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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 573

The Name Of This Age Is 'Whitebeard'

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 4, 2010 12:56 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 573: The Name Of This Age Is 'Whitebeard'

[Insert text: Whitebeard alone VS the Marines!!]
Marines: Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!!! // Stop Whitebeard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Marinford is falling apart!!! // He really is trying to crush the whole island!!!
Pirates: OLD MAN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // We can't just leave you behind, old man!!! We've gotta go back together!!! // Old man~~~~~~~!!!
Whitebeard: Did you not hear?!!! I gave you an order!!! / Now get moving!!! You damn foold!!!

Marines: Take Whitebeard down~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // He's already on the verge of death!!! // !! // ?!! // Aaaaghhhhhhh!!
Pirates: Hurry it up!!! We have to do as the old man says!!! // Old man~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ace!!
Ace: ..................

Pirates: Prepare to set sail!!! We're taking this ship out of here!!! // Commander Marco!! Let's do this!!
Marco: .........Old man...!!
Marines: Fleet Commander Sengoku!
Sengoku: Now that he no longer has Ace to worry about... // That man truly is trying to sink the entirety of Marineford into the ocean!!! // Along with his own life......!!!
Marines: Vice-Admiral Garp!! A... Are you all right?!!
Garp: Settling things... // ...once and for all, eh......?!!! // Can't fault his timing...

Convicts: Captain Buggy!! The Visual Den-Den Mushi has regained consciousness!!!
Buggy: All right!!! Let's get my glorious self back on the airwaves!!! // The very moment I take the life of Whitebeard himself!!!
People: !!! // The visuals are back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // What happened to Whitebeard after he was stabbed?!!
Transmission: Testing...
People: Were all the allied pirates... / ...wiped out after being sold out by Whitebeard?!!
Transmission: Testing...
People: Who's that on the screen?!!
Buggy: Why, hello there, everyone!! It's me, Buggy... the Legendary!
People: NOT YOU AGAIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Pirates: Everyone to the coast~~~~~~~!!!
Marines: Don't let the pirates escape!!! // Take down every last one you possibly can!!!
Whitebeard: You have but one enemy to face... // ...and that enemy is me!!!
Marines: ........................!!! // !!!

Pirates: Commander Jos~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // He's still alive, right?! We have to get him... // Aaaghhh!!! // Blenheim!! Carry Jos, would you?!!!
Ivankov: Strawhat-boy~~~~!!! Why are you simply standing there?!!!
Luffy: Ace!!! // We've gotta go!! The old guy's made his decision......!!!
Ace: ......... // .........!! I know that!! I won't let it go to waste!!!
Marines: !!!
Ace: Out of my way!!!
Marines: Guaaahhhh!!!
Whitebeard: ! // .........!!

Whitebeard: ..................
Ace: *pant* // *pant*
Whitebeard: ......You need say nothing... // .........Just tell me one thing, Ace... // ......Was I... // ...a good father......?
Ace: Of course you were......!!!
Whitebeard: Gurararara...

Pirates: Run~~~~~~!! Run to the ship~~~~~~~!!!
Jimbei: Ace-san!! Luffy-kun!! Run on ahead!!
Luffy: Jimbei!!
Jimbei: You're being heavily targeted!! // And it's the old man's wish to let as many of you live as humanly possible!!
Pirates: We've stolen a battleship~~~~~~!!! Everybody on board!!!
Hancock: You must hurry, Luffy...!!!
Marines: Admiral Sakazuki!!
Akainu: Do they truly believe they can leave this place alive...?!! Such blind fools...
People: The execution platform has been smashed to pieces!! // What happened to Ace?!! Show us Whitebeard!!

Pirates: Watch out!!! It's Akainu!!! // Aaaaghhhh!!!
Akainu: So you turn tail and run the moment Ace is safe... / What a bunch of puny cowards you are, Whitebeard Pirates. // But with a man like that for your Captain, perhaps it cannot be helped......!! / Whitebeard is, after all... merely the "loser" of a bygone age...!!!
Luffy: ?! // Ace!!
Akainu: !
Ace: *pant*... *pant*... / ..."Loser"......?
Akainu: ?

Ace: Take that back......!!! / *pant*... // Right now......!!!
Pirates: Give it up, Ace!!! You can't stop now!!!
Pirates: Ace?!!
Akainu: .........
Ace: You heard what he just said about our old man......
Luffy: Ace!!!
Akainu: Thanks to the actions of your true father, Roger... / ...Whitebeard was forever unable to achieve the status of "King"... he is an eternal failure. / Do you deny it...?!! // Parading around the sea with a band of thugs who call him father... / ...in some pathetic imitation of a family...
Ace: .........Stop right there......!!

Akainu: And in all those decades, never once succeeding... / ...in dominating the sea, or becoming its King... gaining nothing whatsoever......!! // And to finish it all off, it took but a few creative words to see him stabbed by one of those very fools he calls "sons"... and the old fool dies to protect them!!!
Squardo: ......!!
Akainu: Truly, an empty and worthless life... do you not agree?
Ace: I said stop it......!!
Pirates: Don't rise to it, Ace!!! Get back here!!!
Ace: Our old man gave us all a place to live...!!! / What the hell do you know about his greatness...?!!!
Akainu: If a life is not lived righteously, then it has no worth whatsoever!!! / Pirates such as yourselves deserve no place to live!!! // Whitebeard will die as a loser and a failure!!! / A fitting death for the leader of such a pile of trash!!!
Ace: Whitebeard is the Great Pirate who built this entire Age!!! // (How dare you make fun of the man who saved my life...?!!!)

Ace: The name of this Age... // ...is Whitebeard!!!
Pirates: Give it up, Ace~~~~!!! // !!!
Ace: !!!
Pirates: Ace!!
Ace: Aaaaghhhh!!!
Pirates: .........Ace was... burned...?!!
Akainu: Are you allowing your Logia nature to make you a little too overconfident? / You are mere "fire"... whilst I am "magma", with the power to consume even fire itself!! // My ability is a natural enemy of your own, boy!!!
Ace: !!!
Luffy: Ace...!! ......!! // Aahhh...
Jimbei: Oi... Luffy-kun!! You are at your limit!!
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*... / ! // Ahh... // Ace's... Vivre Card...
Akainu: The Pirate King, Gold Roger. The Revolutionary, Dragon. / The sons of these men as adoptive "brothers"... truly, this is a frightful thought......!! // Your very bloodlines are a crime of the highest order!!! Even if every other pirate here escapes... / ...the two of you alone will not leave this place!!!
Ace: !
Akainu: Observe well..
Ace: ...Hey!! Wait!! // Luffy!!!
Luffy: !!!

Luffy: !!! // Eh...?
Ace: *cough*...!!
[Insert text: .........!!]

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#1. by Miertje86 ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2010
Thnx for translating this exiting chapter!
#2. by Kaizokuou ()
Posted on Feb 5, 2010
wow, incredible translation, great writing, otsukaresama deshita!
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