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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 406

Naruto Chapter 406

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 27, 2008 06:22 | Go to Naruto

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#406: The Key To The Future
[side text: This lazy man has moved beyond sadness, and now lends his friends courage through his back.]

[insert text: The story of Jiraiya's end is told...]
Tsunade: Apparently, there is a ninja of the Rain Village held captive within this frog.
Ibiki: Yes, I have received word of this from Jiraiya-sama. // Now then, if you would grow for me.
Flashback!Fukasaku: Jiraiya's original objective was the gathering of information. // It seems he never originally intended to go up against Pain.

However, Pain's ability far exceeded his expectations... // Without knowing the truth of his ability, no man could ever defeat him. // Jiraiya-chan really overdid it back there... // He was incredibly close to finally uncovering the truth behind Pain's ability. / Nobody but Jiraiya-chan could have made it that far... // It's a terrible thing... if he had tried to run, he could have escaped... / ...but instead he earned this coded message at the cost of his life. // He has entrusted the rest to you.
Tsunade: I don't care what you have to do - just get everything out of him!
Ibiki: I intend to do so.

[Text: Autopsy Room 3 // On Duty // Shizune // Oyone // Kumadori]
Shizune: This is one of the three precious pieces of information that Jiraiya-sama left for us. // We are going to find something from it no matter what it takes!
Someone: Yes, ma'am!
Shizune: Now... let us begin.

Shikamaru: How's it look?
CodeBreaker1: Ah, well, yes... it certainly isn't one of the codes used by Konoha. / It isn't compatible with any of the algorithms. // Although considering the situation in which Jiraiya-sama wrote it... / ...I can hardly imagine that it is a particularly complex code. // The sequence of numbers suggests a shared-key encryption...
Shikamaru: Can you solve it?
Shiho: Ahem!

Shiho: Well... frankly, it's impossible as long as we don't know the key!
Shikamaru: Key?
Shiho: Basically, we need to know the way the code works before we have a hope of solving it. // We need to know the same "key", whatever that might be, that Jiraiya-sama originally used to encode it.
Shikamaru: And how do we find that?
Shiho: I can't say for sure... / ...but it's possible that somebody who was very close to Jiraiya-sama might be able to tell us the key to this puzzle.
CodeBreaker1: Though considering that he passed away shortly afterwards... / ...we have to consider the fact that this may be a code that he thought up on the spur of the moment out of desperation, to conceal his words from the enemy.

CodeBreaker1: If you consider who this message may be intended for... / ...then I would suggest asking that person, and seeing it you can find any clues from him.
Shikamaru: ...Right... / In that case... // (I guess I ought to start with the Fifth and Kakashi-sensei...) // Well, thanks for your work, either way. / I'll come by again if I find anything...
CodeBreaker1: Right... / But we'll be at home sleeping, so you'll have to find us there, okay?! // Well, then... I'm off to get some sleep. / What about you, Shiho-chan?
Shiho: Oh, well, I think somebody ought to stay here, really~♪

Kakashi: 9... 31... // 8... 106... 7... 207... 15...
Shikamaru: You have any ideas? // Something you discussed with Jiraiya, or something that relates to these numbers...?
Kakashi: ...Well, this 106 rings a bell...
Shikamaru: How's that?

Flashback!Kakashi: Jiraiya-sama?
Flashback!Jiraiya: One hundred and six.
Flashback!Kakashi: ...What's that?
Flashback!Jiraiya: 106 centimetres.
Flashback!Kakashi: ......
Kakashi: ...... / ...No... it's nothing...
Shikamaru: ?
Kakashi: I'm afraid I really don't have any idea. / Why don't you go ask the Fifth or Naruto, see if they have any ideas?
Shikamaru: I already went and asked the Fifth... / *sigh*... I guess that just leaves Naruto...

Kakashi: I'm worried about this code, but I'm worried about Naruto, too. // So I'll leave that to you.
Shikamaru: I wouldn't expect too much, mind... // ...Huh, he's out...? // !
Naruto: ...Shikamaru, huh. // What is it?
Shikamaru: Do you mind if I come in?

Shikamaru: Well? You have any ideas?
Naruto: ......
Shikamaru: C'mon, Naruto... anything?
Naruto: !

Naruto: Oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. / What were you asking?
Shikamaru: ...Why don't you come with me for a bit.
Naruto: Where to?
Shikamaru: Just come along.
Naruto: Wh - What's this about?!
Shikamaru: Ah! // Here she is.
Naruto: ?

Kurenai: !
Naruto: Huh?! / Kurenai-sensei's...!
Shikamaru: Yeah...
Kurenai: ......
Naruto: She's eaten too much yakiniku and ended up hospitalised!! / She's bigger than Chouji!!
Shikamaru: It's a baby, not food. // Man, you really are annoying sometimes.
Naruto: Huh?! // B - But then......
Kurenai: Shikamaru, you really have to stop coming to see me all the time.

Shikamaru: Heheh... // I couldn't possibly do that. / Asuma asked me to do this. // That kid's going to be my apprentice.
Naruto: !

Shikamaru: Asuma entrusted the kid to me. // I've heard what happened to Jiraiya.
Naruto: ......
Shikamaru: I've lost my master, too, so it's not like I don't know how you feel. // But you're not gonna get anything done by just standing around.

Shikamaru: That's just not the position we're in any more.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Shikamaru: My master left me one hell of a lot. / All sorts of things, from the incredibly important right down to the stupid little details. // I'm sure it's the same for you... // He must've left you an awful lot. // Don't you think it's about time for us to move on, too?
Naruto: Move on how?
Shikamaru: We have to grow up - from getting stuff passed on to us, to passing that stuff on to others. // It's a bit of a pain, but there's no use standing around complaining.
Naruto: ...!

Shikamaru: One day, you'll be the one treating somebody else to ramen. // You'll have people calling you "Naruto-sensei" and stuff. // We can't just stay kids forever, you know. // Not if we want to grow up... / ...to become cool shinobi like Asuma and Jiraiya-sensei. // Now pull yourself together... // Because you've got work to do.
[insert text: A smile of resolve... Time to solve this code!!]
[bottom text: The common ground between Naruto and Jiraiya becomes clear!! Next issue, "Decoding"!!]

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