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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 460

Sasuke in the net!

+ posted by fishbot as translation on Aug 21, 2009 09:12 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 460

This is my very first english release. If you want to use this translation, please PM me and I'll maybe grant you permission.

[insert text: What is Zetsu's purpose in showing right in the middle of the Kage summit!?]

Zetsu: Let's play game called "Search for Sasuke"~! / Eeeeehhhh~!
Raikage: !!!! / Say whaaaat!?
Gaara: That bud...
Temari: You just said... Sasuke!?
Kankurou: But why does he...!?
Mizukage: That Sharingan...
Choujorou: ?
Ao: The one who had stamped Haku and Zabuza up?
Danzou: (Why is Sasuke here!? No, it can't be true!)
Kurotsuchi: Who is this fellow?
Tsuchikage: Obviously one of the Akatsuki...

Raikage: Tell me where is Uchiha Sasuke! Now!
Zetsu: !!?

460: Sasuke in the net!
Zetsu: (D-dammit! He's insanely fleet!)
Raikage: If you won't do as I say, I won't take any excuses.
Zetsu: You\d regret it. Besides, giving you an insifignicant clu-

Raikage: Cee, let's start. [TN: Her name is Shi - japanese pronounciation of letter 'C']
Cee: As you say!
Mizukage: Don't even think about killing him! / If we'll be able to capture him, we may have a chance to interrogate him and acquire more information about Akatsuki.
Gaara: It wouldn't work. No one'd sing out informations against Akatsuki. / They're just staunch like that.
Mifune: Okisuke, Urakaku! Find Sasuke and announce second level alarm. / Do it no matter what!
Urakaku: Yessir!
Raikage: You take a look at Hokage. / Eye of the Mist!
Ao: !
Danzou: ........

Raikage: Cee! Darui! We move out!
Darui: Ummm, yeah. Sorry for that table and wall.
Cee: Darui! Cut your chit-chat! We have to go!
Tsuchikage: That hot-blooded guy... / Even though he's one of the Five Shadows, if he'll keep up doing like that...
Okisuke: Announcing Second level Alarm! Find intruder Uchiha Sasuke! / And send out to the tower three squads and form a defense formation!
Samurai: Roger that.
Karin: !? (It's...)

Sasuke: Karin, what's going on?
Karin: Samurais are starting to make their move. / And most likely they're seeking us!
Juugo: That Zetsu guy...
Karin: ......

Tobi: What about a little talk, Uzumaki Naruto?
Naruto: !!?
Naruto: You scum...
Tobi: Rasengan all of a sudden, hm? / Didn't you know it won't work?

Tobi: !
Naruto: !? / !!? / Ghhh...
Yamato: Be careful now, Naruto.
Tobi: Couldn't expect less from you, Copy Ninja Kakashi. / ....You're swift!

Kakashi: We won't let you lay a single finger on Naruto. / Uchiha Madara!
Tobi: You should've listen to me, then. / None of your attacks are going to reach me, Uchiha Madara!
Kakshi: So, you truely are Uchiha Madara. Just as I thought!
Yamato: I have no idea if you're going to vanish or become a ghost. / But if you want to catch Naruto, you'll have to materialze yourself. / There's no other way. // Right now... / We are the ones who prevail.
Tobi: Ahahaha. I can't see anything particular coming here. I have my own plans. / But right now I just wanted to talk.
Kakashi: You just wanted... to talk?

Tobi: Indeed. I'm curious, Naruto. / What have you done to make Nagato change his mind?
Naruto: None of your bussiness! / I wanna know what are you going to do with Sasuke! / Tell me!
Tobi: Sasuke...
Kakashi: ...
Yamato: ...
Tobi: It's okay for me, I can tell you everything... / Tell you everything about that young boy intoxicated by the hatred and annoy. Things that rule this shinobi world. // I'll tell you about Uchiha Sasuke.

Samurai: They ran away! / !?

Karin: Not good... There's too many of them! / There's no way for us to escape!
Suigetsu: I'll never forget that Zetsu guy... Or whatever his name is.
Samurai: Oooh!
Karin: Interesting. So, samurais can control chakra as well, eh?

Suigetsu: So this is how they're using their chakra...?
Karin: Oh, Sasuke! / Where did he go!?
Sasuke: I'm getting angry right now... I won't be able to hold myself if you come any closer.
Samurai: I can say the same to you!!

Samurai: Look, he repelled it!
Samurai: ...Just like our sword techniques...
Juugo: Forget these samurai, Karin. / Track down Danzou.
Karin: But they just won't get away.
Juugo: I'll take care of them. / But we still have to find out where Danzou is.
Karin: !!? (Huh?)

Karin: Sasuke's chakra... has changed. / It's completely different comparing to what it was before. // Much stronger than during his Second Cursed Seal Level Transformation... / And... stranger.
Darui: Lotta chakra spread out around here. / It's Uchiha's boy, I guess.
Raikage: Which way now!?
Darui: ! (Raikage, that's..)
Cee: Right under us! (It's getting serious..)
Samurai: He has even more fellows?
Karin: Something enourmous is getting closer!

Suigetsu: And that guy told me to stay and not to kill them.
Juugo: It's...

Sasuke: ......
Raikage: You little kiddo! I'm gonna show you my ire!
[Hatred leads to another strife! Their battle is a dusk of the all-out war!]

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
thanks a lot for the translation..., keep it coming :)
so, Shi/C is a she?.... hmm.. never crossed my mind before...
#2. by fishbot ()
Posted on Aug 25, 2009
I took that wild guess and assumed Cee is a she. :P
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