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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 568

Do as you damn vell like

+ posted by dolemy as translation on Dec 17, 2009 15:23 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 568


Chapter 568 : Do as you damn vell like
text near the top of the sunflowers: One Piece event to be held at the ocean theme park "Lagunasea" (Aichi Prefecture) from 20/03/10 to late June!

It's Garp the hero!
He's joining the fray!!
sfx: waaaah
small text: Marco takes a hit!

Don't be cowed by a name, fools!! He's just an old soldier!


Being of the same generation

You should know better than to take your eyes off the enemy!!

sfx: crack

Wrecking the city like this...!!

I did tell you... just try and protect it!!

Clear a path! A path to save Ace!

sfx in bubble: tzz tzzz

sfx: BOOM
Behold the power of the New World!!


What's wrong, "Fire-fist"?


{Gold D. Roger? As in, Gold Roger?//And you're asking if we've heard of him...?)

(Don't you have any idea how much trouble these pirates brought to the world??!)

It's all because of that stinkin' pirate Gold Roger!!

Now that's someone we'd have been better off without!
The scum was the worst stinkin' piece of shit I'd ever seen!! He was troublesome enough alive; now he's dead it's gotten worse!!
sfx: Gahahahaha
He's the lowest of all scum! Got it?

Eh, what's with you? What's that pissed off look for!!
Who do you think you are, brat?!

(Ace! Whaddya doing outside of town?!)
(There's a huge ruckus in town. Bunch of delinquents were nearly killed by some kid, I heard.)

(What, you mean they weren't dead already?)

You want to know about Roger?

Roger?! Get that filthy name out of your mouth, kid!!

Bwahahahaha!! Looks like you've been losin' your cool far too easily lately, kid!!
...... you have a grandson, don't you gramps?... is he... does he look happy?
Aah, Luffy's doin' fine.


(Do you think...)
(..it was a good thing that I was born?)


(That's something)
(you have to find out by livin' on.)
sfx: boom
sfx: waaah

sfx in bubble: clonk

Ah! Are you still concious?!

Please... listen to my last request!

Clear a path!!!

.... I'm...

Ace-san, hang in there!!

We're close!
We're on our way!!!

Ace!! We'll definitely save ya!!
Hang in there, Ace!!!
sfx: battlecry

....shit ... I'm..
..I'm giving in!! At a time like this...

Gramps... my brother... my friends!!
Bleeding and dying to save me...!

sfx: dribble dribble

Don't give up, ya hear?!

I'm so happy...
I can't stop my tears..!!

I..// I want to live!!!

Captain Buggy!!
You're alive, thank goodness!!

What happened to me?!
After you got frozen by Aokiji...// the ice was melted by the sea of magma!!

Haah, haaah...
Blasted marines... don't expect me to take this lying down!!
Uwaaah! Words we wouldn't have expected from one who just defrosted!! That's our captain all right!!

sfx: grab


sfx: cough

Damn you...
sfx: (black text box): splat

Even you aren't immune to the ravages of time

text: It's happened... what we feared the most...

Victory or defeat may be determined in a single moment~



You weren't paying attention for a second there...


sfx: sizzle

sfx: thud

You want me to inject you vith more Tension Hormones? Madness!! You can take no more!! // You have been fighting since Impel Down...!! // You vere practically at death's door after being poisoned!! // Your body, it has already passed it's limit!! // If you persist
This time you vill die for certain!!
Oi, Gramps is-!!

sfx: grab


I'm giving it my all
even if I'm going to die!!
Haah... haah...
Please let me fight, Iva-chan!!

The old man's down!!!
Marco and Jos are in danger too!!

I can't fight now...
But if we fail to save Ace because of this

It would make me want to die!!

Give me // please give me the strength to fight now!!!

.. Did I not say that I vould see you through alive?! // How vould I be able to face Dragon if you vere killed, you fool?!!

Haah.. haah...
Very well.

Do as you damn vell like!!!

Oi you, what...!!



sfx: oooohh!!
small text: The final resolution...!

Text at bottom: Chapter 568/END

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#1. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2009

*Muffin-sensei glomps the new member*
#2. by dolemy ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2009
thank you sensei ; A;

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