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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 573

[The Name of this Age is "Whitebeard"]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 6, 2010 03:37 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 573 - [The Name of this Age is "Whitebeard"]

1: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
2: Marine Ford's in big trouble!!!
white: Whitebeard alone vs. the Marines!!
3: He really intends to crush the entire island!!!

1: Stop "Whitebeaaaaaaard!!!"
2: Old maaaaaaaan!!!
3: We can't stand to leave you behind like this!!! Let's go home together!!!
4: Old maaaaaaan!!!
5(2b): Did you not hear my Captain's Order?!?! Hurry up and get the hell out of here!!! Ya numbskulls!!!

1: Shoot down "Whitebeaaaaard!!!"
2: He's already in a critical state!!!
3: Gyaaaaaah
4: Hurry!!! Do as the old man says!!!
5: Old maaaaaaaaaan!!!
6: Ace!!

1: Prepare to shove off!!! Get the ship ouuuuut!!!
2: Captain Marco!! Let's go!!
3: ...old man!!
4: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!
5: Now that he isn't worried about Ace anymore...
6: He really is planning to sink Marine Ford into the sea!!!
7: And take his own life along with it...!!!
8: Vice-Admiral Garp!! A...are you alright!!?
9: pan...pan...
10: Putting a "finish..."
11: to this age, huh...?!?!
12: He sure picked a suitable time, didn't he...

1: Captain Buggy!! The Movie Den-Den Mushi has become conscious again!!!
2: Alriiiight!!! Broadcast it!!! My gallant figure!!!
3: And the moment when I claim the head of "Whitebeard!!!"
4: It's broadcastiiiiiing!!!
5: What happened to "Whitebeard" after he got stabbed!!?
6: Ahhh!
7(2b): Was his crew sold out by him and annihilated!!?
8: Ahhh!
9: Someone's appeared on screen!!
10: Good afternoon, people!! It's Buggy!!! The legend!
11: You agaaaaaaaaain?!?!

1: Hurry to the beaaaaaach!!!
2: Don't let the pirates get away!!!
3: Shoot down every single one you can!!!
4: You only have one opponent...!!!
5: Me, and me alone!!!

1: Captain Jaaaaaaws!!!
2: You're still alive, right?! Let's go...
3: Uwaaahh!!!
4: Brenheim!! Carry Jaws!!!
5: Strawbooooy!!! What are you standing around like that for?!?!
6: Let's go!! Uncle Whitebeard's prepared himself...
7: ...!! I know!! I won't let it go to waste!!!
8: Outta the way, you!!!
9: Uwaaaaahhhh!!!

sfx: gabah!!
1-2: Haa
3: ...I don't need any words...
4: ...just let me ask you one thing, Ace...
5: ...were you happy
6: with me as your old man...?
7: Of course...!!!
8: Gurararara...

1: Ruuuuun! Run to the shiiiiip!!!
2: Ace-san!! Luffy-kun, run ahead!!
3: Jinbei!!
4: You're being targeted!!
5: It's the old man's wish to keep as many people alive as possible!!
6: We stole a battleshiiiiip!!! Hurry up and get on!!!
7: Hurry, Luffy...!!!
8: Admiral Sakazuki!!
9: They really think they're gonna get away, huh...!! How naive.
10: The scaffold's being destroyed!!
11: What happened to Ace!!? Put Whitebeard on the screen!!

1: Watch out!!! It's "Akainu!!!"
3: Uwaaaahhh!!!
4(2b): Free Ace and then immediately skedaddle on out, huh? You Whitebeard pirates are just a bunch of lily-livered cowards!
5(2b): Captains are Captains...there's nothing that can be done about that...!! To put it straight, "Whitebeard"...is the "loser" of previous age...!!!
6: zahh!!
7: Ace!!
8(2b): Haa...haa...loser...?

1(2b): Take that back...!!! Haa...
2: What you said just now...!!!
3: Quit it, Ace!!! Don't stop running!!!
4: Ace!!?
5: He's mocking the old man....
6: Ace!!!
7(2b): He was thwarted by your true father, Roger, becoming an eternal loser who'll die without ever becoming "King." That's what "Whitebeard" is! What's wrong about that...?!
8(2b): Being called "old man" by the larrikins that adore him...he's just been rampaging around the seas throwing his weight around in some farce of an imitation family!
9: ...stop it...!!

1(2b): Over decades, he could neither dominate the seas or becoming "King..." he achieved nothing...!!
2(2b): And in his last moments, he was stabbed by an idiot he called his son, who was led astray by some mere cajolery...!! Then he says he's gonna die to protect people like that!!! Now you try and tell me that ain't nothin' but a life of emptiness?
3: Stop it...!!
4: Don't get caught up in it, Ace!!! Come back!!!
5(2b): The old man gave us a place to live!!! What do you know about his greatness?!?!
6(2b): If a man isn't just, his life is worthless!!! This world doesn't need a place for you pirates to life!!!
7(2b): "Whitebeard" will die a loser!!! It's an absolutely fitting end for the King of Trash Mountain!
8: "Whitebeard" is the mighty pirate who created this age!!!
9: How dare you mock the man who saved me?!?!

1: The name of this age!!!
2: is "Whitebeard!!!"
3: Stop, Aaaaace!!!
4: Ace!!
5: Uwaaahhh!!!
6: ...Ace!! ...was burned!!?
7(2b): You think you can go on and lower your guard just because you're a Logia? You're nothing but a "flame," and I'm "Magma," which burns "flame" up!!
8: Your power and mine have a completely hierarchical relationship!!!

1: A...ce...!! ...!!
2: Uu...
3: Woah there, Luffy-kun!! You're already at your limit!!
4: hirari...
5: Haa...haa...
6: pasa...
7: Ah
8: Ace's...Biblicard!
9(2b): The "Pirate King," Gold Roger, and the "Revolutionary," Dragon!! It's terrifying that the sons of these two men would end up being sworn brothers...!!
10(2b): Your bloodline is already a "grave sin!!!" We may not be able to catch every damn man on this island, but no matter what, we sure as hell aren't going to let you two brothers slip away!!!

1: Eh
2: Gafuh!!
3: chih...
4: Jiji...ji...

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