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Translations: Gintama 548 (2) , One Piece 790 by cnet128 , Bleach 631 by cnet128

Bleach 315

Bleach Chapter 315

+ posted by fosskers as translation on Mar 21, 2008 22:54 | Go to Bleach

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Bleach Chapter 315 by fosskers

Page 1
Margin: From Los Noches to Karakura town... This is the battlefield!

Kenpachi: The second order
(:) Was for all Captains of the Gotei 13
(:) To assemble in Karakura town
(:) And prepare for battle.

Page 2 + 3

Page 4
Ishida: So right now...
The Gotei 13 are...

Mayuri: Mm.
They've probably
already been deployed.

Chad: What...!
The battlefield is... Karakura town?
But what's going to happen to it if all those captains are there?
(:) No one will survive!
It'll be left in ruins...!

Byakuya: ...I told you.
"Prepare for battle"
That was the order.

Mayuri: Do not be mistaken.
(:) The order was not "be deployed to the real world and prepare for battle".

Page 5
Mayuri: It is
"Tenkai Kecchuu" (Tr. Binding Pillar of the Revolving Worlds)
(:) It is what makes Karakura town
(:) For that purpose
We had Urahara Kisuke construct a massive Senkaimon that spanned a radius of 1 spirit mile
And had him install it over Karakura town.
(:) At the same time,
he requested that we create an elaborate duplicate of Karakura town on the outskirts of Rukongai.
(:) It was a hassle
but we did it.
(:) What makes Tenkai Kecchuu different from a Senkaimon
is that whatever is enveloped by it can be switched with something else in Soul Society.
In other words...

Page 6
Mayuri: We moved the entirety of Karakura town
to the outskirts of Rukongai.

Page 7
Chad: What about all the people...?

Unohana: We let them sleep
and we moved the entire district to Soul Society.

Mayuri: What's there now
is an empty replica of Karakura town.
(:) So there's no problem
should it be destroyed by the Captains.

Page 8
Yama: seems....
(:) We made it in time.

Page 9
Aizen: time?
(:) I wonder
Why would you say such a thing?
(:) I know there's no one here.
That doesn't hamper me in any way.

Page 10
Aizen: Stark

Page 11
Aizen: Come

Page 12 + 13
No text.

Page 14
Aizen: If Karakura town is in Soul Society
Then I will annihilate you all
And make the King's Key in Soul Society.
(:) It's as simple as that.

Page 15
Aizen: Until then
I'm leaving Los Noches to you
(:) Ulquiorra.

Page 16
Ulquiorra: Yes.

Page 17
Ichigo: ...Kenpachi
You said, "Protecting Karakura town is my duty"
You're wrong.

Page 18
Ichigo: My duty
is to protect my friends!

Page 19
Ulquiorra: Come
(:) Kurosaki Ichigo

Margin: To protect his friends--
Ichigo dives into the darkness of battle once more!!

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