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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 595


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 5, 2010 07:06 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 595

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tl by molokidan

1: "Grand Line" - Sabaody Archipelago Area
Chapter 595 - "Pledge"
2: Ehh?! You're still not going to go into the New World yet?!
3: I told you...I'm waiting for the right time.
4: Don't get rushed. "One Piece" isn't going anywhere...
5: But look how much "Blackbeard"'s guys are going wild there...
6: Those who wanna butt heads can just butt heads and kill each other, for all I
care. I'm not gonna join in on some stupid fight like that.
7(2b): Now, enough talking. Shut up and follow my orders...
8: I'll be sure...to steal the proper throne!!!
9: Captaiiiin <3

1: "The New World" - [Winter Island] --
2: This island is a favorite...
3: of one of the "Four Emperors," Kaidou-sama...and I have been entrusted with its
4: ...--so
5: what are you insinuating I do...?
6(2b): Oh, nothing...I was just giving you a warning, that's all. It's a good idea
not to make that fellow mad, rookie.
7: --In other words, if I took your head, then Kaidou wouldn't stay quiet.
8: Exactly...so now that you understand, hurry up and...
9: That'll make things go quicker.

1: The New World -- [Spring Island]
2: Fugoh fugoh
3: Run!! This is a huge army of ferocious wild boars! We don't stand a chance!!
4: There's a cliff right in front of us!!
5: Who cares, juuuuuuuump!!!
6: Huh!!?
7: Captain Apoo! Both we and the boars...!! Are running on thin air!!!
8: Fugoh fugoh
9(2b): I can see that!!! What's going on with this island?!?!

1: The New World--on a certain burning island
2: Ahhhh!
3(2b): I can barely keep working my legs...no power'll fill my body...oww! I was
bitten by a fish!
4: Oh, enough of your whining, Wolf!!!
5: Because of you, the Marutabune's about to break down!!! This is a negotiation we
made for you!!!
6: Simply attempting to cross over into the New World with the Marutabune alone
was a crazy enough idea to begin with.
7: Otherwise, I would have just stolen a marine vessel at Marineford!!

1: But people can get attached to material things, right?!
2: You guys were unprepared! Every damn one of you!
3: Let me figure this out!! C'mon, Teach, let me be Captain instead!!
4: Hohoho!
5: You wanna die? We here are the Blackbeard Pirates.
6(2b): Heaven already has knowledge of all fates...ahhh...
7(2b): We're runnin' outta ale! C'mon, let's go to an island with a town on it!
Whaddya say?!
8(2b): Yeah, yeah! I want clothes more than a ship! I'm sick of prisoner clothes!
9: I'll go see how it's going. This is taking far too long...
10: Well I'll be damned!! Seems like they're all tired of waiting too?!

1: --wouldn't you agree, Jewelry Bonney...?!
2: ....!!! ...haa...haa!
3: Captain Bonney...
4(2b): A little girl like you getting a "hundred million" bounty, now that's
really something! But this "New World" is a sea for the chosen "strong!!!"
5(2b): Good job on your long journey from "South Blue." You're dropping out
6(2b): You're too weak, so I don't need you as a crew member, but...how about it?
If you wanna become my woman, I won't mind taking you along!
7: to this new ocean ahead...!! Howsabout it?

1: ...fuck you!!!
2: You bearded pig!!!
3: Dowah!!!
4: Gyaaaaaahahahaha!!!
5(2b): Kuahhh...no, no, that's far too uncouth! All women need some class, you
know?! I get enough vulgarity with the crew members I already have!!!
6: Dowaaaahahahahahaaaa!!!
7: Just as scheduled, the marine vessel exchange is gonna happen!!
8: Captain!! I can see ships now!!!
9: They better've brought the one they promised!!
10: Yes, they have it, but they don't appear to be willing to hand it over!!!
11: Huh?! How do you know that?
12: Because "Akainu" is riding on it!!!

1: Dammit!!! I didn't want this to happen yet!!!
2: Time to skedaddle, you bastards!!!
3: Gyahahahahahaha, this was a huge failure!!
4: Where is "Blackbeard"...?
5: He's gone...!!
6(2b): When I heard you ran away from the government, it alarmed me--but that's
all over now...
7: ...!! I...!!!
8: will never forgive you people!!!

1: "Red Line" -- Holy Land Marijoa
2: Disappeared...?
3(2b): Yeah, to be honest. This isn't a figure of speech, it was a real life
disappearance, right on the spot!! Fu fu fu...what, surprised that the "Kage Kage
no Mi" had such an ability?
4: This is no laughing matter!!!
5(2b): It's fine...he was pretty much at the end of his mortal coil, it was too
late to do anything else--well...as long as he doesn't come back as a zombie or
anything...fu fu fu fu!! That'd suit him alright!
6: How dare you do such a perfunctory job...!!!
7: Nnnn?!
8: Hey, you'd better not get too cocky here...
9(2b): Since when did you become my boss? No matter how much power you may hold
within the government, I'm a pirate...so it doesn't mean shit to me...!!
10(2b): Once dealings with you become boring, I can quit the "Shichibukai,"
anytime I want...you'd better not forget that!!

1: "South Blue" - Torino Kingdom--
2(2b): Tanukichiiii!! You said you'd come again, but this is way to soon!!
3(2b): No, you are mistaken!! You have the wrong person!! I may look similar, but
I am actually Chopper's friend, Chopper Mask!!
4: doooon!!
5: goahhhhh
6(2b): You're pushing it too much, Tanukichiii! Were you just so uncomfortable
about coming back
7: that you decided to disguise yourself?
8: N...no!!!
9(2b): There's no reason to be so mean! In times like these, we should just
quietly humor...
10: Alright, forget it!! That kindness hurts too much!!
11: Ahh, Tanukichi!

1(2b): The truth is, something suddenly came up...!! Please let me stay here a
little longer...!!
2-3: Goahh
4: No problem!! We're happy to have you back!!!
5: There are a lot of plants growing on top of that big tree that I've never seen
in reference books before...I'm going to research them!
6(2b): Also, I need to build up my stamina and strength...!! I'm busy...!!!
7: Huh? Tanukichi?
8: Wahhh! This many books!!?
9: This is the village library. You can use it to research.
10: There are a lot of plants on this island that can be turned into "strong
11: Although we had the technology to make medicine, the birds kept getting in our
way, so we couldn't do any of it.
12: I judged the people of this island on appearances when I first came...but now
that I think about it, their weapons and equipment is quite machine-like...

1: They looked stupid at first, but the natives here actually live in a country
with a high level of culture...there is so much I can learn here...!!!
2: Just how much...
3(2b): Tanukichi, I think you might have meant to be talking in your head right
now, but you actually spoke out loud. And the first half sounded REALLY rude.
4: will I be able to do here...?!?!
5(2b): A yeti!! A monster!!
6: A pirate...?!
7: But pirates are a dime a dozen.
8: Wait! Meat!!!
9: Gyaaa!!! Help me!!!
10: Shut up!!!
11: Let's go!!!!

1: Luffy brought me into this sea.
2: And while I was desperately trying to follow him...what was he trying to do?
3: Goahhh
4: Hey, let us take some plants!!
5: Everyone!!! Just think about running!!!
6: --I don't want to...
7: go through that again...!!
8: It must have been even harder for Luffy.
9: Because you made me your crew member, I'm fine no matter what other people say
to me.
10: So if I can be of help to you,
11: then I wouldn't mind turning into a real monster...!!!
12(2b): --Luffyyyyyyyy!!! I!! Promise!!!
13: I'm gonna get strooooong!!!!

1: "Grand Line" - Kamabakka Kingdom--
2(2b): So what was in the newspaper? Vou sure calmed down quickly!
3(2b): I'm Luffy's CREW MEMBER, so I was able to understand the message on that
page! That's why!
4: And if you don't believe I'm really his crew member, then I'm not gonna tell
5: Ooooh, vou piss me off!
6: --mm? Hey...who made this meal you're eating right now?
7: ...my, vou really seem like a man who knows how to pick out details.
8: ...it tastes good, but it also seems to be overflowing with a strange
9(2b): This is "attack cuisine!" I have tons of chefs on this island who can make
this!! Some people say that if 100% of the people all over the world drink milk
every day, then crime will disappear...do vou believe that?!
10(2b): Look!! Feast vour eyes on the strong bodies of all the candies on this
island!!! On their gentle hearts!!! Food is about "environment!!" Physique,
attitude!! That which builds up all of a human body!! Those who do not "attack"
will miss out!!!

1(2b): --create a body through food...?! --I never thought of that before...
2: I can support their "bodybuilding" simply through everyday meals?
3(2b): But then what if Nnami-san and Robin-chan got even more sexual bodies than now?!?!
4: I...don't...I don't know what I'd do!!!
5: What should I do with this boy?
6: I'm burning now!! Please, pass on to me the secrets of your "attack cuisine!!!"
7: The answer is "NO"!!!
8: Guheh!!!
9(2b): The "99 Vital Recipes" passed down through the Kamabakka Kingdom are part
of the secret "Bride Training" of Newkama Kenpou!!
10(2b): They could never be taught to some random stranger like you!!! If you want
to know them, then transform your heart into that of a young maiden's!! And learn
Newkama Kenpou!!!

1(3b): I refuse!!! I wasn't born to make friends with ladies!!! I was born to love
them...I was born a MAN!!!
2(2b): Hee haaaaw!!! What a rational boy...!!! I like that!! --fine then, I'll
give vou a chance!!!
3: Nnnnnn fufufufu!!!
4(2b): The recipes are handed down one by one from the 99 "Masters" of Newkama
Kenpou who live on this island. If you are truly a pirate, then go and steal them
5(2b): --however during all this, day or night, the "Newkamas" all throughout this
country will be constantly trying to put the Sweets Dress on you!! Can you still
retain your "manliness" even through all of that?!
6: VOU vs. the entire school of Newkama Kenpou!!!
7(2b): If you can win this battle, then I'll give vou a ship, too. I'll grant all
vour wishes! But if vou lose...will vou be able to stay a man, I wonder?
8: Looks like I'll be exponentially stronger once I'm victorious against all
9: Hey, cook!!

1(2b): Be my crew member!! Be the cook for my pirate ship!!
2: Look closely at him, Sanji...
3(2b): --no matter if one equips hundreds of weapons on their body, there are times when none of them will be able to stand up to the "single spear" fastened at one's gut.
4: Hey, Luffy...!!
5: Don't lose now!!!
6: Hey...
7: Have you ever heard of All Blue?
8: If I'm able to meet you again,
9: I'll give you the world's best support as a cook, so that you'll be able to become Pirate King!!!
10: I'll survive this Hell!!!
11: I accept your challenge!!!
white: A man among men!!

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#1. by Goty ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2010
Marutabune? Wouldn't it be raft?

"But then what if they all got bodies even more sexual than Nnnami-san or

the correct should be "What if Nami-san and Robin-chan get even more sexy bodies?"
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 5, 2010
It could be raft, but until there is any visual confirmation, I'm leaving it in Japanese.

As for Sanji's line: there is a word for sexy in Japanese: セクシー。Sanji said セクシャル, or sexual. I'm in the business of keeping the translation as accurate and close to the Japanese as possible, not cutting corners even if it does make the sentence sound better to some people. That's what the Viz editions of the manga are for.
#3. by igetownd ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2010
3(2b): But then what if they all got bodies even more sexual than Nnnami-san or

I feel that this translation has a completely wrong context.

6: A pirate...?!
7: But pirates are a dime a dozen.

"dime a dozen"? This is an American colloquialism.
#4. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 6, 2010
How is its context wrong? Did you read my comment above?

"This is an American colloquialism."

So what? There was a Japanese colloquialism in its place, so using an equivalent colloquialism seems like the right thing to do in my book. If you personally have a problem with reading American colloquialisms in your manga, that is rather unfortunate. I'm not British or some other nationality, so it's only natural that the majority of colloquialisms I know are American.
#5. by isrnick ()
Posted on Aug 6, 2010
What you mean by "until there is any visual confirmation"? There is visual confirmation in the page where Sanjuan Wolf is complaining, right beside his giant head you can see Blackbeard's raft...

And about the "sexual" thing, if you want to keep the word this way then maybe the best translation would be: "What if Nami-san and Robin-chan get even more sexual bodies?"

Because this "But then what if they all got bodies even more sexual than Nnnami-san or Robin-chan?!" sounds like Sanji intends to make the male strawhat crew members look more sexual than Nami and Robin, which is disgusting, not to say that doesn't sound like the type of thing Sanji would say.
#6. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 7, 2010
I meant visual confirmation about the raft's name. I see your point, honestly, I would have named it as raft myself, but I figured that most of the bitchy OP fans would appreciate it more if I simply left it in the Japanese. Why leave it in the Japanese? Because the word 丸太船 refers to a canoe-type vessel, not at all like the kind of raft you see in the manga. Try image searching the word on Google if you don't believe me. Rafts in Japanese (especially the type of raft Blackbeard is riding on) are called いかだ. Try Google image searching that one as well. I suppose the easiest solution would be to simply call it a raft, but as I'm not exactly sure what type of vessel that really is, or what Blackbeard's crew has named it, I left it in Japanese.

About Sanji's line: are you sure that's correct? In the bubble right before it, he's talking about building up THEIR bodies (あいつら)with meals. The next sentence has no pronouns (to signal a new subject) so it'd be only natural that he's still talking about THEM (あいつら)and not suddenly himself.
#7. by Goty ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2010
The next sentence does have pronouns to signal a new subject: "Nami-san" and "Robin-chan". Names are pronouns.
So he's talking about Nami and Robin, not "them".
#8. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 8, 2010
That makes more sense. Thanks for helping me correct it!

By the way, I'm really enjoying the dissection you guys at AP do of my translation every week. Keep it up!
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