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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 582

"Luffy and Ace"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 22, 2010 01:29 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 582 - "Luffy and Ace"

1: Approximately two weeks from the "war on the summit"--
2: A pirate ship has been spotted offshore from Las Camp in "West Blue!!"
3: There are no Marine vessels currently present!!!
4: What's the adjacent sea base code?!
white: A rough and stormy world--
5: Relief is being sent from the 80th Subdivision.
6: Location conformation from our side in "South Blue"--
7: Pile up everything you caaaaan!!!
8: We're going to the "Grand Line!!!"
9: its effects had started to be seen around the world--

1: --then
2(2b): my mission to protect Strawboy ends here!! Hee haw!!!
3: I'm gonna leave everything to y'all here, is that alright, Jinbei?!?!
4: --yes. I still can't swim freely, either.
5(2b): I will ascertain Luffy-kun's recovery with my own eyes...
6: I don't know what I'll be able to do, though...
7: See yaaaa, Straw Haaaat!!! Thanks for letting us see the light of this corrupt world again!
8: Once he wakes up, tell him we gave him our best!!!
9: If fate may have it, then let us meet again!!!
10: Don't you die now, Straw Haaaat!!!
11: Keep it together, ya heaaaar?!!?
12: Do your beeeest!! Fight on, Straw Haaat!!!

1: We now part from the tumult of the world -- this is the "Calm Belt," and the Isle of Women (Nyoga Island): "Amazon Lily."
2: Aaaaaaaaace!!
3: Watch out!! Calm yourself, Straw Hat!!
4: Where are you going? Don't lose control here!! Fire Fist haws already...
5(2b): Treated as a special exception due to Luffy's medical treatment, Law's crew was allowed to dock on the beach of the Isle of Women--
6: Uwaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Where's Aaaaaaace!!!?
7: Aaaaaaaace!!!
8: He's completely beyond our control!! Straw Haaaaat!! Stoooop!!
9: What'll you think will happen if we let him go like that...?
10: --it's simple...
11: His wounds will open back up, and he might die this time.

1: Within the territory of Amazon Lily: "Kuja Castle."
2(2b): Snake Princess...!! Luffy has awakened.
3: Luffy-sama...!!
4: Oh, really?! ...haa...what joy!!
5: I wish to meet with him at once!!
6(3b): Whaaat-nyu?! Snake Princess!! Everyone wants to meet with Luffy-nyo! You going to meet him alone will set a bad example to your country-nyu!! This is the "Isle of Women!"
7(2b): You already let some strange group of men to dock in the port...this situation is already a special exception within a special exception!!
8: ...!! I...know that...
9: More importantly, elder sister, your meal...!!
10: That's right, elder sister! You've hardly eaten a thing since you've returned!!

1(2b): --that's right, Luffy must be quite hungry by this point!! Prepare a mountain of the finest cuisine for him to regain his strength!!!
2: Yes ma'am! Gladly!!
3: I'll help out too!!
4(2b): I'll make sure... <3 to watch over it all...<3
5: Are you going or nyot?!
6(2b): Upon full recovery, I promise to let Luffy into the country to show his face to you!! Until then, you must wait-nya!
7: I cannot!! I am the "Empress," do not order me around!!!
8: Unpermissable!! The laws of this island which have been passed down for generations since its inoculation must be upheld over all else!!!
9: --such a nyuance...
10: what a powerful virus she's been infected with...!!!
11: However..."Impel Down," and the "Marine HQ"...!!! Into the nexus of that gargantuan storm, a single ant jumped...!!! The fact that he was able to return with his life must be the work of the Gods...just what is Heaven planning...what do they desire for that man-nyo...?!

1: Isle of Women, Rock Wall Beach--
2: Where'd that guy go off to...and Jinbei?
3: Who knows! The Empress told us not to move pass this boundary...
4(2b): Yeah...but this is the infamous Isle of Women, you know. I heard that if a man steps foot on this island, they get turned to stone forever. It might be work risking your life, though...
5: That all-female Kuja Pirate crew reaaaally did smell goooood <3
6: I'd really love to take a peek inside this all-female country <3
7: You'll die! What an idiot you are ,3
8: Think there's any female bears?
9: It's a country of WOMEN!!!
10: Sorry...
11: Haa...haa...
12: Uoooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!

1-4: Haa...
5: Where am I...?!?!
6: Was I really seeing a dream after all...haa...?!
7: Haa...haa...
8-9: Haa...

1: Ahh!!! ...!!!
2: Sorry...
3: Luffy...
4: Aahhhhhhhh!!!
5: I wasn't able to let you save me...!!!
6: Waaah...!! Ahhhhh!!!
7: Disappear!!! Disappeaaaaaar!!!

1: Uuuuu!!!
2: Luffy!!!
3: Stoooooooop!!!
4: Uaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

1(2b): Disappeaaaaaaar!!! Disappeaaaaaaaaar!!!
2: Uuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
3: gyaa gyaaa
4: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
5-6: Haa...
7: Uaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

1: zah...!!
2: haa
3: Haa...
4(2b): If I die like this...sorry, but please look after my brother for me.
5: ...the war is over.
6: ...Ace-san...
7(2b): Don't say it!!! ...don't say anything...!!! Haa
8: Haa...
9: I've already pinched my cheek...haa...hard enough to tear it right off...!!
10(3b): Haa If this was a dream, I would've woken up by now...!! ...this isn't one, is it...?
11: Haa

1: You've really gotten strong, Luffy.
2: I'll surpass you one day Ace, just watch!
3: Ace......!!!
4: died, didn't he!!!?
5: ...yeah...
6: He died...!!!
7: Uuu

1: Who? Who's Ace?!
2: The guy that's gonna be your big brother from here on out.
3: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

1: 10 Years Ago - "East Blue" - Mountain path to Mt. Corbo behind Windmill Village
2: I told you already, grandpa!! I'm gonna be the Pirate King
3: Pirate King my foot!!
4(2b): Not only did you eat a "Devil's Fruit," but you have the gall to speak to me that way?! Luffy, you and Ace...!! Are both going to become the strongest Marines that have ever lived when you grow up!!!
5: gyaaa, gyaaa
6-7: slap!
8: Monkey D. Garp & Monkey D. Luffy [10 Years Ago]
9: Owwwwww!! Grrr, why does this hurt if I'm rubber?! Lemme go, grandpa!!
10: It was a mistake for me to leave you here in this lukewarm village.

1: Dadan!! Get out here!!!
2(2b): G...Garp-san!! You need to hurry up and give me a break already!! That Ace boy's already 10, you know!
3: I'm not gonna be able to handle much more of this!! Take him back already, would you?!
4: Mt. Corbo Mountain Tribe
Boss of the Dadan Family
Curly Dadan
[Ace & Luffy's Foster Mother]

1: Ehhhh?! Who's that little rugrat?!
2: You're bringing me anooooother!!? Garp's...ahh?! Garp-san's grandsooon!!?
3(2b): Yup...so choose, fellas. Live the rest of your lives behind bars, or raise this little guy. I'm keeping all their eyes closed to your crimes -- which number more than the stars, I might add...!!
4(2b): Well...yeah, we don't wanna be arrested, but sometimes I wonder if the slammer's really not better than this! I'm already at my wit's end with Ace alone, and now you want me to take care of your GRANDSON?!
5: He's practically a little monster, isn't he?! Just like the other one!!
6: Gehhh!! Spit!!! Gross!!
7: Hey!! Who did this?!
8: Hey, Ace!
9: Woahhh!! You came home, Ace?!?!

1: Portgas D. Ace [10 Years Ago]
2(2b): That's Ace. He's 3 years older than you. You're gonna live with him from today forward, so better get along, got it?!
3: Uuu!!
4: Decided?!?!
5: ...whaddya want?!
5: I'm entrusting him to you!!!
white: Their first meeting!!

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