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Translations: One Piece 894 by cnet128 , Gintama 671 by kewl0210

Naruto 319

Naruto 319

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Aug 17, 2006 18:57 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 319

Page 01
Chapter 319: What Spurs Him On
Side text: 修行に熱中しすぎて朝一の回に間に合わなかったってばよ!映画。う~、昼の回待つしかねーか・・・。
I was so into my training that I missed the first run of the movie in the morning! Aargh, I guess I'll have to wait till noon...

Page 02
Text: "暁" 狩りへ、いざ!!
The hunt for the "Akatsuki" begins!!
Asuma: ・・・誰かがやらなきゃな・・・
...Someone has to do it...
Asuma: 行くぞ
Let's go

Page 03
Narutos: ハッ!!
Naruto: くっそー・・・!水がちょいハネル程度か・・・
Damn it...!
I can only get the water to splash a bit...
Naruto: カカシせんせー!!
Kakashi sensei!!

Page 04
Naruto: これじゃ影分身の数が少なすぎんじゃねーの?
Shouldn't I use more Kagebunshin copies?
Kakashi: 大量のチャクラを "風" に "性質変化" させなきゃ滝は切れない
To cut the waterfall, you have to change the nature of a large amount of your chakra into the "Wind" element
If you have too many copies, each of their chakra will be reduced
Besides, the waterfall's wide enough for only 10 of you
Naruto: だったらちっとぐらいうまくやるコツ教えてくれってばよ!
Then give me some tips that'll help me do this better!
Kakashi: 作った "風" のチャクラを体内に溜める時間が短すぎる。もっと時間をかけて丁寧にやれ
You're not sustaining the "Wind" element chakra you make inside you long enough
Take more time and do it more carefully
Naruto: でもちんたらやってたら実践で役に立たねーじゃん!
But if I take too much time,
this won't be useful in a battle!
Kakashi: 今は修行中だ。実戦の事まで考えなくていい。慣れりゃ速くなる
You're training right now
It's too early for you to be thinking about a real battle
Once you get used to this, you'll be able to do it faster

Page 05
Kakashi: いいか、"性質変化" は本来何年もかかる修行だ。葉を切るのだってホントなら半年はかかる
Listen, controlling the nature of your chakra is actually a technique that requires years of training
Even to be able to cut a leaf, it'll usually take half a year
Kakashi: それをたった数時間でクリアしたことを考えりゃ焦る必要はないよ
And yet you were able to do that with only hours of practice. So there's really no need for you to be so hasty
You're progressing much faster than I had expected
Kakashi: 天才肌のサスケでさえ、千鳥を教えた時 "雷" の "性質変化" にはかなりの日数がかかった
Even Sasuke, as gifted as he is,
took quite a number of days to learn how to control the "Thunder" chakra, when I was teaching him the Chidori
Naruto: オレはそのサスケに追いつかなきゃならねーんだぞ!!
But I have to catch up to that "gifted" Sasuke!!

Page 06
Kakashi: ・・・ったく
Yamato: 分かりました
I understand
Naruto: うわぁあああ!!

Page 08
Kakashi: さすがにきついか?
Is it tough, even for you?
Yamato: いえ・・・まったく・・・ハァハァ・・・そんな・・・全然・・・ゲホッゲホッ、平気・・・ゲホッ
No...really...*pant*...not...at all...*cough, cough*...I'm ok...*cough*
Kakashi: きついんだな・・・
Yeah, he's finding it tough...
Kakashi: これで文句無いだろ?
That should clear everything, right?
Naruto: へへ・・・
Naruto: 多重影分身の術!!
Mass Kagebunshin no Jutsu!!

Page 11
Naruto: 流れ星か・・・
It's a shooting star...
Text (Naruto): ・・・サスケ・・・

Page 13
Naruto: 多重影分身の術!!
Mass Kagebunshin no Jutsu!!
Naruto: いっくぞォー!!
Let's do it!!
Naruto: ハァ!!

Page 14~15
Naruto: よっしゃー!!
All right!!
Yamato: ・・・この修行なかなかのもんですね。あのナルトがこんなに早く・・・
...This training is pretty good
To think Naruto will be able to get this far so quickly...
Kakashi: いや・・・この修行方法のお陰ばかりじゃないよ
No... It's not only because of the training method
Kakashi: サスケがそうさせるんだ
Sasuke spurs him on
Side text: 大瀑布を真っぷたつ!!強い思い、願いがうねり、困難ぶっとばす "風" を生む!!
Naruto cuts the huge waterfall into two!! -- His strong determination and wish creates the "wind" that'll blow away all his obstacles!!
Bottom text: ナルトの修行、最終段階へ!!次号、「新術の正体・・・!!」だ!!
Naruto will be moving onto the final step of his training!! Next chapter is "The new Jutsu...!!"

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 17, 2006

awesomeness ってか・・・俺のより全然よかったよぉ・・・ :crying

#2. by La_Muerte ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
good job awesomeness :Gaipose [i was thinking awesomeness b4 njt]
#3. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
Quote by La_Muerte :

good job awesomeness :Gaipose [i was thinking awesomeness b4 njt]

pfft I was born thinking of her awesomeness... it was like, pre-born readiness for this moment to tell her she's awesome....... yeah
#4. by La_Muerte ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
well think of it this way, u may have been born thinking it but i put it into ur thoughts
#5. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
Quote by La_Muerte :

well think of it this way, u may have been born thinking it but i put it into ur thoughts

dude... that's deep....

well at least it came out of me first *D (first post ftw :ossu)

k, stops spamming :p
#6. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
njt is a closet spam whore apparently...:P

nice translation, ropi~~~
#7. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
lol! No, no. Feel free to go on spamming >&#8704;< (Not sure about the awesomeness thing but... =&#969;= zZzZZ)
And I wouldn't have done this if I were alone, so thanks for being such a great partner, njt~&#9834;
#8. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
What can I say that apparently hasn't already been thought/said. Anyway thanks for the exceptional translation as usual yoropiko.
#9. by yeste ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
So many translations for this chapter!!! Great!!!

Thanks a lot!!! :p
#10. by destinator ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
Love your translations...meh you're one of my fav translators :) Thanks so much <3
#11. by dylec ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
Nice! Thanks for the translation.
Looks like Naruto is making progress slowly (at least to him) & more determined. ;]
#12. by amperx ()
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
nice!! i cant believe what just happened in this ish, thanks for the translation ^^
#13. by Yunari ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2006
Thank you, yoropiko!!! You are great!!
I always wait only for you translations! =^___^=
#14. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2006
Nice. lots of details
#15. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2006
great as always.
#16. by Leech ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2006
excellent. :)

what do you think of Kurenai this chapter?
#17. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2006
Great, a question! Now I can thank everyone for their posts without feeling like I'm taking extra space. Thanks everyone!! >&#8704;<
But...Kurenai? o_O Kurenai was in this chapter? lol
#18. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 24, 2006
haha I thought the same thing, then I realized there were missing pages ;)


they have them there :D.
#19. by momodaisuki ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2006
&#65288;&#31505;&#65289;Thanks! &#65288;&#12507;&#12531;&#12488;&#12395;&#27671;&#20184;&#12356;&#12390;&#12394;&#12363;&#12387;&#12383;&#12539;&#12539;&#12539;w&#65289;
Ok, let's do that again:

Kurenai? -- Well, sexy as usual I suppose~ &#65288;&#12527;&#12452;&#12523;&#12489;&#27966;&#12289;&#12356;&#12356;&#12397;&#12359;&#65374;w&#65289;
...Oh, wait. "What do I think" as in the significance of her appearing there ?_ ?
#20. by Leech ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2006
Whatever really :D

I just think it's a cool scene

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