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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 602

"Rudder Straight Down!!"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 27, 2010 16:12 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 602 - "Rudder Straight Down!!" (*this is a play on words with the phrase "omokaji ippai," which means something like "hard to starboard")
pic: Request: "Usopp and Otters Have a Swimming Race in a River" from P.N. Tea Ceremony Department Chief

1: Capture "Straw Haaaaaaat!!!"
2: Woahhh!
white: With his master before him--
3: See ya, Rayleigh!
4: Hurry, Luffy!
5: Thanks for everything, Rayleigh!!
6: Really, thank you!!!
7: Here I go!!!
8: ...yes...
9: After him!!!
10: Go straight to the top!!!

1: The crew is heading toward Grove #42
2: Dark King Rayleigh!!
3: My pupil is about to set off.
4: Please respect that...
5: I recommend...
6: that you do not...cross this line...
7: This way!!
8: shuru....
9: Oh no, we're surrounded!
10: Hm?

1: Uwaaaahhhh!!
2: So you guys were the source of this ruckus after all.
3: I want to become a mite...
4: You're still putzing around here?!
5: Ahh!! You're the girl from Thriller Bark!!
6: What are YOU still doing here?!
7: Who is that again?
8(2b): What a way to speak to the one who was nice enough to take you to this island. If it weren't for me, you know where you'd be about now...?
9: A real woman, a real woman...
10: Of course I am!! What kind of illness do you have?!
11(2b): Anyway, hurry up and set off already! Marine vessels have appeared next to the island!!
12: Eh!!?

1: Grove #42 Beach - "Straw Hat Crew" Meeting Point
2: Brooooooook!!
3(4b): Yohohohohohooooooo!!! Usopp-san! Nami-san, Robin-san! Fuuuuuuurankyyyyyyy-saaaan!
4: So you really did step down from your star seat! I'm impressed.
5: What a joyous occassion, everyooooone! YEAH!!
6(2b): Su...jaaaaan!
7: Oh...are you going to sing something?
8: ...now then, Nami-san...for the first time in two years...
9: Would you mind...showing me your panti
10: essgebuhhhhh!!!
11: I never showed you two years ago either!!
12(2b): D...due to the deep emotion of our...reunion...my...breast is...shivering...!! Gahoo!! I...have no...shivering breast, though!! Yohoho, yohogohooo!
13: The great star's having a convlusion.
14: Not a single one of you have matured...
15: --it still looks...like not everyone is here...
16: Chopper went to go get everyone just now...
17: Heeeeey!!!

1: Woaaaaahhhhh!!!
2: Everyooooooone!!!
3: Luffy!!!
4: We brought him!!

1: Zoro!! Sanjiiii!
2: You've upped your manliness, guys!!
3: Luffy-san!! I wanted to see you so muuuuch!!
4: Heheh!
5: ...everyone's back together again!!!
6: Heeeeeeeey!!
7: Sanjiiiii!!?

1: Uwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! F...!! F...!! Franky, youuuuu!
2: Wait, Luffy!! I understand how you feel, but save it for later!! We got news that Marine vessels are already nearby!!
3: goahhh!
4: Chopper, stop this nosebleed!!
5: ...o...o-o...one beauty...two beauties...three beauties...
6: Wahhhhh!
7: Oh no!! They're already in firing range!!
8: Wanna fire back?! They're gonna get us!!
9: Fiiiiiiire!! Sink theeeeem!!!
10: "Slave Arrow!!!"

1-2: splash!!
3: Wait!! Stop firing!!!
4: Th...that's!
5(2b): The Kuja Pirates!!! What are you doing there?! Do you intend to interfere with our mission!!?
6: Who's the one
7: who put a battleship
8: in the middle of my path?!
9: --that's the Kujas' mark...
10: Kuja?
11: A strong, all-female pirate group led by the "Pirate Empress" from the Shichibukai.
12: "Shichibukai!!?" Who is that, she's like the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!!!
13(2b): wahh!! Bright!! G...glowing, this beauty knows no bounds!!! Wh...why is the "Shichibukai" here right now?!

1: Oh! It's Hancock and the others!
2: Eh?
3: Luffy...now's your chance.
4: Wahhh <3 She winked this way just now!!
5: We're saved! Let's set off now!!
6: You know that "Shichibukai?"
7: Yeah, I was blown to the "Isle of Women," so they're all my friends.
8: "The Isle of Women?" You mean the legendary island that's filled with nothing but females?! That place isn't just fantasy?!
9: ...he's friends...with that Empress!!?
10: Were you seriously training?!?!
11: Yeah, the whole time.
12: You...!!! You know where I was?!?! I was...
13: Wahhh! That's Luffy's crew! They look so fun.
14: Chapter "full of creatures I've never seen before!” 1234...

1: I'm going to open the valves!! And flow air in from the air bag under the sea.
2: zuoooohhh...
3: Ohhh!!
4: What?! The jelly's expanding!!
5: Uwahhhh!! We have a bubble roof now!!
6: Something wrong, Usopp?
7: Did you guys take out all the Marines on your way here?
8: No...I heard a lot more voices leftover!!
9: Huh. They aren't chasing us from the mainland.
10: Fine by me! We're gonna be outta here before they do come!!
11: If they ended up in some kind of trouble along the way, then lucky for us!

1: This is the third backup platoon!!
2: Fiiiire!!
3: It seems that we will not be making it to Grove #42.
4: Why not?!
5: All of a sudden, huge insects came up and blocked our way...!!!
6: Insects!!?
7: Gyaaaahhh!!
8: I pray for your fortune in war!! Usoppun!!
9: This is the fourth platoon!!!
10: Our apologies!!! Our gunpowder was taken out by sudden rain, and our weapons have become useless!
11: ...rain?! Where is there rain falling!!?

1: Sabaody Archipelago's weather is totally clear right now!!!
2: Stop the lightning!!
3: What are you going to do if we hit any citizens?!
4: pon pon...
5: The bubbles here are such a nuisance!!
6(2b): But what a nice gust we got! We're right over Sabaody Archipelago!
7(2b): You're a good girl, Nami-chan, so do your best! We'll be lonely here in Weatheria, but...
8: --This is the fifth platoon in the center of Grove #42!
9: The men of the second platoon ahead of us have become completely negative--
10: What are you talking about?! Negative!!?
11: I want to become a mite.
12: I'm done for...I want to become moss.
13(2b): According to them, "Straw Hat Luffy" escaped on a giant bird!!
14: A bird!? What are you people doing over there?!

1: We have met with an unexpected hindrance...!!
2: What do you mean you're turning down our invitation?!
3: Are you shy?!
4: Let's go have tea togetherrrr <3
5: Our hearts...!! Are about to break!!!
6: Sanji-kun...now's your chance!
7: basuh!!
8: Hauhhhh!!
9: Hey!! What's wrong, Sanji?!
10: Uh...I...I don't know. It just felt like my heart was being crushed...
11(2b): Everyone, listen up!! Coated ships have the power to reduce various pressures! ---In other words, coated ships will no longer be able to stay buoyant,
12: and if the "floating bag" holding it up now is removed, the ship will sink into the ocean. That's how it works.
13: I see.
14: I don't get it, though.

1: I took off the floating bag!!!
2: OK!! We're going down! Everyone raise the sails at once!!
3: Sails!?
4: Coated ships move using the undersea currents like wind.
5: You mean it won't just move all of a sudden once we go down?!
6: We ready to go?! Nami!!
7: Yes, of course, Captain.
8: Alright then, guys!!! I have a ton of stuff
9: I've been wanting to tell you!! But for now!!
10: Just let me thank you for going along with my selfishness for two whole years!!!
11: You think it just started then...?
12: Damn straight!! That's how you've always been!!

1: Rear Admiral!! The pirate ship is escaping underwater!!
2: Dammit!!
3: Do you know how many horrible crimes those pirates have committed?!
4: Rear Admiral!!!
5: Set saaaaaaaaaaaail!!!
6: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

1: Let's gooooooooo!!! To Fishman Islaaaaaaaaaaand!!!
white: Aiming high for the seat of Pirate King!!

1: Color Walk on sale this winter

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