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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 605

"The Kraken and the Pirates"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 24, 2010 23:24 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 605 - "The Kraken and the Pirates"
sign: Sketching Class
flying sign: Sketching Friends
Request: "Tanukis draw pictures using Chopper as their model" from Pen Name Mossari-san

white: A confrontation with a kraken!!
1: What did you say just now?! Luffyyyyyy!!!
2: I'm gonna tame that kraken and have it pull our ship!
3: Are you nuts?!?!
4: Look closely!!! No, wait, you can see it without looking hard at all!!! That huge thing!!!
5: Who knows how many hundreds of years it's been alive for?! The "kraken" is a creature that's appeared in countless stories all over the world, and is practically considered a mythical beast by this point!!!

1: "The boneless creature"..."the meatless skeleton"--I somehow feel that we're antipodes of each other...
2: Who cares?!?!
3: Hoh!! That thing looks pretty tasty.
4: And it's certainly a rare sight.
5: You're sketching it?!?! Are you people really that calm?!?!
6: I don't mind nabbing it...but do you have a plan, Luffy...?
7: The problem is that we're down in the ocean.
8: No, no, the problem is that size, Luffy. It'd be just as dangerous if we were on land!
9: Turn the rudder due south!!
10: Hey, Nami!! Head straight for the octopus!!
11: Don't be ridiculous!! Look at the ship that octopus is gripping!! Do you want to turn out like that?!
12: Now, now, Nami-san!!! I'm with bubahhh...with...you!!!
13: He withstood it!! Great job, Sanji!!!
14: This is thanks to his rehabilitation and the fact that Nami's wearing a coat!
15: What's with these people?!?! In THIS situation?! This is the kind of situation where all of them agreeing to high-tail it out of here as fast as possible would be the OBVIOUS choice!!! They have to protect themselves!!! This ship is in danger!!!

1: Bro-broooooooo!!!
2: Mohhhhhhhhhh!!!
3: Something's coming toward us from behind!!
4: That's...!! That ship from before!
5: Coribuuuuu!!!
6: You handsome bastaaaaaaaaaards!!!
7: You came to save me, did yaaaaa?!
8: We!! Will!! Save!! Bro-bro!!!
9: Yeah!!
10: Yeah!! Save him!!!
11: Mohhhhhhh!!!
12: Hm?
13: Ah...!!!
14: crunch crunch...!!

1: pop!!
2: Gyaaaaahhh!!
3: Ababababababa...!!!
4: Mohhhhh!!
5: Nuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
6: The bubble coating broke!!!
7: It crushed a ship bigger than the Sunny in a single snap!!!
8: Ohhhhh, my bastaaaaaaards!!!
9: They look like jellyfish.
10: Shut up, Roronoaaaaaa!!!

1: shururuh
2: It's coming this waaaaaaay!!!
3: It's too biiiiiig!!!
4: Gear "3"
5: chomp!
6: chk!
7: Stop, you guys!!! Big attacks will break the bubble!!
8: We're gonna dodge it!! "Chicken Voyage!!!"
9: slip...

1: Franky!! Let's use "Coup de Burst" and charge into the "downward stream!!" We can escape it with that!!
2: No...I thought of that, but there's no one problem!!!
3(2b): "Coup de Burst" and the "Gaon Cannon" are weapons that shoot out large amounts of "air." We're deep under the sea!! The air here is limited!! If we shoot out air here, the ship's bubble will shrivel!!!
4: Oh...!! Then...!! What do we do?!
5: Nothing! I'm gonna fight him!!!
6: Please, don't!! The bubble will break, Luffy!!
7: If you want to fight with it that bad...then I've got a plan for you, Straw Hat Luffy!!!
8: If I leave these idiots alone, then I'll end up getting hurt!!
9: This'll do the trick!! It's instant "barefoot coating!!"
10: What?!

1(3b): In other words, diving suits!!! Got it?! That rope is your lifeline!! This way, all you need to do is jump off, then you'll be able to fight freely without being restrained by the ship!!
2: Ohhhhhhhh!!
3: No one ever asked for your help, you stranger!! Besides, we already said we're running away!! If you do this then it'll make them think we're actually going to fight!!!
4(2b): I've been telling you to run from the very start!! But your Captain clearly doesn't listen to what people say!! Now you tell me what's better: to have them fight while they're still on the ship, or to send them off it, ya dummy?!
5(2b): Alright!! Go and do your thing, Luffy!! FAR AWAY!!!
6: If you're gonna fight, then don't do it near the ship, alright?! Guys?!
7: This rope's really gonna get in the way!
8: Eh?! Wait a minute!! You have to keep that lifeline attached!! You'll get lost from one another!!!
9: <3!! Nami-san is worried about...me...bubahh!!!
10(2b): You guys go ahead and buy me some time! I'm gonna take it out with a powerful, single shot!
11: I'll just take him out while you're busy doing that.
12: But you'll slash it, that's no good!! I want to keep that octopus as a pet!!!

1: But it's aiming THIS WAAAAAAAY!!!
2: byuh!!
3: "Frankyyyy"
4: "Rocket Launcher"!!!
5: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
6: You repelled it!!!
7: What awesome power!!!
8: No, now another leg's coming!!

1: Why does it keep aiming for us?!?!
2: grit
3: "Rumble!"
4: "Guard Point"!!!
5: --!!! He withstood it!!!
6: Is everyone alright?!?!
7: Great job!!!
8: Amazing, Chopper!!
9: Uwaaahhh!!
10: Now we're going to smash into a sea mountain!!!

1: Even though we're in the water...I should be OK for just a moment...
2: "Mil Fleur"
3: "Gigantes Mano"!!
4: Woahhh, what huge hands!!
5: That's our Robin! We're saaaaved!!
6: "Gear 3"!
7: pop!!
8: "Color of Armaments" hardening!!

1: Ugigigigi...
2: The ocean...is draining...
3: my powerrrr!!!
4: That damn octopus, is he trying to stop you right before you attack?!
5: shururu!
6: "Blue Walk"!!
7: Ehh?! Sanji-san just ran out of his bubble!!
8: Yeah, but what's with that speed?! He's like a fishman!!
9: Run...run!! Remember the two years you spent constantly running away from those repulsive things!! ...a monster my ass...!! It looks cute to me!!!
10: kah!!
11(2b): "Diable Jambe"!!! "Bien Cuit"!!
12: "Grill Shot"!!!
13: jwaaaahhh!!

1: shurururu!!
2: "Three-Sword Style Secret Technique"
3: "Crossing of Six Paths"!!!
4: No, NO, Zoro!! Sanjiiiii!! You're going to take off its legs!!!
5: "Gomu-gomu nooooooo"!!

1: "Elephant Gun"!!!!
2: He sent it flying!!!
3: Just how strong HAS he gotten?!?!
4: What?! There's something there?! Is that a shark?!
5: creep creep...

1(2b): A shark?! Haa...haa...
2: It's a really BIG shark.
3: Does it have clothes on?!
4: Ahhhhhhhh
5: They're being swallowed into the "downward stream!"
6: Oh no!! After them!! We need to go together!!!

1: Ahhhhhhhh
2: ...!! Haa
3: Kuh...!!

1: Keep the yards down tight!! Move the ship to the left!! We're going to smash into the continental shelf!!!
2: Nuohh!! Here it comes!!!
3: Everyone hang in there!!!
4: Let up at all and the ship will take serious damage!!!
5: Ehhhhh?!!
6: Don't get thrown off!!
7: We're already in the center of the current!!
8: What speed!!

1: throb...
2: ...ahhh...
3: Usopp! ...
4: Owww...
5: Ahh...so...we survived...?
6: What? What're all the long faces for? --geez, you guys, I leave for one minute and...
7: Uuuu!! ...man this place is cold...!!
8(2b): We can't find Luffy's group. Looks like they got lost from us.
9: Hopefully they weren't ripped to shreds by some monster...
10: Your imagination is scary!!!
11: --but if it's this dark, we won't find anything no matter how hard we look...!!
12: I'm not fond of the dark, either, I'm afraid. Don't you feel something?!
13(2b): Those three, in those tiny bubbles?! Even if they're alive, their air won't last! They're in too much danger!!
14: --that's why I told them to take the lifeline...!!
15: Well it won't do any good to sit here and lament!!

1(2b): We're probably down 7,000 meters by now...this is a depth that could crush even the "Shark Submerge."
2: Are we close to "Fishman Island" yet?! Maybe they went there ahead of us...!!
3: I'm pretty sure Keimi-chan said...it's 10,000 meters deep...
4: W...we still have to go down 3,000 more meters!!?
5: Let's look for them!! I have "light capabilities."
6: Ehh?! Don't tell me, with your eyes?!
7: ka-chak!!
8: "Frankyyyyy"
9: "Nipple Lights"!!
10: What are you lighting up?!?!
11: This is the "deep sea," where light does not penetrate, where not even normal creatures are allowed to exist.
12: --the "underworld" of the sea.
13: Gyaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
white: Scary!!

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