: !!
Natsu: .........
Lucy: ...N'uh-uh...
Natsu: Mngah unghh mrphh. // Angher mnghe nmghinh!
[TN: Yes, I'm just typing out random crap. I can't decipher that >_< ...Well, actually, I think the second part ("agegaangagugu") might be "ore ga sanka suru" ("I'm gonna take part"). The first part ("fagafungoga") is completely beyond me, though.]
Lucy: I can't even tell what he's saying...

Gazille: Yeah, like hell. And how do you plan to do that then, huh?
Natsu: Gnmhh menghh anghh ernhg...
[TN: Yeah, still beyond me.]
Gazille: What's that got to do with anything?
Lucy: ...How does he do it...?
Erza: But, well, at least it looks like... // ...our trouble within the Guild... // ...is over and done with for the moment.

People: !! // Luxus!!! // You...!!!
Luxus: Where's the old man?
People: Why, you... You've got some nerve, wanting to see the Master after this! // Damn right!!

Erza: Leave it.
People: !!!
Erza: He's in the medical office through there.
People: Oi - Erza...!!!
Natsu: Mngaghhhhh!!!! // RHAGHHZAGH!!!!
Erza: Natsu...

Natsu: DNBFMGFDHFDMNFNDFGHDMNBHMFDGN!!! // *pant* // *pant* / *pant*
Gazille: "I'm not settling for this two-on-one crap! / Next time, you're going down for sure! // You better fight me again sometime, Luxus!!" / ...he says.

Lucy: "Next time"...? But I thought you won... didn't you?
Gazille: I'm with him on this one... I'd rather not call that a victory. // That guy's a monster. // If he'd been around during the battle with Phantom... it gives me shivers just thinking about it.
Natsu: RHAGHHZAGH!!!! ("Luxus!!!!")

People: Now then, everyone, let's get preparations underway for Fantasia! // Hey, are you sure it's okay to let Luxus go through there like that?!! // It'll be fine. // Wait... Mira-chan!! Why are you wounded?! Who did that to you?! // Natsu... why the heck are you wounded worse than Luxus is...? // Mnghhahrlh! // "Hah, this is nothing!" ...he says. // Natsu... that's blood!! You're bleeding!!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (3): I mentioned before that I was looking forward to the new Unicorn album, but it turned out to be even better than I expected. It's awesome.]
Luxus: What a noisy rabble...
Makarov: Luxus... // Do you understand what you have done here? // Look me in the eyes.

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (4): "Sunday x Magazine Nettou! Dream Nine". I'm playing it with Ace of Diamonds, but man, it was good stuff when I followed up Kominato and Isashiki with Yuuki and pulled off a walk-off win.]
Makarov: You know what this Guild is? // It's a gathering place for comrades-in-arms. / It's an agency for missions. // To some kids who don't have any family, it's even their home. // It does not belong to you. // This Guild was built upon the trust and honour of each individual member... // ...and that is how we have formed stronger and firmer bonds than you'll find anywhere else.

Makarov: You have violated that honour and put your comrades' lives in danger. // This is not a crime that I can forgive.
Luxus: I understand. // I just... // ...wanted to make this Guild... stronger...

Makarov: Honestly... you really are a clumsy sort of man... // Let some of that tension out of your shoulders, would you? // If you do, you may just find yourself seeing things you've missed up until now. // Hearing words that you never heard before. // Life is to be enjoyed, you know. // You know... watching you grow up was my reason for living. / I didn't need you to be strong, or smart...

Makarov: All I wanted was for you to be happy. // That was enough for me. // Luxus...

Makarov: You are hereby excommunicated from this Guild.

[Side text: Mashima's Notice: Next week, in Issue 17, and the week after, in issue 18 – that's two issues in a row – Fairy Tail will have colour pages, and extra long 25-page chapters!! And in Issue 18, we'll be taking the magazine cover as well!! Don't miss it!!!]
Luxus: Right... // Thanks for everything. // Gramps.

Luxus: You take care of yourself.
Makarov: Just go...
[Insert text: Pent-up feelings! An unwavering heart!! For the Guild, and as an individual... but still, he cannot stop those tears from flowing...]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 128: "Fantasia"]

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#1. by Trent ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2009
thanks cnet!! ^^
#2. by Alexandrius ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2009
Good job.
#3. by o666o ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2009
Thxs man, great job...as always....
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