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One Piece 583

Grey Terminal

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 7, 2010 00:08 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 583 - "Grey Terminal" (Kanji: Final Destination for the Unknown)

1: I
2: hate hate HATE Mountain Bandits!!
white: Luffy has been taken to the side of the Mountain Bandit Dadan!!
3: Shuddap, you little pissant! You even got any idea about all the trouble you being here
causes US?!
4: If you don't wanna be here, then great!! Go run outside and die by the roadside for all
I care!!
5: Now, now, boss...
6: I'm still hungry! I wanna eat that meat too!!
7: This meat, and that meat too is all wild beef that Ace hunted and brought back for us!!
The only reason it's on our plates too is because he gave us each a share! The Mountain
Bandit world's in a recession these days, you know!! From tomorrow on, you're gonna work
for us as if your life depended on it!! Cleaning, laundry, shoeshining, and weapon-shining!
Robbing, stealing, conning, murder!!
9: Got it...?! And don't you ever tell that bastard Garp about what we're making you do

1(2b): One bowl full of rice per day!! One cup full of water!! That's all we'll promise
2(2b): The rest you've gotta provide for yourself!! And you'll raise yourself, too!!
3: Okay.
4: Nnnwhaddya mean okay?! That's the part where you're supposed to cry and stuff!!!
5(3b): Once a long time ago, my grandpa threw me into the jungle. If this forest has things
like mushrooms, snakes, frogs, and earthworms too, then I'll be able to eat a full
stomach's worth! I'm gonna become a pirate someday!! So I've gotta at least be able to do
that much!!
6: Hey...where's he going?
7(2b): Where are YOU going?! ...more importantly, did you say pirate just now!!?
8: gacha!!
9: See, he's too strong-minded!!! This is why I hate Garp's grandchildren!!!
10: Now, now, boss...

1(2b): Heeey!! My name's Luffy!! I'm not mad at you for spitting on me anymore!!
2: What are you laughing for?! You look so stupid!!
3: I just got some grog poured on me, that's all. That's worth getting angry over, now is
4: It's not worth getting angry over! Let's be friends!!
5: Are you going somewhere?
6: Nn?
7: Uwaaaaaahhhhh!!!

1: Aaaahhhhhhh!!
2: tah tah tah
3: Haa...haa...
4: ...haa.
5: suta suta...
6: Gyaaaah
7: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh...

1: Ace...you...came back alone?
2(2b): What happened to him? Didn't Luffy follow you?
3: How the hell should I know?
4: ...don't you think it'd be a teensy-weensy bit bad to lose him on his first day, boss?!
5: Let him be!! If he dies, then he's dead, oh well!!
6(2b): Besides, we've already long since given up at keeping an eye on Ace!! I'm already
prepared to report to Garp that we had a little accident if he does us the favor of going
off and dying somewhere!
7: Ever hear of the saying "ill weeds grow apace?" Well it's kids like HIM who they made it
up for!
8: He's a "Demon Child," remember?! If by some wild chance the government got wind of what
was going on here,
9: do you have any idea how we'd end up!!?
10: Now, now, boss...
11: Evening, one week later--
12: Booss!! Boss Dadan!!

1: Luffy, the little bastard...he came back alive!!!
2: That pissant...he's still kicking?!?!
3: Now, now, boss...
4: Just where the hell have you been, huh?!?!
5: Now, now...where have you been, and what did you do?
6: ...at the bottom of the valley...I was chased by wolves...
7: The bottom of the valley?! Why did you go all the way down there?!
8: Well, just go to sleep for now!!
9: Starting tomorrow, you're gonna work your little hind off!!
10: You going somewhere today?! Ace!!
11(2b): Please, take me with you!! Let's be friends!!

1: Waaait!! I'm not gonna let you outta my sight today!!
2: Boss!! He's going after Ace again!!
3: Goddammit, Luffy!! You've got a ton of chores to do around here!!!
4: That little shit, he doesn't listen to a word we say!!
5: The eighth time--
6: After 10 days--
7: Chasing and chasing, only to finally lose sight,
8: day after day.

1: One month -- followed by another --
2: Rain or shine, on even the windiest days,
3: Luffy desperately continued chasing Ace.
4: When the traces of old bruises ever continuing to be covered in new ones
5: reached an age of three months--
6: Haa...
7(2b): .....haa
8: Ah...I'm out of the forest...

1(2b): After heading north beyond Colbo Mountain, where Dadan's family lived, there lied a
place like this--
2: Oehhh!! Stinkyyyyyy! What's with this place?!
3(2b): A place always clouded with a horrible stench--where a gargantuan mountain of trash
4: continually spontaneously combusts due to sunlight, and wafts up smoke--
5: That which is no longer needed collects here.
6(2b): Not only things--but also humans--
7: Hey...move it, kid...
8: Murdererrrrr!!
9: Of course, it is also a "no-man's land"...without any sort of doctor, where crime and
disease run rampant--
10: He ran that waaay!!
11: The Final Destination for the Unknown..."Grey Terminal."
12: Ahhh!!
13: whisper whisper
14: Haa...haa...
15: Sabo!!
16: Sabo, you there?!
17: Ohh...
18: Ace.
19: Sorry I'm late.
20: I'll say! I already finished a job in town.
21: Oh really? Truth is, I just did too!!

1(2b): Uwahh!! Awesome!! Even awesomer than me!! This is a huge wad of cash, where'd ya get
2: Sabo [10 Years Old]
(A Boy Who Lives in the Grey Terminal)
3: Next to the big gate.
4: I stole it from some small fries!! Might be transporters for some merchant ship.
5: Dammit! Guess I lose today, then!
6: Who cares which one of us wins? All the money goes to the pirate fund that both of us'll
use someday!
7: It's been what, five years since we started...we've really been through a lot!
8: Yeah, you're right! Wonder how much we'll need to buy a "Pirate Ship!"
9(2b): Who knows...ten million, or a billion...we're not even close! Hurry up and put it
away. Someone might see us...

1: Pirate shiiiip!!?
2: You guys are gonna become pirates!?
3: Wow, just like me!!!
4: You come out to a place like this everyday, Ace?
5: Shut up.
6: So this is that Luffy brat you told me about.
7: Yeah, and it looks like he finally followed me all the way here...and I don't use the
beaten path, either...
8(2b): Are you Ace's friend? You should be my friend too!
9: Shut up.
10: That's why I said you should just start living here too...!! That "mountain training"
you do every day while coming out here has sure caused us a problem now! What should we do?
11: Yeah, he found out about our secret...
12: If we let this guy go, I just know he'll tell someone...

1: Let's kill him.
2: Alright, sounds good to me.
3: Eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!?
4: Stupid! Be quiet!!
5: I didn't really think you'd KILL meeeee!!! Help meeeee!!! I don't wanna diiiiiie!!!
6: Sabo! Hurry up and do him!!
7: What the hell?! You kill him, not me!!
8: I've never killed a man before!!
9: Well me neither!! I don't know how!
10: Help meeeeeeee!!!
11: Shudddaaaaaaaaap!!!
12(2b): I heard a voice from inside the forest!! A kid's voice...
13: Shit, someone's coming!!
14: Well let's just untie his ropes then!! If we don't get away from here, our treasure
will be found!!

1: Two famous kids around these parts, "Ace and Sabo!"
2: Bluejam Pirates Crew Member: Polchemi
3: And the one that stole the money from you...was "Ace!" You're absolutely sure?!?!
4: Yes...it was a pathetic mistake. I let my guard down.
5: Some little punk he is, to put his grubby paws on our crew's cash...!!
6: If this reaches the ears of Captain Bluejam...both you and I are dead men!
7(2b): ...dammit. So those toadies were transporting for Bluejam...and shit, I stole his
8(2b): He's got a real sword! That's one of Bluejam's underlings, Polchemi! He's a total
psycho!! Ever heard of him?!
9: Whoever loses in a fight to him gets "scalped" alive...!!

1: Huh?
2: Where'd he go?
3: Ah
4: Lemmme gooooooo!! You sunnuvaaaaaa!!
5: Why is he caught?!?!
6: Who's this kid?
7: Help meeee, Aaaaaaace!!
8: That idiot, he just said my name...!!
9: ...you said Ace just now, didn't you...
10: Do you...know Ace...?
11(2b): He's my friend! Ah...but he tried to kill me just now...

1: Look at him, spilling everything...
2: Let me just ask you something: today, that bastard Ace...stole our money and ran off...
3: You don't happen to know where he is, do you?
4: Shit...they're gonna take all our savings!!
5: Don't you dare tell him, you idiot...!!
6: I...I...dunno.
7: What a crappy liar!!!
8: Kukuh...
9: ...fine, fine, if you dunno, then I guess we have no choice...
10(2b): Kukukuku!! We'll help you remember, so rest at ease...!!
11: What the--hey!! Let me go!! Where are you taking me?! Bastaaards!!!
white: Help him?! Leave him to die?!

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